Khalil Azad Autopsy Photos, Robbinsdale Man Killed By Police Case Details And Bio

Khalil Azad Autopsy Photos

Case of the young Robbinsdale man, Khalil Azad autopsy photos has caused an upstir over social media showing the horrific reality of Police brutality.

The mysterious case of Khalil Azad had been surging since last summer and finally, some shocking insight into the case has left people speechless and absolutely furious.

 Family and community members of Robbinsdale, Minnesota are questioning and asking the area’s official law enforcement to take accountability for Khalil Azad’s death.

Thursday night at Crystal Lake, Robbinsdale, a candlelight vigil was set for Khalil from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, where his dead body was found.

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Khalil Azad Autopsy Photos Robbinsdale Man Killed By Police

On July 2, 2022, Khalil Azad was pulled over by the Robbinsdale Police Department. He fled into the woods of Crystal Lake at a traffic stop away from the police officers.

Azad was unarmed, however, he had a warrant and past experience of police brutality from the Robbinsdale Police Department. Khalil was chased by several police officers and packs of K-9s. The poor man ran for his life.

However, 3 days later on July 5th, 2022, a homeless man found the dead body floating upside down on the shores of Crystal Lake.

Khalil Azad Autopsy Photos
A condolence post in the memories of Khalil Azad. (Source: Instagram)

Later that day, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office examined the body and identified it was Khalil Azad.

Later the examiner listed that the death was caused by freshwater drowning. However, Khalil Azad autopsy photos suggest otherwise.

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Khalil Azad Case Details

Khalil Azad autopsy photos showed the gruesome image of him and the length of police brutality.

The autopsy reports show beating bruises all over his face and body. The victim’s body was completely decomposed in the autopsy pictures.

Khalil’s jaws are completely dislocated, and his nose and back are completely shattered. The pictures also show his dreadlocks ripped off from his scalp including his eyes.

The victim’s family concluded the medical examination reports are manipulated as Khalil knew how to swim and more importantly a 6-foot man could never drown in a shallow 2 feet of water.

People are comparing this incident to BLM Minnesota activists of Emit Till, Tyree Nichols, and Rodney King including several other countless victims tortured in the United States by the police.

The BLM Minnesota community is asking to release all the body-cam footage and prosecutions of the officers and medical examiners involved resulting in Khalil Azad’s death.

Who Was Khalil Azad? Age And Bio

Khalil Azad was a normal 24-year-old citizen who used to live in Robbinsdale, Minnesota with his family and parents. He also left behind a daughter named Kai’lani Queen Azad.

Khalil Azad Autopsy Photos
People posted the recent mishappening over social media for Khalil Azad’s justice. (Source: Instagram)

Several people have taken it to social media after seeing the pictures. Which includes her wife Montress Azad too.

Montress took over on Instagram saying “The police brutality beat my baby’s father Khalil Azad and threw him in the river.” Their daughter was just two months old before her dad died.

The Azad family members are heartbroken by the loss of their son and terrified of the police. They are also demanding prosecutions and investigations inside the Robbinsdale police department and medical examiner. Minnesota teen activists are also supporting the Azad family.

They are also demanding to release of the dashcam footage and the suspension of K-9 police dogs. 

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  1. Robert Foster, Thank you for stating the obvious. Also, Khalil was involved in a front end car crash. If he wasn’t (or was) wearing a seat belt, he probably had bruises and injuries from the accident.

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