Who Is Lalie Schuster, Leon Schuster Wife? Age Gap And Kids

Leon Schuster Wife

Who was Leon Schuster wife, Lalie Schuster? The couple separated their ways after facing some complications and challenges in their marriage.

Leon Schuster is a South African Filmmaker, comedian, actor, prankster, and singer. Leon has worked at the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

The actor created a radio series called “Vrypostige Mikrofoon.” The show involved disguising his voice and making prank phone calls.

Furthermore, Leon ventured into music releasing albums that became quite famous.

One of his albums “Hier Kom Die Bokke” received an award for being the biggest-selling CD in 1995.

Schuster gained significant fame for his films. One of his successful movies is “Mr. Bones,” which earned the biggest amount at the South African box office.

Moreover, Leon collaborated with the Walt Disney Company for a movie called “Mad Buddies,” though it didn’t receive a great review.

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Who Is Lalie Schuster, Leon Schuster Wife?

Leon Schuster the South African Entertainer was once married to a  woman named Lalie Schuster. They had four children together during their marriage.

Leon Schuster wife
Leon Schuster had four kids with his ex-wife Lalie Schuster. (Source: South African)

However, the couple faced difficulties in their relationship. And they eventually got divorced in 1999 which means the duo officially ended their marriage.

There isn’t much detailed information regarding the exact reason behind their divorce. However, the two often associate with each other for their children’s sake.

During their marriage, Leon’s ex-wife, Lalie played the role of a doting wife and a caring mother. Further, she also supported Leon in his career.

After his divorce from Lalie Schuster, Leon was connected romantically to a younger woman named Leane du Plessis. 

Later, he entered into a relationship with Amanda Coetzee who worked in real estate in 2014. Despite their significant age gap, the two were together as a couple.

Unfortunately, this relationship ended in 2021, signifying that they decided to stop being romantically involved.

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Leon Schuster Kids

Leon Schuster has four kids with his ex-wife Lalie. Despite their separation, their children have grown up to become a great human.

Leon Schuster’s children from his marriage with Lalie are Leande, Ernest, Lelani, and Rachelle. His children are happily married and with kids.

Leon has become a grandfather meaning his children have started their own families. He recently welcomed his sixth grandchild.

Leon Schuster Wikipedia
Leon Schuster recently welcomed his grandchildren. (Source: South African)

The comedian, Leo, hasn’t revealed much about his kids. Apart from his frequent posts with his grandkids and his son Ernest Schuster, he prefers to keep them out of the public eye.

From his Instagram account, it is evident that he has a great relationship with his kids. Analyzing his social media, he follows his kids on Instagram which signifies their bonds.

Though Leon’s Children’s Instagram accounts are private, we can assume that they are doing quite well in their lives separately.

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Net Worth Of Leon Schuster

Leon Schuster is a famous person from South Africa. He does many things, like making movies, acting, making people laugh, and singing.

He has a net worth of around $3 million. Recently in 2018, Leon produced a South African Buddy comedian adventure film named “Frank and Fearless”.

Furthermore, he has been in several movies like “You Must Be Joking,” Schucks Schuster,” and soon. His most successful film is “Mr. Bones.”

Leon Schuster is a well-respected movie maker from South Africa. His net worth combines his work in acting, movie-making, and singing.

Leon has been in the entertainment industry for decades. So, it is quite evident that he has a whopping net worth.

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