Kirsten Kluyts Family: Pregnant At Murder, Suspect Bafana Mahungela Now

Kirsten Kluyts Family

The secrecy surrounding Kirsten Kluyts family has disturbed many, leaving them curious to unveil her murder case and the circumstances leading to the suspect’s arrest. 

Unfortunately, Johannesburg teacher Kirsten Kluyts’ dead, undressed body was discovered on a dam in George Lea Park in late October 2023.

The 21-year-old college fresher remains a prime suspect in the horrific case. Likewise, he faces a charge of premeditated murder and rape.

Moreover, the suspect maintains his innocence, revealing he merely stumbled upon her body. Besides, the accused appears in a bail application and says he did not rape or murder the teacher.

Furthermore, the 21-year-old suspect stated to the court that he removed and took her clothes as he panicked and thought his fingerprints were all over them.

Seeing the severity of the case and substantial evidence, the state has opposed the suspect’s release on bail.

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Kirsten Kluyts Family Mourns Her Loss

Johannesburg teacher Kirsten Kluyts’s family is desperate to find their daughter’s culprit.

As suggested by several media reports, the Johannesburg teacher’s family hired a private investigator to look into the severe murder case. 

Moreover, according to various official sources, including SABC News on YouTube, Kluyts was participating in the MyRun Race when she was killed.

Kirsten Kluyts Family
Kirsten Kluyts Family: The victim, Johannesburg teacher’s close ones hired private investigators to look into the severe case. (Source: News 24)

As the murder case is too sensitive, fewer details are available regarding Kirsten Kluyts family. Only details regarding the case have been made available to the public domain.

Perhaps details regarding the victim’s family and parents will be released to the public once the case is verified and the accused is proven guilty. 

Besides, the family has lost their daughter recently and finds themselves in the most terrifying situation. Hence, their privacy should be respected. 

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Kirsten Kluyts Was Pregnant While Murdered

The state claimed that the victim was pregnant when she was killed. Moreover, the 21-year-old suspect reportedly knew Kirsten Kluyts and that she was pregnant.

Moreover, all the evidence, including CCTV footage, hints towards the 21-year-old college student being involved in his teacher’s rape and murder case.

As stated by the suspect, the 21-year-old said he took Kirsten Kluyts’ belongings (clothes) because he thought his fingerprints were on them.

The suspect who is accused of Kirsten Kluyts’ murder has denied being involved in the death. Besides, he admitted to coming across the Johannesburg teacher’s dead body.

Moreover, the accused appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court for a bail application on 18 December 2023. 

Kirsten Kluyts Murder Suspect Bafana Mahungela Latest Update

21-year-old Bafana Mahungela is accused of the Johannesburg teacher Kirsten Kluyts’ murder and rape. 

Reportedly, he is 21 years old and is a Varsity College student. Currently, Mahungela faces charges of rape, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and premeditated murder in connection to Kluyts’ death.

However, the suspect continued his bail bid on Monday. Similarly, his bail hearing continues in the Alexandra magistrate’s court on 19 December 2023.

Furthermore, the suspect was arrested at a student residence in Sandton shortly after the Johannesburg teacher’s death.

Moreover, all the evidence and CCTV clips hint towards the 21-year-old student being involved in his teacher’s rape and murder.

Kirsten Kluyts Murder Case Update
Kirsten Kluyts Family: The accused’s mother has faced declining health since her son’s arrest in a severe murder and rape case. (Source: YouTube)

In addition, as suggested by The Citizen, the suspected adult broke down in tears as he learned about a doctor’s letter mentioning the condition of his mother’s declining health since his arrest.

Responding to the query, “Are you emotional?” the suspect replied:

Yes, she is my mother.

However, the report has not mentioned any details or names of the accused and his mother, maintaining secrecy until the severe case is verified.

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