Yeri Mua Wikipedia Age: How Old? Boyfriend And Parents

Yeri Mua Wikipedia

A rising internet personality, she has garnered attention for her makeup expertise and engaging content. This article explores Yeri Mua Wikipedia and her details.

Yeri Mua, a prominent makeup artist and beauty influencer, has taken the online beauty community by storm with her impressive following on Instagram and YouTube.

With over 9 million Instagram followers and 1,198 YouTube subscribers, she has become a go-to source for makeup enthusiasts.

Yeri Mua is celebrated for her makeup tutorials, where she imparts valuable beauty tips and offers insightful product reviews.

Notably, she has ventured into the world of cosmetics herself, launching her makeup collection.

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Yeri Mua Wikipedia And Age

Yeri Mua, a prominent figure in beauty and social media, hails from Veracruz, Mexico.

Born on December 17, 2001, she’s currently 21 years old, making her a young sensation with immense success in the beauty industry.

Yeri’s educational background includes attending a private school in her neighborhood for her primary education, followed by graduation from a prestigious high school.

Despite her openness about her professional life, she keeps her family life private, revealing very little about her family members.

Yeri Mua’s journey into cosmetics and beauty started with a genuine passion for makeup and cosmetics.

She has a knack for creating unique and engaging makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and product reviews, which she eagerly shares with her dedicated audience on various social media platforms.

Yeri Mua Wikipedia
Yeri Mua is a makeup artist and beauty influencer with a significant following on Instagram. (source: facebook)

One significant milestone in Yeri’s career was the launch of her YouTube channel on December 27, 2015.

Over the years, she has accumulated more than 1,198 subscribers, a testament to her influence and popularity.

She has her makeup collection, which includes lip duos, setting sprays, and eyeshadow palettes.

With a bright future ahead, Yeri Mua continues to inspire and engage her ever-growing audience, solidifying her place as a notable beauty influencer and makeup artist.

Yeri Mua Boyfriend 

Yuri Mjua is single and enjoying her life. She has yet to reveal her boyfriend and dating to the public.

Yeri Mua, the renowned YouTuber, makeup artist, and social media sensation from Veracruz, Mexico, has managed to captivate millions with her incredible beauty tips and makeup expertise.

However, it’s been revealed through various sources that Yeri Mua is romantically involved with Brian Villegas, a blogger and fellow social media personality.

While her followers adore her for her makeup tutorials and beauty reviews, they have been equally intrigued by her relationship with Brian Villegas.

Yeri Mua Wikipedia
She is known for her makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and product reviews. (source: facebook)

Although Yeri Mua and Brian Villegas have not extensively documented their relationship on social media, they occasionally share glimpses of their best moments, offering a rare glimpse into their life together.

Yet, the couple has maintained a level of privacy, keeping many details about their relationship under wraps.

Currently, there is no publicly available information regarding the current status of their relationship or any recent updates about their dating life.

Their relationship remains a source of interest for their fans, who admire not only their beauty and style but also the love they share.

Yeri Mua Parents

Yeri Mua, born to her parents in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, is a celebrated YouTuber, makeup artist, and social media sensation.

Yeri Mua, from Veracruz, Mexico, has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with her remarkable beauty expertise and insightful makeup tutorials.

While her professional life is widely recognized, Yeri Mua has chosen to keep her personal life, particularly details about her family, entirely private.

Born on December 17, 2001, in Veracruz, Mexico, Yeri Mua comes from a middle-class family, where she holds the distinction of being the eldest sibling.

While she maintains a strong bond with her family, she has not disclosed the names of her parents.

Yeri Mua does have a brother, although she has chosen not to reveal his name to the public.

As for her educational background, it is known that she attended a private school in her hometown in Mexico.

Despite her substantial online presence and fan following, Yeri Mua has opted to maintain privacy regarding her personal life, including her family, upbringing, and relationships.

Currently, there is no publicly available information regarding her current relationship status or any recent updates about her dating life.

Yeri Mua continues to captivate and inspire her audience through her beauty expertise, keeping a part of her life away from the public eye, much to the curiosity of her admirers.

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