Lizzy Musi Health And Cancer Update – Where Is She Now? Family Explored

Lizzy Musi

Lizzy Musi, a talented racer, also received the news that she has stage 4 cancer. On April 22, 2023, she shared her cancer journey with her followers on Instagram. To learn more about Lizzy Musi health updates, read the article below.

In March of 2023, Mike Murillo, one of Musi’s fellow racers, also announced on his YouTube channel that he had received a diagnosis of stage four lung cancer.

Mike had previously battled COVID-19 in January of 2021, and despite feeling unwell afterward, he continued racing.

Both Discovery stars are currently fighting the disease, but Mike shared on April 20 that his health is progressing as planned and that he has lost 60 lbs since weighing 321 lbs during his treatment.

Lizzy plans to document her battle with cancer, and fans of both racers have been sending their good wishes and prayers on social media.

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Lizzy Musi Health And Cancer Update

Here is some of the information that describes one of the popular racers, Lizzy Musi health and cancer updates.

Musi is a skilled drag racer who has inherited her father’s talent and made a name for herself in the industry.

She has appeared on television and established a successful business, fueled by her passion for motorsports that has existed since she was young.

Lizzy Musi health
Lizzy Musi’s ‘Bonnie’ Back On Track! (Source: EG Nation)

Between late 2022 and early 2023, she detected a lump in her breast that grew rapidly in just six months.

Despite initial negative test results, the reality star persisted with further testing, which unfortunately confirmed the lump to be cancerous.

The television personality has been diagnosed with an aggressive and fast-spreading form of breast cancer.

The renowned drag racer is doing fine as of now, and further details about Lizzy Musi health are not available.

Lizzy musi-Where Is She Now?

Lizzy’s remarkable abilities and fearlessness have earned her recognition and widespread acclaim throughout the country. 

Her racing skills have led her to win various national competitions, including being the initial qualifier in Top Sportsman at ADRL US Drags in 2013. 

Lizzy Musi
‘Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings’: Kye and Lizzy’s Relationship Takes a Turn (Source: Distractify)

Despite facing multiple racing injuries, the drag racer has always managed to recover and persevere.

She has shared the good news of being selected to do her further treatment at MD Anderson in Houston.

Lizzy stated she will be updating further details related to her health and cancer updates via her YouTube channel, which has over 52.2k subscribers.

Lizzy musi family explored

There is limited information regarding Musi’s family. However, her mother is Elizabeth Musi, and her father is Pat Musi, as per the sources. She has one sibling.

Musi has shared her aspiration to have children, but her primary focus is on her health and racing career at present.

Lizzy Musi

She intends to undergo treatment in Mississippi, but she has also been granted authorization for treatment at MD Anderson.

Meanwhile, her partner, Kye Kelley, pledged to provide her with unwavering support in her fight against cancer, acknowledging that she would face a challenging battle.

Kye Kelley also stated that he intends to proceed with his racing plans for the year and look after his beloved wife, Musi.

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