Is Patrick Gibson Gay – What Is His Sexuality? Partner Parents And Family

Patrick Gibson Gay

Is Patrick Gibson gay or not? This question has buzzed through a lot of people’s minds. Now let’s dive deep into the actor’s life and his sexuality, of course.

Patrick Leo Kenny-Gibson is an Irish actor well-renowned for his role in the drama series “The OA” as Steve Winchell, “Before We Die,” and in his famous movie named “What Richard Did” as Jake Galvin back in 2012.

2017 IFTAs, the Irish actor was awarded as Rising Star. Also, he is out with the 2nd season of The OA, which is premiering this March. Fans are getting all excited about it.

Making his acting debut in 2002 in a short movie, “Bye Bye Inkhead,” Patrick has come a long since then. In 2016 he studied Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin but couldn’t continue due to his cast in The OA.

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The heartthrob actor Patrick Gibson sexuality

Now the answer for all the people aching to know is Patrick Gibson gay or straight. Well, the simple answer is No, he’s not homosexual.

Patrick Gibson Gay
Patrick at the gas station refueling his Mustang droptop. (Source: Instagram)

The actor is recognized for his charming personality and significant achievement throughout his acting career, which has helped him create a considerable fanbase. And with a vast fanbase comes enormous assumptions.

We’ve been unsuccessful in finding statements and sources saying the actor is gay. However, we’ve some information regarding his girlfriend, and it seems they are made for each other.

Girlfriend of Patrick Gibson

The Irish actor has been in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Joanna Kuchta. These two lovebirds have been together since the early 2017s.

Joanna was born on April 28, 1996, in Gdansk, Poland is an Instagram influencer and a model. She started her modeling journey back when she was 14.

In 2014, Kuchta moved to Ireland after living in Poland for 13 years. She started as a fashion blogger but stopped posting due to her school.

Patrick Gibson Gay
The lovely couple during the Halloween party. (Source: Instagram)

The influencer has been represented by Model 1 and, in early 2017, got featured by Paper Mag. She’s got about a million followers on Instagram today.

The couple has posted photos of them being together on their Instagram posts and seems to enjoy each other’s company. You can spot them together in parks, fashion shows, and big parties.

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Patrick Gibson Parents and Family

Patrick Gibson was born on April 19, 1995, in central London. His dad was also an actor and was once the Notting Hill Carnival during the British Black Power movement. His mother worked in marketing and promotions.

During the Irish Film Board Rising star Award in 2017, the actor thanked his mom and dad for being supportive in whatever he does throughout his success. He seems to have an incredible bond with his family.

The Gibson family is originally from Irland, and Patrick’s parents gave birth to him in London. After the family returned to Irland, they lived in Greystones, Stillorgan, and Donnybrook.

Patrick Gibson Gay
Patrick is in his hometown enjoying his time with his family dog. (Source: Instagram)

The 27-year-old has come a long way in his acting journey, and having a supportive family also helped him reach the borders of success. As mentioned before, both his parents worked in the entertainment industry. The OA actor has roots and plenty of knowledge in acting, and he believes he inherited it from his parents.

The OA star has also won the Gold Lion Award: Acting & Performance at the 2016s London Film Awards. Due to him and his fantastic cast members, the movie and tv series the actor has participated in has been nominated for and collected several awards.

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