Mackenzie Arnold Partner: Who Is She Dating? Relationship History

Mackenzie Arnold Partner

Mackenzie Arnold partner Kirsty Smith has been a topic of discussion among football fans, along with information about her relationship history.

Mackenzie Elizabeth Arnold is an Australian professional soccer goalkeeper currently representing West Ham United in the FA Women’s Super League.

Since her international debut in 2012, the athlete has gained an international reputation for her remarkable shot-stopping talents, fearless play style, and powerful verbal presence.

Throughout her career, the player has played for clubs in Australia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, and England, demonstrating her adaptability in different leagues.

With over 50 national team caps and accolades, such as the Golden Glove award in Australia’s W-League, Arnold stands as one of Australia’s top goalkeepers of her generation.

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Mackenzie Arnold Partner: Who Is She Dating?

The Australian professional soccer goalkeeper is currently in a relationship with a woman named Kirsty Smith.

Smith is a Scottish footballer who plays as a defender for the English Women’s Super League club West Ham United and the Scotland national team.

The fact that both players represent the same club likely facilitated their initial meeting, as Elizabeth signed for West Ham United in July 2020 and Kirsty joined the club in July 2022.

Mackenzie Arnold Partner
The term “Mackenzie Arnold Partner” has become a hot topic on the internet at the moment. (Source: Instagram)

Arnold has been using hearing aids, and throughout this process, her partner, Kirsty, has been supportive.

For the past two years, Arnold has been dealing with hearing difficulties, which she initially neglected.

However, after her brother Sam, who has worn hearing aids his whole life, convinced her to have a thorough check-up, she discovered the severity of her condition.

The athlete had almost completely lost the ability to hear high frequencies.

Mackenzie Arnold Relationship History

Mackenzie and Smith have a special relationship filled with happiness and love for each other.

Although the exact date of their relationship’s beginnings is undisclosed, their bond is clearly visible through the photos they frequently share on social media.

Their most recent shared moment captured the couple enjoying a vacation in Rhodes, Greek Islands, on June 8, 2023.

This snapshot showcases their continued togetherness and joy in each other’s company.

Mackenzie Arnold Partner
Pictured: Mackenzie Arnold partner has been supportive throughout her diagnosis of a hearing problem. (Source: Instagram)

Even though we don’t know exactly how their relationship began, their social media posts show that they have a strong and lasting bond.

Their posts reflect a sense of unity and support, indicating that they are still together and actively nurturing their relationship.

Through thick and thin, the athletes continue to stand by each other’s sides, sharing their lives and experiences as a loving couple.

Arnold and Kirsty’s relationship, with their public presence and honesty, inspire others by demonstrating that love transcends limitations and does not depend on sexual orientation.

Mackenzie Arnold Sexuality

Arnold is open about her sexuality, proudly identifying as a lesbian.

Although the precise date of her coming out is undisclosed, she has been vocal and authentic about her identity.

Embracing her truth, she has become an advocate for LGBTQ+ representation in sports.

Mackenzie Arnold Partner
Mackenzie Arnold identifies herself as a Lesbian. (Source: Instagram)

In 2017, the football player was romantically associated with Carson Pickett, an American football player who plays for Racing Louisville FC and the United States national team.

The two were spotted together on multiple occasions and used to share pictures of their moments on social media, further solidifying their connection.

The athlete’s openness about her journey and embrace of her sexuality help create a more welcoming and diverse environment in professional soccer.

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