Mac Lethal Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

American artist, rapper, author, and songwriter Mac Lethal has a staggering net worth of $3 million.

Mac Lethal was born David McCleary Sheldon, who was a hip-hop, rhythm, and blues enthusiast since his childhood.

Mac Lethal (Source: MacLethalFacebook)

Further, Mac Lethal has amassed a massive fan base worldwide since the release of his track, Calm Down Baby, in 2007.

In fact, this song is from his second studio album, 11:11 that peaked at the fourth spot in the US Top Heatseeker Album charts.

Other than that, his third studio album Irish Goodbye released on December 31, 2011, secured the 35th spot in the US Heat Album chart.

Not to mention, the American rap artist Lethal is the founder of Black Clover Records.

Before getting into the music industry, Lethal hosted the show called the Buzz Show Black Clover Radio in KRBZ 96.5 MHz.

The Watchmaker Theory, Jake + Olive, Sleepless & Senseless, Till the Casket Drops are some of the popular tracks by Mac Lethal.

Mac Lethal | Quick Facts

Born Name David McCleary Sheldon
Celebrated Name Mac Lethal
Nickname Uncle Mac
Date of Birth  July 25, 1981
Height 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight 64 kg (142 lbs.)
Age 42 Years Old
Country of Origin United States of America
Birth Place/City Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
Nationality American
Religion Roman Catholic
Race/Ethnicity White
Body Type Slim
Associated Labels  HHI Recordings, Rhymesayers, Black Clover
Profession Musician, Rapper, Songwriter, Author, Record Producer
Genre Hip Hop, & RnB
Associated Acts Seven, & Crypt
Career 2001 to Present
Net Worth $3 million
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Leo
Father’s Name Warren Sheldon
Mother’s Name Ruth Sheldon
Marital Status Single
Children/Kids Name 2 Children(Rockwell Carlin & Maple Sheldon)
Notable Work 11:11, Kansas Chiefs Anthem 2020
Official Website Mac Lethal Official
Youtube Channel Mac Lethal
Personal Record Label Black Clover Records
Social Media
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify
Last Update July, 2024

Mac Lethal | Net Worth & Income

American rap artist, songwriter, author David McCleary Sheldon aka Mac Lethal, has an incredible net worth of $3 million.

He has obtained the staggering net worth figure primarily from his music endeavor.

Besides his rapping career, Lethal has built his reputation and fortune from other ventures such as lucrative endorsement deals and business investments.

However, the prime source of Mac Lethal’s wealth is sales of his studio albums, EPs, and Mixtapes.

Not to mention, the rapper has released five studio albums, 6 EPs, 26 singles, and 12 mixtapes.

Above all, his second studio album, 11:11, was the turnaround in Lethal’s career as it sold over 100,000 copies.

Other than that, he also wrote and published a book entitled Texts from Bennett: A Novel in 2013, which helped him enhance his fortune.

According to several online resources, Mac Lethal has a lucrative endorsement deal with top-notch record labels, including Rhymesayers.

To sum up, the American rap artist is making money at pace from his record label company that has released numerous albums and records.

Net Worth of Mac Lethal in Different Currencies

Let’s check out the famous American rapper, songwriter, record producer Mac Lethal’s net worth in several major currencies, including BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 2,575,800
Pound Sterling £ 2,180,153
Australian Dollar A$ 4,018,755
Canadian Dollar C$ 3,710,250
Indian Rupee ₹ 224,998,500
BitCoin ฿ 49

Mac Lethal | Lifestyle

Mac Lethal’s been engaged in the music industry from an early age.

Not to mention, he used to perform freestyle in different venues in Kansas City.

The American rap artist Lethal was born to Ruth Sheldon and Warren Sheldon

Meanwhile, Lethal is currently living a luxurious life in his hometown Kanas City.

In addition, he is a huge fan of the National Football League’s team Kansas City Chiefs and often goes to watch their game.

As a matter of fact, the American rapper also released a song called Kansas Chiefs Anthem 2020 ahead of Super Bowl LIV.

Furthermore, Lethal is occupied by YouTube these days as he is very active on the platform and posts many videos.

Besides, his YouTube channel has 2.75 million subscribers as of October 2021.

To sum up, Lethal is currently single; and he likes to keep his personal life private as there are no reports of his affairs.

Mac Lethal | Houses & Cars


Mac Lethal, a multimillionaire artist, has a luxurious house in Kansas City, Missouri.

