Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB Arrested: Hired Hitman To Kill Wife

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB was arrested. He was planning to kill his own family by hiring a killer, which came as a piece of shocking news to everyone who knew him.

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga is a 52-year-old man. He hails from Kenya, where he grew up with his family.

Leonard was a former Kenya Commercial Bank Top Manager. It appears that he was highly knowledgeable on the matter of finance.

Thuo contributed to the Kenya Commercial Bank as a manager for many years. He provided his insights and inputs to develop a new scheme in the bank for its development.

Apart from being a well-known top manager of KCB, he is a married man. It seems he was a father of his children.

Recently, Mwithiga got in serious legal trouble. He is under police surveillance and waiting for the final verdict.

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Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB, Arrested

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB is arrested for a shocking cause. The 52-year-old individual hailing from Kenya has found himself in the clutches of the Law.

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB
Leonard Thuo Mwithiga is in the headlines of news magazines for conspiring to kill his wife. (Source: Instagram)

The Connecticut state police executed an arrest on the KCB manager. The arrest transpired on Monday, December 4, 2023.

A confidential informant, discreetly identified as an Uber driver, approached state authorities with critical information. It was just two days before Thuo’s arrest.

The informant’s revelations pertained to Mwithiga’s alleged efforts to request aid in carrying out an evil plan. It was mainly about hiring a hitman.

Moreover, the Uber driver quickly informed the police authorities regarding Leonard’s plan. He was arrested before he could plot and execute his plan.

The circumstances surrounding Thuo’s arrest highlight a complex and potentially dangerous situation. It unravels a web of accusations that involve a deeply troubled interpersonal relationship.

Leonard’s arrest came as a piece of traumatizing news for his close ones. Additionally, the allegations made the unfolding situation even more complicated.

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Leonard Thuo Mwithiga Hired Hitman To Kill Wife

The narrative surrounding Leonard’s KCB ex-manager takes a chilling turn. He stands accused of attempting to contract a hitman to carry out a heinous act against his wife.

A comprehensive police investigation has shed light on disturbing details of the case. Moreover, Mwithiga allegedly had conversations with a confidential informant during multiple Uber rides.

Within the conversation, Thuo referred to his wife as “evil.” Furthermore, he broached the subject of terminating her life.

The alleged discussions ventured into injecting substance to induce a slow and agonizing demise. The Uber driver overheard Mwithiga’s conversation.

The charges against Leonard paint a disturbing picture of domestic turmoil. Also, the conflict spiraled into an alleged conspiracy of grave consequences.

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Charges On Leonard Thuo Mwithiga

The legal saga surrounding Leonard Thuo unfolds with a series of charges. It stemmed from his alleged involvement in a plot to inflict harm upon his wife.

Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB
The Police arrested Leonard Thuo Mwithiga KCB for a serious allegation. (Source: Pulse Kenya)

Court documents meticulously detail instances where the KCB manager sought the aid of a confidential informant, believed to be an Uber driver, in his pursuit of finding a hitman.

The Charges encompass serious offenses. It includes solicitation of murder, as Thuo is accused of actively attempting to engineer the death of his wife.

The court proceedings are expected to go into the depth of Mwithiga’s troubled relationship. It explores claims of mental instability, abuse, and a history of coercive tactics performed by the accused.

The legal procedures await the unfolding of a case. It is expected to understand the gravity of domestic conflict that turns into the potential occurrence of a crime.

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