Lovely Mimi Before Surgery Pics, Real Name Age And Wikipedia Bio

Lovely Mimi

The topic Lovely Mimi Before Surgery has been the most searched online. This article will provide the information on her real name, age, and Wikipedia bio.

Lovely Mimi is a popular social media personality who has been gaining fame for her unique content on her social media platform.

The social media personality joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1 in 2017. She played a supporting role in the sixth season of the program.

In September 2016, the social media star digitally released the hip-hop song “We Don’t Care.” She is regarded as one of the best nail technicians in the nation and has a great sense of humor.

Moreover, the entrepreneur has been gaining fame on the social media platform for quite some time now and has been able to win the hearts of many.

Lovely Mimi Before Surgery Pics – Revealed

Yes, the social media influencer did surgery on her booty in 2017. It’s not a big deal in the industry that she is working on getting cosmetic surgery procedures done.

Lovely Mimi before Surgery
The before and after picture of the social media star. (Source: YouTube)

Many influencers like her have done cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty. Celebrity like Kardashian has been the top example of cosmetic surgery influencer to enhance their body so that people find them appealing.

Moreover, the influencer has been vocal about getting her surgery with her followers as per the reports she shared her before and after pic on her social media platforms.

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Lovely Mimi Real Name and Age – Revealed

The real name of the social media influencer is Myha Thi Luong. She was born on April 27, 1990, and is currently 33 years old.

The content creator has been active on the video and photo-sharing app since 2013 and has been posting since.

Lovely Mimi
Lovely Mimi with her children and her boyfriend. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, the public figure has been quiet entertaining to her followers with her sense of humor on the social media platform.

Since social media allows access to virtually anything nowadays, some individuals use these channels to exhibit their abilities.

But, only a few of them succeed in garnering admirers since people admire those who are actually blessed.

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Lovely Mimi Wikipedia Bio – Revealed

The social media influencer is Vietnamese-American. She is a Nail salon owner and artist with a shop called Luong’s Lovely Nails. 

The public figure has been able to use the social media platform to her benefit by posting her talent in nail art on her account.

According to Famous birthdays, the social star did not complete high school as she dropped out. The influencer married Remy The Boss in 2009, and they had two children together named Juice and Jayy before separating in 2019.

Lovely Mimi
Lovely Mimi with Juicenjayy who is also an social media influencer. (Source: Instagram)

Like Galina Sadovenko, Mini is one of the most well-known nail technicians in the United States. And has been gaining much popularity with her creativity in her nail art.

Moreover, VH1 personality and comedian Jasmin Brown visited her nail shop to get her nails done. She battled being a high school dropout and faced many challenges along the way to becoming a nail technician, so it wasn’t an easy road.

She currently operates two salons in Georgia and Maryland and regularly posts Instagram videos showcasing her many impressions and personalities.

Furthermore, it looks the nail artist is dating a social media influencer who has the username under @juicenjayy.

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