Lewiston Maine Shooter Robert Card Divorce History: How Many Wives Does He have?

Robert Card Divorce

Robert Card divorce history has come to light as the Lewiston Police Department identified him as a person of interest involved in the Lewiston shooting.

Robert Card, a 41-year-old retired military officer, has come into the spotlight as the main suspect in the tragic shootings that occurred at multiple locations in Lewiston, Maine.

This shocking incident has left the city in turmoil, with a rising death toll and numerous injuries.

In this detailed analysis, let’s delve into Card’s background, including his divorce history, political affiliations, and the mass shooting case that has left the community in shock and fear.

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Lewiston Maine Shooter Robert Card Divorce History

Robert Card’s personal life has been marked by turmoil, evident through two divorces and a history of arrests, particularly for domestic violence and other criminal activities.

The fact that one of his ex-wives sought a restraining order against him underscores the severity of his personal issues.

This tumultuous history raises concerns about his emotional and psychological state.

Robert Card Divorce
Robert Card has a history of arrests for domestic violence. (Source: marca)

It is crucial to scrutinize his complex personal background when trying to comprehend the events leading up to the tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine.

His interpersonal struggles and legal entanglements may offer vital insights into the motivations and factors that contributed to this heinous act of violence.

They can shed light on the broader context surrounding this tragic event.

How many wives does Robert Card have?

Robert Card’s marital history is marked by complexity.

He has entered into multiple marriages and has gone through at least two divorces, which is a significant aspect of his personal life.

These divorces, often fraught with their own set of personal challenges, contribute to the intricate tapestry of his life.

The divorces, in particular, provide a lens through which to better understand Card’s emotional state and personal struggles.

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience, leading to a range of emotions, from anger and resentment to depression and anxiety.

It’s possible that these personal challenges from his past marriages played a role in shaping his mental and emotional well-being.

Robert Card Divorce
The shooter is identified as Robert Card, and he was driving a 2013 white Subaru Outback. (Source: X)

Furthermore, allegations of domestic violence in his history add a critical layer to the profile of the suspect.

They point to potential issues related to anger management, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationships.

Understanding the nuances of his marital history is essential.

It is equally crucial to consider the accusations of domestic violence to comprehend the broader context that might have contributed to the tragic events in Lewiston, Maine.

Robert Card Mass Shooting Case

The mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, has left multiple casualties and injuries. Robert Card, a retired military officer with a history of two divorces, is the prime suspect.

His political affiliation as an independent with past voting records for Barack Obama adds complexity to his profile.

There were no apparent warning signs or documented history of mental illnesses, deepening the mystery surrounding the case.

The description of the suspect’s vehicle remains uncertain, with conflicting reports mentioning both a Honda Civic and a Subaru Outback.

An intense manhunt is underway, prompting local residents to remain indoors, heightening the sense of unease in the community.

Robert Card Divorce
In this photo, first responders in Lewiston, Maine, are seen loading a victim on a stretcher into an ambulance. Arel, Nickoel Wyman (Source: CNN)

Initial reports indicate a death toll ranging from 10 to 16 individuals, with up to 50 people injured. Witnesses describe chaotic scenes outside Sparetime Recreation, with police and ambulances in abundance.

Law enforcement officials have revealed that Card is a certified firearms instructor and a member of the US Army Reserves, emphasizing the urgency of locating and apprehending him.

The situation in Lewiston continues to evolve, leaving the community in a state of apprehension as investigators work tirelessly to provide answers and justice for the victims and their families.

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