Brisbane Woman Lesley Trotter Missing Or Found? Family Age And News Update

Lesley Trotter Missing

What happened to Lesley Trotter, from Toowong, who has been missing for over a week? Is Lesley Trotter missing, or has she been found? 

Lesley Trotter, a woman from Toowong, Brisbane, has been missing for over a week, leaving authorities and her family extremely concerned for her welfare.

Lesley’s disappearance is out of character, and she left her mobile phone and wallet behind, adding to the mystery surrounding her sudden absence.

As an avid hiker and bushwalker, Lesley enjoys exploring the outdoors, and Police have identified Mt Coot-tha as an area of interest in their search efforts. 

The search for Lesley began shortly after she last spoke to her family on Monday, March 27, 2023. As the search continues for Lesley, her family increasingly worries about her safety.

They have described her as an independent and adventurous person but also as someone who keeps in regular contact with her loved ones.

Her sudden disappearance has left them with many questions, and they are appealing to the public for any information that may help locate her.

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Is Lesley Trotter Missing Or Found? Case Update

Lesley Trotter has been missing from her Toowong home in Brisbane for several weeks, and despite the tireless efforts of Police, she has yet to be found.

Lesley Trotter missing is entirely out of character, and her family and friends are getting increasingly anxious for her well-being.

She likes trekking and bushwalking, and Police have identified Mt Coot-tha as an area of interest. Despite large-scale searches on land and water, no clues of her whereabouts have been found.

Lesley Trotter Missing
Missing News Broadcasted For Lesley Trotter (Source: twimg)

Authorities have used specialized land-based search assets from Queensland Police, the State Emergency Service, and other organizations to find Lesley.

Authorities have asked homeowners and bushwalkers to watch for any signs or sightings of Trotter.

Trotter is described as White in appearance, roughly 162cm tall, with an athletic build, short blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Lesley Trotter Age: hiker and bushwalker still missing

Lesley Trotter, a 78-year-old hiker and bushwalker, has been missing from her Toowong home in Brisbane since March 27, 2023.

Her family and authorities are becoming increasingly concerned for her welfare each day. Lesley is an active hiker and bushwalker, which has made the search even more difficult.

Lesley’s age has added to the urgency of the search, as elderly people can be more vulnerable when lost or stranded.

The search has now entered its fifth day, with Police and State Emergency Service volunteers continuing their efforts to find her.

Lesley’s family and friends are desperately appealing to the public to come forward with any information that could help with the search.

They are urging residents and bushwalkers in the Toowong and Mt Coot-tha areas to look for any signs or sightings of Lesley.

Lesley Trotter
Lesley Trotter Photo Shared By Her Family Members (Source: content.api)

Lesley Trotter Family Is Concerned About Her

The family of Lesley Trotter, the missing 78-year-old woman from Toowong, is becoming increasingly worried as she has not been found yet.

Her disappearance is out of character, and they are concerned about her welfare. Trotter’s mobile phone and wallet were left behind, which has only added to their worry.

Her family visited her Brisbane home on March 28, but she was not there and has not been heard from since. Trotter’s family describes her as a caring and active person who loves the outdoors.

Lesley Trotter has always been close to her family, and her disappearance has been incredibly hard for them.

Her brother raised the alarm after a regular check-in, and since then, her family has been working closely with the authorities to find her.

They have made several public appeals for information and are urging anyone with information about her whereabouts to come forward.

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