Lidia Thorpe Daughter Kaiaan Son: Children And Family Ethnicity

Lidia Thorpe Daughter

Lidia Thorpe daughter Kaiaan Son is the love of her life. How many children does she give birth to? Let’s find out her family ethnicity.

Lidia Thorpe is an Australian independent politician and the first Aboriginal senator from the state of Victoria.

However, she quit the party over disagreements concerning the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Lidia Thorpe got involved on her first day in the Australian Federal Parliament in September 2020.

With her right fist raised in a Black Power salute, she carries a stick with 441 stripes.

She also represents the number of Indigenous people dying in custody since a landmark Royal Commission in 1991.

Thorpe is perhaps the most outspoken and controversial Indigenous senator in parliament, even stating last year that she did not identify as Australian.

She has been a senator for Victoria since 2020 and was a Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for Northcote from 2017 to 2018.

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Lidia Thorpe Daughter and son: children

While talking about Lidia Thorpe’s daughter Kaaian only limited information is available on it.

Despite having the name of her daughter other information about her is available.

Lidia Thorpe is an Australian independent politician who has been a senator for Victoria since 2020.

Until February 2023, she served as the first Aboriginal senator from that state and was a part of the Australian Greens.

However, she resigned from the post of the party over a lack of agreements concerning the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Lidia Alma Thorpe was born in 1973 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

Lidia Thorpe Daughter
Lidia captioned her photo as “From my local op shop to Parliament House. Head to toe in thrifted threads.” (Image Source: Instagram)

Lidia is an heir of the Gunnai, Gunditjmara, and Djab Wurrung people’s community. She is also a granddaughter of the revered Indigenous matriarch Alma Thorpe.

Moreover, Lidia Thorpe’s father, Roy Illingworth, has refuted the claim that she was “spoilt” growing up as a child, saying that she had to work hard for everything she had achieved.

In April 2023, Lidia Thorpe’s father slammed the Victorian Senator, claiming his daughter is a “very racist person” and that her parliamentary power has “gone to her head.”

Lidia Thorpe has had to redo her oath of allegiance in the Senate after prefixing the Queen as a “colonizer.”

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Lidia Thorpe Family 

Lidia Thorpe’s parents played a significant role in her life and political career.

Lidia’s mother, Marjorie Thorpe, co-commissioned the Stolen Generations inquiry and worked on the Bringing Them Home report in the 1990s.

Furthermore, Lidia was a part of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. She also got involved in a political career after seeing the possibilities to change the world.

She is pre-selected as the Greens’ federal candidate for Gippsland.

Moreover, Lidia’s father, Roy Illingworth, has spoken about his daughter’s upbringing, saying that she had to work hard for everything she has achieved.

Additionally, Lidia’s parents raised her in Housing Commission flats in Collingwood and admitted her to Gold Street Primary School in Clifton Hill.

Lidia’s family has resided in Australia for many generations, and she represents the struggles and aspirations of her people for Indigenous sovereignty and justice.

Lidia Thorpe Husband

Lidia Thorpe’s husband is Gavan McFadzean. They have been dating since 2019 but kept their relationship private for a while.

There is no further information available about Gavan McFadzean or their relationship.

However, we can assume them to be loving and caring to each other.

Lidia Thorpe Daughter
Lidia Thorpe is a Senator of Australia. (Image Source: Instagram)

Lidia loves to keep her personal and love life private.

She keeps her personal and love life private because she does not want to have public opinion on her life.

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