Love Island: Are Kai And Sanam Still Together? Dating Timeline And Age

Kai And Sanam Still Together

“Are Kai And Sanam Still Together?” has been a topic of interest among the people who know them from the winter series of “Love Island” TV show. Find more about their life beyond the show. 

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan were contestants on the winter series of Love Island. They met in Casa Amor and went on to win the show, becoming the first Casa Amor couple to do so.

They have been seen attending events together and sharing affectionate moments on social media,

While they are not engaged at the moment, there have been hints of a potential future engagement.

They are both pursuing their careers and enjoying their time as a couple.

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Love Island: Are Kai And Sanam Still Together?

Fans of Love Island are eagerly keeping up with the journey of Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan who won the winter series. The question on everyone’s minds is, are they still together?

Since their victory on the show, Kai and Sanam’s relationship has only grown stronger for the better.

They have been seen sharing their day-to-day life as a couple with the public, leaving no suspicion about their connection.

The couple has even hinted at being engaged and starting their new life together as a couple.

Kai And Sanam Still Together
The winners of Love Island, Kai And Sanam (Source: Twitter)

Despite living in different cities, they are determined to make their relationship work and have expressed their desire to live together in the future.

Kai and Sanam’s love story has captivated fans, who admire their love and commitment. With their continued dedication to each other, they serve as an example that true love can indeed succeed in the unpredictable world of reality television romance.

Fans are eagerly waiting for them to start the next chapter in their journey, rooting for their lasting happiness.

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan: Dating Timeline

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan have captured the hearts of Love Island fans with their fascinating love story during the winter series.

The bond between them was evident as they won the show, capturing the hearts of viewers.

Their dating timeline showcases the growth of their relationship from the moment they came into the villa to their current status as a couple.

From their win and £50,000 prize, Kai and Sanam’s journey has been filled with romance and genuine connection.

They have been seen attending high-profile events together and sharing their moments on social media.

Kai And Sanam Still Together
Kai And Sanam while on the show (Source: Birmingham Live)

Their dedication to making their relationship work and their dream of starting a family have toughened their bond.

Their dating timeline is a testament to the power of love and the joy that comes from finding your perfect match.

As they embrace their respective careers and build a life together, Kai and Sanam’s dating timeline is a testament to the power of love and the joy that can be found in reality television romance.

How Old Are The Winners Of Love Island Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan?

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan, the Love Island winners, are both 25 years old.

Kai Fagan is from Manchester while Sanam Harrinanan is from Bedford who entered the Love Island villa at a young age and captured the hearts of viewers with their genuine connection.

Despite their young age, they proved that love knows no bounds and emerged as the champions of the show.

Kai And Sanam Still Together
Kai wishes Sanam on her birthday (Source: Instagram)

Their age reflects their youth and their willingness to take on new experiences and explore their relationship on a public platform.

Their age serves as a reminder that love can blossom at any stage in life and that it should never be a barrier to finding happiness and connection.

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