David Castor Crime Scene Photos: Murder Case Update

David Castor crime scene photos and murder case

People search for David Castor crime scene photos and are eager to learn about the case. Let’s reveal if the victim’s wife’s life is a pattern of violence. 

Murder-accused wife Stacey Castor’s case is one of the country’s unique and mysterious cases to watch out for since the story has terrified everyday citizens since day one. 

Reportedly, victim David Castor’s wife, Stacey Castor, 48, was charged with second-degree murder. Reportedly, she killed her husband.

Castor was found guilty on 5 February 2009 of her husband’s poisoning death and attempted second-degree murder for overdosing with antifreeze. As per the sources, she planned the murder for months.

Also, new findings show that David Castor was her second husband.

And she even tried to kill her own daughter Ashley Wallace in a plot to pin his murder on her.

Further, as we dive into details about the aggravated murder and acts of David Castor’s wife, we can’t miss learning about his backstory.

So, get a detailed overview & insight into the case and trending headlines. 

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David Castor Crime Scene Photos

Many sources have either blurred or not released high-resolution pictures of the murder victim David Castor’s crime scene.

Big media outlets, including ABC News, have also released some photos of Castor’s drinks, which the authorities took for investigation.

Moreover, Forensic Files and Oxygen released censored pictures revealing the poisoned drinks.

Similarly, ABC unveiled a documentary on Black Widow Stacey Castor, who murdered her two husbands. 

David Castor crime scene photos
David Castor crime scene photos. (Source: ABC News)

Similarly, other media sources have covered the horrific incident and reported that after killing her two husbands, she tried to frame it on her own daughter, killing her in the process.

Reportedly, the daughter managed to flag down help as she rampaged through the house.

As mentioned earlier, the daughter managed to escape death, alert the authorities to what was happening and asked for help, who arrived moments after the killings.

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David Castor Murder Case Update 

As the court’s hearing mentioned, David Castor tied the knot with Stacey in 2003. She took his surname from that point forward. 

Castor owned an air conditioning installation and repair company. There, he hired Stacey to serve as his office manager. 

David Castor murder case
David Castor was found dead in his bedroom. (Source: ABC News)

In August 2005, in the afternoon, his wife called a local sheriff’s office to inform them that her husband had locked himself in their bedroom after an argument.

She added that David was not responding to his cell phone. David did not appear at their shared workplace; she claimed he was depressed.

Failing to get a response, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Robert Willoughby kicked in the bedroom door and found David Castor’s dead body.

Among other items near the crime scene were an antifreeze container and a half glass of bright green liquid.

Authorities initially reported David Castor had committed suicide through a self-administered lethal dose of antifreeze.

However, upon further investigation, police found Stacey’s fingerprints on the antifreeze glass and David’s DNA on the tip.

The authorities then kept Stacey’s name on the suspect list as she had engineered her husband’s death. 

The detectives learned about the case and ordered wiretappings on Castor’s house. They tapped on phone calls for any unusual conversations.

Moreover, they set up cameras overlooking Castor’s house and gravesites.

The investigators soon detected a way to prove Castor’s wife responsible for both homicides.

Eventually, they exhumed her previous husband Wallace’s body.

Finally, a toxicology screening ruled that Wallace was also killed in a similar process through antifreeze poisoning.

According to the case, the events unfolded like a scene in a horror movie.

Sergeant Robert Willoughby remembered that Stacey screamed, “He’s not dead, he’s not dead.”

Even as the woman attempts to stand up to her criminal tormentors, her dreadful sins cannot be justified.

The story, with its narrative, played out like a crime thriller, but sadly the story is true.

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