Lovi Poe Wedding Video And Photo: Marriage With Monty Blencowe

Lovi Poe Wedding 

The headline “Lovi Poe wedding” has grabbed many people’s attention online, making her fans anxious to learn more about her married life.

Lovi Poe is a Filipino actress, model, and recording artist. She began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age. 

She is the daughter of late actor Fernando Poe Jr. and actress Rowena Moran. 

Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe, stage name Lovi Poe, made her acting debut in the TV series Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka. Likewise, she has starred in several films and television shows.

Besides acting, Poe is recognized for her singing endeavors. Moreover, she has released many singles.

Poe has showcased her vocal talent in several concerts and events. Her abilities, charisma, and dedication have made her one of the Philippines’ sought-after stars. 

Recently, the actress has been spotlighted due to her wedding rumors. To uncover the reality, fans eagerly explore wedding videos and snaps, seeking answers to the question: Is Lovi Poe married?

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Lovi Poe Wedding Video And Photo: Marriage With Monty Blencowe

The rumor buzzes with speculation about Lovi Poe wedding with her longtime boyfriend, Monty Blencowe. 

Recent reports from Filpino tabloids sparked debate about Poe being married. Likewise, hints from insiders close to the couple suggested that they were tying the knot soon. 

According to the Manila Times, Kapamilya actress Lovi Poe tied the knot with Monty Blencowe. Their wedding was held on Saturday, 26 August, at the historic Cliveden House.

Poe and Blencowe’s wedding venue was planned at one of the world’s finest luxury hotels in the United Kingdom.

The gossip gained momentum as Poe was spotted during a romantic dinner near her residence. 

While the star’s PR remained tight-lipped, the absence of verification or denial only fueled further speculations. 

The speculation development came hot after the engagement rumors, adding a layer of intrigue to her personal affair. 

Fans eagerly await Poe’s official statement as they remain abuzz with anticipation. The pair’s public appearance may shed light on the alleged matter. 

Lovi Poe Wedding Photo
Lovi Poe Wedding: The Filipino actress is in a relationship with Monty Blencowe. (Source: latestchika)

Lovi’s boyfriend Montgomery Blencowe, “Monty,” is a Los Angeles-based English film producer. Also, he is a famous businessman and entrepreneur. 

The film producer was born on August 13 in Brighton, England. He is the grandson of Filipino actor Gabe Mercado and the son of television executive Blencowe.

Blencowe has established himself as a prominent executive producer and has worked on several noteworthy films, such as The Prince, Heist, Marauders, and Escape Plan.

In addition, to being a gifted producer, he is a physicist who is employed at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Monty can approach his work from a distinctive angle because of his background in both the entertainment and scientific fields.

He is renowned for his ability to create entertaining and instructional works while bridging the gap between art and science.

Finally, he has collaborated with some of the most famous figures in the entertainment sector as an Executive Producer. Also, his works have attracted critical acclaim and financial success.

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Lovi Poe Relationship Timeline

Before beginning her current relationship, Lovi Poe was previously related to her former co-star Rocco Nacino.

They were initially spotted together in 2015, and their extraordinary relationship lasted just two years. But in 2017, their romance came to an end.

Lovi Poe Relationship Timeline
Lovi Poe dated her co-star Rocco Nacino. (Source: IMDb

Poe allegedly stopped dating after her breakup with Nacino until she met Blencowe.

The two were seen keeping up with each other’s families while strolling to Makati City. The two have remained together ever since and seem to be deeply in love.

Poe and Blencowe both make an effort to keep the specifics of their relationship quiet, but it’s obvious that they savor every second of being together.

Finally, Poe’s admirers are interested in seeing if the actress would advance her romance with Blencowe, but only time will tell. We wish them good fortune in their upcoming endeavors as a married couple. 

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