Leah Weckert Salary: How Much She Earns As Coles CEO

Leah Weckert Salary

Leah Weckert is the driven CEO of Coles Group. Her impressive earnings indicate she is a millionaire, reflecting her remarkable rise from a teenage pharmacy assistant to a top executive.

Leah Wickert is the CEO and Managing Director of Coles Group. She took on the role in May 2023.

With a strong background in both retail and finance, Leah has been a pivotal figure in Coles since joining in 2011.

Weckert has held various senior positions within the company, including Chief Executive of Commercial and Express, where she led the supermarkets and Coles Express Businesses.

Before Coles, Leah worked at McKinsey & Company and Foster’s Group, gaining valuable experience advising large clients and business strategies.

She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an engineering and science degree from Adelaide University.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Leah cherishes spending time with her husband and two children.

Weckert leadership at Coles is marked by her extensive experience, strategic vision, and commitment to driving the company’s success.

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Leah Weckert Salary

Leah Weckert’s salary highlights her value in her renowned company.

Leah Weckert Salary
Leah Weckert is the CEO of Coles Group. (Source: Instagram)

The CEO and Managing Director of Coles Group receives an annual compensation package totaling AU $3.30 million.

This comprises a salary component of 35.1 % and bonuses, including company stock and options, making up the remaining 64.9%.

Additionally, the CEO holds a direct ownership stake in the company, amounting to 0.026% of its shares, valued at AU $5.51 million.

Despite the leader’s relatively short tenure of less than a year in her current role, her compensation reflects her extensive experience and leadership capabilities within the retail sector.

Notably, her salary falls below the average for CEOs of comparable companies in the Australian market, highlighting Coles Group’s commitment to responsible executive remuneration.

The alignment between compensation and performance focuses on Leah’s integral role in driving the company’s success and her vested interest in its long-term growth.

How Much Leah Weckert Earn as Coles CEO?

Leah Weckert, the Coles Group’s first female CEO, assumed her role on May 1, with a base salary of $2 million annually plus various incentives.

Leah Weckert Salary
Leah Weckert is a millionaire. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Weckert has been a critical figure at Coles since 2011, serving in several high-level positions, including CFO. 

Coels, one of Australia’s top 20 companies, faces challenges with inflation driving up supermarket prices, although there are early indications of a potential decrease in food costs.

Outgoing CEO Steven Cain leaves a legacy of steering Coles through significant events, including its demerger from Wesfarneres and navigating pandemic-related disruptions.

Despite these challenges, Coles recently reported a solid net profit increase of 11.4 % for the six months ending in December.

Shareholders will benefit from a 9.1 % increase in interim dividends. Weckert’s compensation reflects her substantial responsibilities and experience within the company.

Leah Weckert Wealth

Leah Weckert’s wealth has not been publicly disclosed in detail, but based on her substantial earnings as the CEO of Coles and her long tenure in the company, it is safe to assume she is a millionaire.

Also, the businesswoman began her journey at Coles at the young age of twenty-two and has diligently climbed the corporate ladder through her hard work and discipline.

Despite facing challenges such as scoliosis during her teenage years, the CEO of Coles persevered and maintained a disciplined lifestyle, which contributed to her success.

She prioritizes work and personal time in her daily routine, ensuring she spends quality moments with her family and indulges in her interests, such as watching periodic drama shows.

Leah’s dedication to her career and ability to overcome adversity highlight her strong work ethic and determination.

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