Is Laura Clery Pregnant? Children And Husband Stephen Hilton

Laura Clery pregnant

Amidst widespread speculation, whether Laura Clery is expecting a child has become a topic of interest, sparking curiosity and inquiries about her pregnancy status.

Laura Clery, a prominent actress, social media influencer, and comedian, captivates audiences with her dynamic sketches and relatable vlogs documenting her daily life.

Boasting a staggering following of over twenty-two million on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, her content has amassed an astounding ten billion views.

Beyond her digital presence, the actress is also an accomplished author, penning the acclaimed books “Idiot” and “Idiots.”

With her versatile talents, she has firmly established herself as a cherished entertainment and social media figure.

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Is Laura Clery pregnant?

A prominent social media personality, Laura Clery, has been the subject of ongoing speculation and rumors about a potential pregnancy.

However, in a recent video titled “Pregnant,” posted on September 2, 2023, on her YouTube channel, she addressed these rumors and clarified that she is not currently pregnant.

The video featured a discussion about pregnancy and children with another social media figure named Manon.

Laura Clery pregnant
Speculations about her pregnancy surround Laura Clery. (Source: Instagram)

Although the video’s title may have inadvertently fueled the rumors, Clery was transparent in addressing the matter directly with her audience.

Furthermore, one of the comedian’s recent Instagram posts featuring Manon visibly pregnant may have intensified speculation surrounding Clery’s pregnancy.

Her candid approach to discussing various topics, including pregnancy, highlights her commitment to being open and transparent with her followers.

The actress has not disclosed any plans regarding pregnancy on her social media platforms, suggesting that her current focus remains on her career and content creation endeavors.

Therefore, this clears up any misunderstandings regarding her pregnancy status.

Laura Clery Children

Laura Clery is a devoted mother to her two children, Alfred Sound Hilton and Penelope.

Alfred, fondly referred to as Alfie, was born on April 20, 2019, while Penelope entered the world on March 30, 2021.

Alfie’s journey began with a diagnosis of severe autism, classified as “Level 3,” signifying considerable challenges in verbal and nonverbal social communication skills.

Despite these hurdles, the actress fiercely advocates Alfie, highlighting his unique abilities and tirelessly promoting understanding and acceptance of autism.

Laura Clery pregnant
Laura Clery is pictured alongside her daughter, Penelope. (Source: Instagram)

Through her social media presence, she offers glimpses into the loving bond she shares with her children, capturing heartwarming moments that resonate with her followers.

The comedian’s commitment to her children’s well-being shines through her advocacy efforts.

She shares tender moments, fostering community and supporting families navigating similar experiences.

The actress’ openness and love for her children inspire others, fostering greater awareness and compassion for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Laura Clery husband Stephen Hilton

Stephen Hilton, Laura Clery’s spouse, is a distinguished English composer, record producer, YouTuber, and influencer in the music industry.

With a prolific career spanning film scores, music production, and collaborations with renowned artists, he has significantly impacted the entertainment world.

Hilton’s work has been featured in numerous Hollywood films and animations, including popular franchises like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Madagascar.”

He co-founded “Idiots Inc.,” a digital media company with the actress, focusing on producing viral entertainment content and television shows.

Laura Clery pregnant
Laura Clery openly discussed her divorce from Stephen Hilton in a YouTube video. (Source: Distractify)

Despite their professional success, the social media influencer and Stephen Hilton separated after ten years of marriage.

Initially, they denied any split, but later, she openly discussed issues within their marriage on her podcast, “Idiot.”

She cited her ex-husband’s refusal to make lifestyle changes, especially regarding drug use, as impacting their mental health and the well-being of their children.

The former couple discussed their divorce in a 45-minute YouTube video and podcast episode, expressing their intention to co-parent and maintain mutual respect.

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