Love After Lockup: Are Travis And Ashley Still Together? Relationship Timeline And Age Gap

Travis And Ashley Still Together. In fact, more dramas are unfolding after Ashley will break the rose colored glasses of them living a rich and desired lifestyle as she is, in reality, financially broke.

The relationship between Travis and Ashley from Love After Lockup was perfect. Ashley feels that she went above and above to indulge her lover after his release from prison.

They have been splurging lavishly. She needs to admit to Travis that she is broke because she hasn’t been open with him about her finances.

She claims that the security deposit and two months’ rent totaled $6,000. She’s exhausted at this point. There is a lot of tension between them as a result of her attempts to explain things to Travis, which are not working well.

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Love After Lockup: Are Travis And Ashley Still Together?

It appears that Travis and Ashley are still together. In fact, the sources just revealed that after the recent talk Lockup had with his mother did not go well. She has criticized him and his partner, which he finds it offensive.

To further elaborate, when Travis’s mother learned about Ashley’s unfortunate circumstances, she decided to let them remain in her basement. Until they can stand up, at least, yet, she maked it plain that this is her home and that she expects them to treat it as such.

Travis And Ashley Still Together
A scene of where Ashley Blows Up After Meeting with Travis’s Mother. (Source: Soap Dirt)

The couple did agree to obey his mother as per Travis’ suggestions, and they went to the bar to unwind. But, the alcohol they drank did not suit their attitude. Things then begin to fall apart.

This is where Travis begins to realize that Ashley is a messy drinker and gets uglier when Ashley starts to open up, being more emotional and vulnerable.

Details Of Travis And Ashley Relationship Explored

Travis was arrested for Arm robbery. This was 13 years before the season 4o of Love after Lockup aired. Travis and Ashley appear to have a deep connection, enough to get through the troubles of life.

As Travis was locked up in the prison, Ashley admitted that she spent massive amounts of money, $80 thousand, to be specific.

Travis And Ashley Still Together
The viewers were eager to find out whether or not Ashley would still like her boyfriend, Travis once he got released from the prison. (Source: Youtube)

Ashley and Travis are trying to build their relationship and keep it a hold despite criticisms of how Travis might just end up stealing all her jewelry from her shop.

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Do Travis and Ashley Have An Age Gap?

Although the exact date of birth is not yet revealed in the media, Travis was 44 years old when asked back in 2022 for the purpose of making a documentary. 

As for his body measurements, Travis stands over 5 feet 10 inches tall. He was born and raised in a city called the Atlantic coast, located in Southern Florida. Ashley’s height details are not measured yet.

In the same manner, Ashley was 38 years old. This was also calculated in the year 2022.

Besides that, Travis served prison time while his girlfriend Ashley ran her own jewelry business. She, by profession, is a fine jewelry purveyor. 

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