Malisa Golightly Obituary And Death – Who Was She? Age And Wikipedia Bio

Malisa Golightly Obituary

Malisa Golightly Obituary online reports that she died on 22nd December 2021. Malisa was a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Human Services Integrity and Information Group.

Before her death, Malisa was a senior public servant. There was an incident where she got angry about the robodebt scheme that needed a significant incident response from the Department of Human Services, told by a royal commission.

The commission department investigated how and why an unlawful debt recovery scheme was established in 2015 and ran for four years, where there were hundreds and thousands of victims given the settlement of 1.8 billion dollars.

The general manager of customer compliance, Karen Harfield, raised concerns about the scheme in January 2017. Karen said Malisa Golightly, a former deputy secretary at DHS who was more senior to her, that she was angry about the event. Golightly later passed away.

Malisa was very angry that Karen suggested the primary response requirement for the budget re-evaluation. In the 2015 May budget, the robodebt scheme was touted to deliver about 1.2 billion in savings after the initial pilot.

The staff of DHS notified the royal commission that the launch was not ready till the middle of 2016. Harfield later said the system was way behind time and significantly over budgeted. She also mentioned that Golightly decided to go on.

It all ended up with a huge controversy amongst hundreds and thousands of Australians when they got unexplained welfare debts. Harfield also said she raised her concern but could not influence Malisa from the direction of delivering the numbers.

Malisa did not seek or value any reflection that was about that measure. Later Harfield was transferred to another role.

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Malisa Golightly Obituary And Death – Who Was She?

Malisa was in a section of Human Services directly responsible for the stand-up robodebt as a budget deliverable. And also, her duty was to scale up those budgets daily before she was appointed deputy senior at the Department of Home Affairs.

Malisa Golightly Obituary
A royal commission is investigating why and how the unlawful Centrelink debt recovery scheme robodebt was established and operated. (Source: The Guardian)

Multiple reports show evidence of her role in advancing redoubt, primarily because of her total commitment as the senior executive service officer to ensure the project could come to reality.

There are no questions regarding her commitment to the job and mission. The real question raised was if the delivery of the mission could be obscured by other factors that could be considered unlawful.

At that time, she could not provide any evidence or could save herself by defending herself or being told about any clear motive; She was questioned whether she used the royal commission as a shield for the case.

Malisa, who has since died, got pointed out by Mister Ffrench and Ms. Wilson at the time. Wilson stated that she felt bullied and intimidated while working with Malisa Golightly. She also said there is no reason to take Malissa’s assurance on averaging income scheme.

How Old IscMalisa Golightly – Age Revealed

As per Malisa Golightly’s Obituary, she was born on 21st October 1963. So she died at the age of 58 years old. Malisa was the beloved daughter of Malcolm Golightly and Lesley Golightly. Her father and mother passed away years ago.

Malisa Golightly Obituary
Deputy Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs, Malisa Golightly and Nick McKim. (Source: ABC news)

Malisa’s sister is Chris, and sister in law is Kathyrn. The reason behind her death is not specified yet. The funeral service of Malisa was held at Holy Spirit Paris Catholic Church, Burdekin Avenue, Amaroo, on Friday, 7th January 2022.

The funeral was live-streamed for those who could not attend the funeral. The funeral and tribute for Malisa were live on Vimeo for about one hour and ten minutes.

Malisa Golightly Wikipedia Bio

There is not much information about Malisa Golightly online. However, it is for sure that Malisa was a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Human Services Integrity and Information Group. Her father and mother, Malcolm and Lesly, died before her. She has a sister name Chris.

Malisa Golightly Obituary
A picture of the Golightly family shot taken from a funeral and tribute video. (Source: Vimeo)

She grew up in a Catholic family and grew up with her sister. The actual cause of death is still not mentioned publicly. Her cremation was done in a Catholic Church in Amaroo.

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