Unfortunately, no other sort of details is available as of now regarding Mac Lethal’s residence.


Mac Lethal spends his money wisely, and unlike many rappers, Lethal has got only a few automobiles in his collections.

Mac Lethal is a huge fan of SUVs and has the Range Rover Evoque, one of the most amazing SUVs.

Not to mention it is quite an economical yet stylish SUV as the base price of this car model is $43,300 and can rise up to $67,000.

Lethal With His Ranger Rover Evoque (Source: Facebook)

In addition to Range Rover, the American rapper Mac Lethal owned a stunning sedan, Nissan Sentra.

However, he donated the sedan to the Veteran Military in 2019.

Mac Lethal | Investment and Endorsement


The American rap artist Lethal is a well-renowned musician who has 2.75 million YouTube subscribers.

It’s been a couple of years that Lethal has been more active on YouTube than ever before.

In addition, Lethal has appeared on the TV channels such as CNN and was featured by The Washington Post following his viral video in November 2011.


The famous rapper, songwriter Mac Lethal is an intelligent guy who has invested in several sectors to enhance his fortune.

The most notable investment made by Lethal is the establishment of a record label named Black Clover Records.

Not to mention, Lethal is earning handsomely from his record labels as it has released numerous albums as of now.

Other than that has around half a million worth of investment in the stock and finance market.


Mac Lethal has signed numerous lucrative endorsement deals with various brands following his breakthrough in the music industry.

Further, he inked an endorsement agreement with ASUS, a Taiwanese multinational electronics company.

ASUS Smartphone ad Campaign Featuring Mac Lethal (Source: Digital Terminal)

In addition, Lethal was featured in a commercial for the promotion of the ASUS smartphone.

Similarly, Lethal endorsed Rhymesayers Record Labels and released his second studio album 11:11.

Subsequently, he also penned an endorsement deal with HHI Recordings.

According to several online reports, the American rapper Mac Lethal receives one-fourth of earnings each year through endorsement deals.

Mack Lethal | Career

Mac Lethal released his debut studio album in 2002, and it was entitled Men Are from Mars, Pornstars Are from Earth.

Following his debut album launch, Lethal commenced a Black Clover Records in 2006.

His second album 11:11 released on October 9, 2007, was ranked fourth in the US Heatseeker Album chart.

Mac Lethal went out viral on social media after he posted a video of him singing Look at Me Now on YouTube in November 2011.

The video by Mac Lethal got into the 10 Most Contagiously Viral Musical Web Sensations of 2011.

Later, Mac Lethal released his next album entitled Irish Goodbye on December 31, 2011.

It was Lethal’s another huge success as it was released via his own record label and peaked at number 35 in US Heat.

Mac Lethal Net Worth
Album Cover of Congratulations by Mac Lethal (Source: Genius)

Meanwhile, he has recently released his fifth studio album called Winter Heartbreak II on June 9, 2021.

Moreover,  he has released numerous mixtapes, including The Love Potion Collection Series and Black Clover Presents Aged Barrel Series.

On top of that, the famous musician has released hit EPs such as Nine Situations (2003), Fast as Hell Though (2011), and Postcards from Kansas City (2014).

To sum it up, Mac Lethal has spent two decades of his life in the music industry and still going strong and producing hit music to date.

Mac Lethal | Charity

Mac Lethal, an American rap artist, is well known for his compassionate and kind gestures.

He has been indulged with many charities to help, support, and raise funds.

Moreover, the veteran rapper also donates part of his income from music to numerous charity organizations.

Not to mention, he released a rap on July 16, 2020, and all the proceeds were donated to the Go Fund Me charity to help the girl battling blood cancer.

In addition, Lethal has also involved himself in the Make A Wish Foundation of Missouri & Kansas.

Likewise, he supports the Hope for the Warriors charity to help the US military veterans.

To sum up, Mac also provides free tickets to his concert for those children and youths who aspire to be musicians in their future.

Some Interesting Facts Mac Lethal

  • An American rapper Mac Lethal has released a total of five studio albums, six extended plays, 26 singles, and 12 mixtapes.
  • The Kansas-born rapper, Lethal, is an avid American football lover, and his best NFL side is Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Following the successful release of his second studio album, 11:11, Lethal was handed over a two-year contract worth $250,000 by Sony, which he declined.


Who is Mac Lethal married to?

Lethal, an American rapper, prefers to keep his personal life private. Hence there is no record of his marriage.

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