Trey Lance Brother Bryce Lance: Sister Family And Ethnicity

Trey Lance Brother

Trey Lance brother, Bryce Lance, is also an athlete like him. The starting quarterback has a diverse cultural background.

Trey Aubrey Lance is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers after being drafted third overall in 2021.

As a freshman at North Dakota State, he won the Walter Payton and Jerry Rice awards while leading the Bison to an NCAA Division I Football Championship.

The athlete spent most of his rookie NFL season as a backup quarterback before being named the starter in 2022.

However, his season was unfortunately cut short by an ankle injury.

The 49ers have high hopes for his future once he returns from injury, as he possesses elite athleticism and a strong arm capable of making big plays.

At just 22 years old, Lance’s career is off to a promising start.

At just 22 years old, Lance’s career is off to a promising start.

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Trey Lance brother Bryce Lance: Sister

Trey’s younger brother, Bryce Lance, follows in his older brother’s football footsteps as a standout wide receiver for North Dakota State University.

Hailing from Marshall, Minnesota, Bryce attended the same high school as his sibling.

He set records with 199 receiving yards in a single game and was named District Offensive Player of the Year in 2020.

Trey Lance’s brother entered North Dakota State in 2021 as a redshirt freshman, joining Aubrey on the Bison football team.

The Lance brothers have a built-in connection from growing up playing and training together.

Trey Lance Brother
Trey Lance’s brother plays wide receiver at North Dakota State. (Source: Youtube)

His younger sibling on the team gives the athlete a familiar target to throw to and a trusted teammate to connect with on the field.

The American football quarterback has an elite arm talent at quarterback, and Bryce has playmaking ability at receiver.

The Lance-to-Lance connection can potentially continue the brothers’ football success from high school to the collegiate level.

Their natural chemistry and sibling bond could give North Dakota State a dangerous offensive weapon for years.

The brothers hope their collaboration will help lead the Bison to more championships while creating lifelong memories playing the game they love together.

Trey Lance Family

Trey was born in Marshall, Minnesota, on May 9, 2000, to Carlton and Angie Lance.

His father, Carlton Lance, formerly a cornerback in the CFL and WLAF, took on the role of his primary trainer.

Born on 3rd October 1970, Bryce spent his entire childhood with his brother Trey in New York Carlton. 

He then attended Riverdale High School in Florida before his football journey led him to Southwest Minnesota State University, where he played football from 1988 to 1991.

During his time there, he also participated in track and field. The athlete’s father’s professional career saw him spend a season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Whereas Angie Lance pursued a career in education and has consistently supported her son’s aspirations in football.

Trey Lance Brother
Pictured: Trey Lance with his brother and parents. (Source: 247sports)

The couple’s relationship originated at Southwest Minnesota State University, and they have been married since the late 1990s.

Throughout his upbringing, the player maintained a close bond with both of his parents.

Their unwavering encouragement and his father’s coaching guidance played a crucial role in fostering Trey’s skills from a young age.

As Aubrey advances in his football journey, the Lance family continues to be a cornerstone of his life.

Trey Lance Ethnicity

The American football quarterback is an African-American Catholic. He led his high school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter.

His strong faith has remained integral to his identity even as his star has risen.

Lance has spoken about the importance of representation as a young, black quarterback.

He strives to be a role model for kids who may not see many starting quarterbacks who look like them.

Trey Lance Brother
His friends say Trey Lance and his younger brother Bryce have always had an “obsession” with football. (Source: ESPN)

The player hopes to inspire youth and exemplify what’s possible through hard work and belief in one’s talents.

As a top NFL prospect, the athlete’s ethnicity has drawn increased attention and conversation around continuing racial bias and discrimination in football.

By embracing his cultural background, he demonstrates that diversity at the quarterback position should be the norm, not the exception.

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