Mally Roncal Husband Illness: Is Phil Bickett Also Suffering From Alopecia?

Mally Roncal Husband

Mally Roncal husband illness: Is the husband of the famous makeup artist, Phil Bickett, also dealing with alopecia, similar to his wife? Find out below.

Melissa “Mally” Hernandez Roncal, makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty, has crafted a stellar career.

From her origins working in fashion, the makeup guru ventured into freelance makeup artistry, beautifying stars like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Celine Dion.

Her work, notably on Beyoncé’s “Dangerously in Love” campaign, now resides in the Smithsonian Museum. Debuting on QVC, her products sold out in record time.

Before launching Mally Beauty in 2005, the makeup artist served as Sephora’s spokesperson.

Roncal is a beauty expert who has graced top TV shows and authored “Love, Lashes, and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life.” Forbes recognized her on the “50 over 50: Lifestyle” list in 2023.

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Mally Roncal Husband Illness

Mally Roncal, the celebrated makeup artist, is a prominent figure in the beauty industry.

Her infectious enthusiasm and talent have propelled her to great heights, but behind the scenes, she has been courageously combating alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

Alopecia areata, a condition that results in hair loss, can be emotionally distressing.

The makeup artist’s battle with this autoimmune disease has been an arduous one, but she found a steadfast pillar of support in her husband, Phil Bickett.

As her condition worsened over the years, she turned to Phil, who assured her that his love remained unwavering, regardless of her hair loss.

His unwavering support became a source of strength for her, reaffirming the importance of unconditional love in her life.

Mally Roncal Husband
Mally Roncal’s illness has posed a special difficulty for her, but her spouse has always been there for her when she needs it. (Source: YouTube)

Roncal shared her story to shed light on the challenges she faced, hoping to inspire others who might be grappling with similar conditions.

She discovered that she was not alone; many individuals, like Melanie Walker from Reading, Pennsylvania, were silently battling alopecia areata.

The beauty brand owner’s desire to become a beacon of hope for those struggling with this condition led her to open up about her experience.

Through her openness, she aimed to foster a sense of community and support for others who faced the same daunting journey. M

Is Mally Roncal husband Phil Bickett also suffering from alopecia?

Amidst discussions about Mally Roncal’s courageous journey battling alopecia, a common question has surfaced: Is her husband, Phil Bickett, also afflicted by this autoimmune disease?

The answer to this query is a resounding no. He does not suffer from alopecia. Her experience with alopecia is a distinct and unique challenge that she has faced.

Throughout her arduous battle with the condition, Bickett has played a pivotal role as a pillar of unwavering support.

Mally Roncal Husband
Mally Roncal has experienced a difficult path in managing this autoimmune ailment. (Source: rachaelrayshow)

His steadfast love and support for her have been a source of strength, reinforcing the profound importance of unconditional love and understanding in their relationship.

Phil’s role in the make up artist’s life is one of support, encouragement, and love, and he has been instrumental in helping her navigate the challenges posed by alopecia.

His unwavering presence has been a testament to the power of love and partnership in facing life’s adversities.

Mally Roncal Health Update

In 2019, Mally Roncal provided an update on her health and her battle with alopecia via her Instagram account.

In the post, she shared that she and her husband, Phil Bickett, had been through numerous challenges during their 24 years together.

The update offered a glimpse into the emotional pain caused by her extreme hair loss and the steps they had taken to address it.

Her heartfelt gratitude and resilience shone through as she expressed thanks for the progress they had made in managing her condition.

Mally Roncal Husband
Mally Roncal is pictured with her husband and daughters. (Source: Facebook)

Roncal also shared visual evidence of her journey, including photos of her hair when it was significantly affected by alopecia and recent images showcasing her remarkable progress.

Her transparency in sharing her struggles and triumphs provides inspiration and support for others facing similar challenges.

While her openness about her battle with alopecia has been a source of encouragement and empowerment, recent years have seen fewer updates about her condition.

However, the makeup artist’s impact on those who have followed her journey remains significant.

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