Linda Burney Family: Parents Ethnicity And Siblings

Linda Burney Family

Linda Burney family details have sparked widespread interest and deep concern among the public. Delve into the ethnic background of this famous Australian politician.

Australian politician Linda Burney has served as the Minister for Indigenous Australians. Likewise, she held the position since 2022.

Burney has been a parliament member since 2010. Likewise, she supports the Australian Labor Party.

Burney is the first Native American to become an Indigenous Australian Minister. Moreover, the politician is an ardent supporter of Torres Strait Islander descent and Australians of Aboriginal.

Furthermore, Linda is dedicated to cooperating with any party involved to improve the quality of life of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent Australians.

Linda has both fervent supporters and vocal critics. Likewise, the politician’s actions and statements continue to be the subject of public discussion.

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Meet Linda Burney’s Family

Indigenous Australian Minister Linda Burney started a sweet family with her late husband, Richard Andrew Farley. 

Farley was born on 9 December 1952. His family was from Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Sadly, Linda could not move forward with her family life due to the sudden death of her husband on 13 May 2006. Likewise, Richard left the world at 53.

Reportedly, he got a rehabilitation treatment for a brain aneurysm. The man left behind a sweet family, Linda and their two children.

With her husband, Burney began a sweet family welcoming their daughter, Willerui Ngurumbi Karramarra. 

Linda Burney Family and husband
Linda Burney family: The politician’s husband died on 13 May 2006. (Source: The Courier Mail)

Similarly, Linda is a mother of two kids, Binni and Willerui. After the sudden death of her Richard Farley, her family shattered.

Unfortunately, she also lost her son in 2017. Sadly, her son was 33 when he took his last breath.

Linda’s son died following a battle with mental health for several years.

Moreover, Linda’s daughter was once diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that almost killed her.

Linda Burney stood firm with her family despite heartbreaking moments and struggles.

Besides her political career, the resilient woman became crucial in handling her family during difficult days.  

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Linda Burney’s Parents And Ethnicity

Linda Jean Burney, shortly Linda Burney, was born on 25 April 1957 to Nonny Ingram. Likewise, her family raised her in Whitton, a small town in southwest New South Wales.

Regarding her ethnicity, Burney is of Wiradjuri and Scottish descent. 

During an inaugural speech to the NSW Parliament, Linda revealed that she did not know her Aboriginal parents and only met her father in 1984.

Her elderly aunt and uncle raised Burney. Likewise, her aunt and uncle were siblings, Nina and Billy Laing.

Nina and Billy Laing taught her loyalty and the values of honesty and respect. 

Linda Burney Siblings

Reportedly, Indigenous Australian politician Linda Burney never knew of her parents and siblings. But Linda’s uncle and aunt told her that she had ten siblings.

Linda was never close to her siblings while growing up. Eventually, she met her ten brothers and sisters after having a successful career.

Linda Burney family and siblings
Linda Burney’s family and siblings Linda Burney’s openness about her health reflects her resilience and determination. (Source: ABC)

Unlike Burney, some of her siblings never received a good education. Linda attended the local primary school in Whitton.

Similarly, Linda finished her first four years of secondary school at Leeton High School. Also, she completed her final two at Penrith High School.

Linda became one of the first Aboriginal students to complete her graduation from the Mitchell College of Advanced Education (now called Charles Sturt University).

Burney earned a Diploma of Teaching in 1978. Likewise, she was the first in her family to receive an Honorary Doctorate in Education from Charles Sturt University.

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