Lorena Tassinari Wikipedia Biografia Edad Partner And Net Worth

Lorena Tassinari

One of the most frequently searched topics related to the singer by her fans is Lorena Tassinari Wikipedia. For those interested in learning more about her personal and professional background, including her biography, age, and estimated net worth, please continue reading.

Lorena Tassinari is a multi-talented Mexican artist who has made a name for herself in various fields such as acting, composing, and singing. Her distinct mezzo-soprano voice and ability to create over 2,000 musical pieces have made her an accomplished composer. She is also known for her expertise as a pianist and her outstanding performances in the classical crossover genre.

The singer is currently taking classical ballet classes under the tutelage of Ardentia Reyna Perez, a renowned choreographer, and teacher from the National Fine Arts Dance Company. Additionally, she is honing her operatic skills with the great soprano Halina Nadi Lach, showcasing her commitment to her art.

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Lorena Tassinari Wikipedia Biografia And Edad

Tassinari, a musician from Guadalajara, Jalisco, was born with a mezzo-soprano voice and an innate talent for music. Her mother taught her to play the piano when she was two years old, her grandmother helped her with her voice, and her father, who was Carlos Santana’s cousin, inherited her composer side.

The musician’s artistic talent was recognized at an early age, and she began performing concerts at eight years old. She graduated from the National Conservatory of Music and the National School of Dance of Fine Arts in Mexico City and went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Contemporary Harmony with maestro Carlos Fuentes González.

The artist believes that music is a universal language of love. With over 2,000 original works as a composer, pianist, and singer, she is a shining star in the world of Classical Crossover music.

The actress began her music studies at the National Conservatory of Music when she was very young. She made her debut in the concert halls of the National Conservatory of Wild Music at the same age. She has released several albums to date, including Algo Que Decir, Tassinari, and Secreto en La Musica de Los Angeles.

Within her extensive discography, her most famous songs include “Ciru-Huá,” which has reached more than 5 million downloads and a platinum record. She has also composed the Mayan Opera Kin Azká, which premiered at the Chichén Itzá Castle, and performed by the tenor Plácido Domingo.

Lorena Tassinari Wikipedia
Lorena Tassinari has 2,000 original works as a composer, pianist, and singer. (Source: Facebook)

The singer is the only female composer worldwide who records for the Deutsche Grammophon label. She is also the creator of the Musical Encyclopedia from Heaven to Earth, which includes 33 records and three books where she talks about the healing power of music.

She has received numerous awards, including the award for the best career as a composer, the Golden Lyre recognition for the best composer in the world, and the Golden Lyrs Award 2005 as the best composer and performer of her genre worldwide.

Lorena Tassinari Partner

Lorena Tassinari, the Mexican actress, composer, and singer, was married to the late tortilla king, Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, with whom she spent his final three years. Apart from her marriage to Gonzalez Barrera, there is no information available about her partners at the moment.

Barrera was a billionaire businessman who owned the world’s largest tortilla company and was once ranked as the 110th richest person in the world by Forbes magazine.

Lorena Tassinari late husband
Lorena Tassinari was married to the late tortilla king, Roberto Gonzalez Barrera. (Source: TheMiddleTownPress)

Tassinari and Gonzalez Barrera’s marriage was kept private, and not much is known about their relationship. After he died in 2012, she has kept a relatively low profile in the media, focusing on her career as a composer, singer, and actress.

Lorena Tassinari Net Worth

Lorena Tassinari’s net worth has not been officially disclosed to the public. It is challenging to determine the exact value of her wealth since she has been involved in various professions throughout her career, including acting, composing, and singing. 

Lorena Tassinari
Lorena Tassinari has been involved in various professions throughout her career, including acting, composing, and singing. (Source: Facebook)

As a successful artist, composer, and singer, she has likely earned a significant income from her work. However, the exact amount of her net worth remains a mystery to her fans and followers.

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