Leomie Anderson Transgender: Sexuality Partner And Dating History

Leomie Anderson Transgender

The question “Is Leomie Anderson Transgender?” has been most searched online recently. Leomie Anderson is an activist and a model.

Leomie Jasmin Francis Anderson is a British model, TV host, and advocate in the fashion industry.

She has appeared in four consecutive Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows from 2015 to 2018 and earned the Victoria’s Secret Angel title in 2019.

Anderson was also recognized in 2020 by Forbes in their ’30 Under 30′ list for the art and culture category.

Her modeling journey commenced at 14 when she was scouted, initiating her career in the industry.

At 17, she secured her first catwalk show with Marc Jacobs, establishing herself as one of the designer’s favored models.

Furthermore, the model has walked for various reputable brands, including Giorgio Armani, Fenty, Puma, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

Additionally, Leomie appeared on the reality show The Model Agency on Channel 4 in 2011.

In 2016, Anderson established the LAPP blog, later renamed LAPP Magazine.

The magazine aimed to raise awareness of women’s mental health, rights, and body consciousness.

Further, as a women’s rights activist, she has given TEDx Talks and delivered speeches at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

She has also fearlessly voiced her concerns about racial discrimination prevalent in the modeling industry.

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Is Leomie Anderson Transgender? Sexuality Explored

People want to know if Leomie Anderson transgender rumor is true, as her sexuality remains undisclosed.

Although the supermodel is quite renowned in her field of work professionally, people are intrigued to know her personal life.

Despite her sexuality being private and undisclosed, no media outlets or online portals have covered the Leomie Anderson transgender news and updates.

Further, she has also never identified herself as a transgender person.

Leomie Anderson Transgender
Rumors regarding Leomie Anderson transgender is not addressed by the model. (Source: Instagram)

Hence, the Leomie Anderson transgender rumor may have started somewhere without any relevancy.

Further, it is not her sexuality that has made her a fan favorite but her constant advocacy for women’s rights and her talent.

Leomie Anderson Partner details

As of 2023, the supermodel and women’s activist Leomie Anderson is dating Lancey Foux.

The two started dating in 2016 and have remained together ever since.

Lancey Foux is a British rapper and singer hailing from Stratford.

The power couple have also done modeling together for various campaigns.

Leomie Anderson Transgender
Leomie Anderson and her boyfriend. (Source: DailyMail)

They have attended many notable events together, including the Wimbledon Tennis Championships as well.

Foux has also appeared in the #OwnTheTable dinner and panel hosted by Leomie Anderson and Ray BLK at Soho House in 2020.

Furthermore, the couple is spotted together frequently by the paparazzi.

Hence, the Victoria’s Secret model is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and is very in love with him.

Leomie Anderson dating history

As Leomie Anderson has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Lancey Fox for over six years, tracking her dating history before that is quite challenging.

The supermodel has also not extensively shared details about her romantic relationships in the past.

Her dating history before her relationship with Fox is unknown, as the model might have dated someone with a low profile.

Moreover, as a prominent figure in the fashion industry, she has garnered attention for her professional achievements rather than her personal life.

Leomie Anderson Transgender
Leomie Anderson’s dating history is private. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she uses her social platform to raise awareness and promote positive change rather than giving snippets of her personal life.

While Leomie’s dating history may not be widely publicized, her focus on making a difference in the fashion and activism spheres is well known.

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