Liam Highfield Haircut Seems Unnatural, Is He Wearing A Wig? Hairstyle

Liam Highfield Haircut

The gossip surrounding Liam Highfield haircut has generated symbolic online buzz, piquing the curiosity of his well-wishers.

Liam Highfield is an English professional snooker player. Likewise, he began his professional career in 2010.

Highfield finished second in the 2009/2010 PIOS rankings. Moreover, he plays left-handed.

Highfield was born on 1 December 1990. Likewise, he hails from Swindon, England. 

Liam represents England while he plays snooker. Similarly, the snooker player won the last event of the International Open Series in the 2007/2008 season.

Moreover, he finished 12th in the rankings and completed the following season as number 33.

In the 2009/2010 season, Liam won the second event. Also, he was runner-up in the first and sixth events of the International Open Series.

Highfield finished second in the rankings. Hence, the talented snooker plater received a place on the 2010/2011 professional Main Tour. Now, let’s discuss Liam Highfield’s haircut. 

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Liam Highfield Haircut

Professional snooker player Liam Highfield has had various haircuts over the years. Likewise, the handsome man became famous as a great snooker player.

Liam Highfield Haircut
Liam Highfield Haircut: The professional snooker player had several hairstyles. (Source: WPBSA)

Moreover, Highfield is primarily known for his unique looks and pleasant character.

Talks and gossip about the English snooker player’s haircut are constant topics in sports magazines and tabloids.

Likewise, Highfield had various hairstyles, including undercut, buzzcut, quiff, and more. 

Also, fans love to see the handsome snooker player in a man bun, faux hawk, afro, low fade, high fade, and pompadour. 

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Is Liam Highfield Wearing A Wig? Hairstyle Explained

Professional snooker player Liam Highfield is not wearing a wig. Also, his new haircut has been a talking point in recent days.

Highfield has showcased various haircuts, a hot topic to discuss among his fans.

Furthermore, the snooker player has opted for a short and messy hairstyle. Earlier, fans have loved him in a pompadour and an undercut look.

Nevertheless, English snooker player Highfield is known for his unique looks and pleasant game sense.

Liam Highfield Health Update 2023

Professional snooker player Liam Highfield suffers from an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s disease.

According to medical experts, the rare condition can cause severe abdominal pain, exhaustion, diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition.

Likewise, the snooker player was diagnosed with the disease early on. Also, he had opened up about his battle with the illness.

After his diagnosis, Liam greatly impacted his capacity to practice and compete in tournaments.

Liam Highfield haircut and health
Liam Highfield haircut: The professional snooker player focused on his health more than his looks. (Source: World Snooker)

In the 2017/18 season, Liam was admitted for medical support. He stayed there for more than five weeks. Likewise, he was advised to undergo surgery to remove his bowel.

In an interview published in December 2019, Liam stated:

I had my biggest flare up during the 2017/18 season as it put me into hospital for five weeks. Also, I was on a drug that was expected to work but it didn’t seem to be taking effect. 

The doctor said that if it didn’t work soon I would need to have part of my bowel removed. Thankfully things got better over the next day or two. I got lucky.

Despite the challenges, Liam never stopped chasing his passion. The talented snooker player faced many difficulties following his treatment. Liam Highfield has been an inspiration to many. 

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