Colin Kaepernick Net Worth : Career & Books

An American football player and civil rights activist, Colin Kaepernick, has $20 million.

He plays a quarterback position in American Football and is currently a free agent.

Colin was born on November 3, 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

An athletic and mobile quarterback, Kaepernick went to Reno’s University of Nevada, where he started playing football.

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick was drafted to The San Francisco 49ers in 2011, and he led the San Franciso to Super Bowl XLVII finals in less than two years.

Moreover, he holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a single game by a quarterback, with 181 rushing yards.

Furthermore, Colin Kaepernick is one brave footballer who never fails to speak up for civil rights and justice.

In fact, he once knelt during the national anthem at the start of NFL games in protest of police brutality and racial inequality in the United States.

Although he has been a free agent since 2017, he has earned so much respect from people.

In fact, he definitely deserves appreciation for his bravery, personality, and charity works.

Similarly, he has established a foundation named “Know Your Rights” in 2016.

Quick Facts

Let us look at some quick facts about NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick

Name Colin Rand Kaepernick
Birthdate November 3, 1987
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Age 36Years Old
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Race/Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Father’s Name Rick Kaepernick
Mother’s Name Teresa Kaepernick
High School John H. Pitman High School
College University of Nevada
Height 6 feet 4 inch
Weight 104kg (230 lbs)
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Light Brown
Residence San Jose, California
Net Worth $20 million
Pass Completion Percentage 59.8%
Touchdown(TD) and Interception(INT) 72 TD and 30 INT
Rushing Yards 2,300
Rushing touchdowns 13
Profession American Footballer, Civil Rights Activist
Affiliation National Football League (NFL), Know Your Rights foundation
Kids None
Jersey Number 7 (San Francisco 49ers) & 10(Nevada Wolf Pack)
Marital Status Married
Wife Nessa Diab
Position Quarterback
Awards 2 times WAC Offensive Player of the Year
Merch Jersey, Autographed Items 
Social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update July, 2024

Lifestyle and Vacation


Colin Kaepernick was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick when he was 5 weeks old.

Although he was adopted, he received immense love and care.

Further, Colin’s parents supported him and even encouraged him to play football since childhood.

Moreover, He spent the early years of his childhood in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin,

Then, he moved to Turlock, California, with his family at the age of four.

As a college football player, he has been consistently ranked as one of the best college quarterbacks in the United States.

Aside from being a football player, Kaepernick is also a civil rights activist.

Similarly, He has been raising his voice against the brutal assault of police and racial discrimination.


Colin Kaepernick is gregarious and ventures out to Africa often.

In July 2017, American football player Colin Kaepernick took a trip to Ghana, where he spent his Fourth July holiday.

Likewise, he was accompanied by NFL star Marquise Goodwin on this tour and traveled to Edfu and Aswan, Egypt.

Both players were seen wearing the traditional cloth of Edfu and Aswan, Egypt.

Moreover, he thinks that the Fourth of July celebration is a celebration of white people’s supremacy over black and brown communities.

Houses, Cars, Watches, and Jewelry


In 2014 NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick bought a home in Jose, California, for $2.7 million.

Further, this home was renovated and upgraded to a two-story house.

Colin Kaepernick's San Jose, California home
Colin Kaepernick’s San Jose, California, home

This luxurious house covered nearly 4,600 square feet of living space and has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a cinema hall.

Moreover, it has a wall aquarium, a full bar, a pool, a spa, and a waterfall feature.

In July 2016, Collin bought a 1,733 square foot house in Manhattan, New York City, for $3.2 million.

Furthermore, this house has a two-bedroom swimming pool, gym room, and garage.

Eventually, he has sold this house to the same family that bought Collin’s home in San Jose, California.


Former NFL car is a down-to-earth person and doesn’t fancy buying many cars.

However, Kaepernick has a stylish sportscar red Jaguar F-type car which cost about $61,600.

Colin Kaepernick with his Jaguar F type
Colin Kaepernick with his Jaguar F type

Likewise, He has a luxury SUV, Range Rover, which has an estimated price of $92,000.

Watches and Jewelry

Collin Kaepernick loves wearing lavishing watches as well as shiny, gorgeous jewelry.

Further, the NFL free agent Kaepernick wears the Swiss Luxury watch, Black Magic Hublot, which costs $13,400.

During the Met Gala in 2019, Kaepernick covered himself with fancy jewelry he wore a quadruple of gold aquatic-themed rings (a crab, a shell, a catfish)

Investments, Endorsement, & Book publications

Investments & Endorsement

Former NFL quarterback Colin has been making several investments to support his foundation and several other racism causes.

Colin has recently invested in the Wall Street Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).

In 2011, during his rookie career, Kaepernick signed a seven-year endorsement deal with Nike.

Colin Kaepernick, the face of Nike's Just Do It Campaign
Colin Kaepernick, the face of Nike’s Just Do It Campaign

The discussion of Kaepernick’s action over the protest against police brutality led Nike to not use Kaepernick in any of their advertisements from 2016 to 2018

However, Nike supported Kaepernick’s protest and later in 2018 renewed a contract with NFL free agent Kaepernick.

Moreover, in June 2019 Nike released a special edition Nike jersey of Kaepernick which sold out in less than 24 hours.

Likewise, Kaepernick has several other endorsement deals, including Beats By Dre headphones, McDonald’s, Jaguar, Electronic Arts, and Muscle Pharm.

According to different sources, Kaepernick makes $3 million per year from endorsement deals during the peak of his career.

Book publications

There have been several books published portraying the inspirational personality of Colin Kaepernick.

A famous author Eric Braun wrote and published a biography of Colin Kaepernick.

The book is entitled Colin Kaepernick: From Free Agent to Change Agent.

This book delineates how Kaepernick has evolved himself from being a player to an activist who is fighting to change the nation.

Colin Kaepernick’s Career

Collin Kaepernick went to the University of Nevada and played college football for the Nevada Wolf Pack.

He received several awards during his college football and was twice named the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Offensive Player of the Year.

He became the only player in the history of NCAA Division I to make 10,000 pass yards and 4,000 rush yards in a career.

Further, Colin was drafted by the National League baseball team, Chicago Cubs, in 2009.

In fact, he turned down the MLB offer to continue playing football.

After Colin graduated in 2011, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

However, the following season Collins was the first-choice quarterback for the 49ers.

Colins was performed exceptionally in NFL 2012 and led San Franscios 49ers to their first Super bowl since 1994.

During the 2013 season, Kaepernick started every match for the 49ers and helped the team to the NFC Championship Game.

In the pre-season game in 2016, Kaepernick knelt during the U.S. national anthem before the game, rather than standing and showing respect to the country.

Colin knelt to U.S. national anthem
Colin knelt to U.S. national anthem.

Furthermore, he knelt in protest against police brutal assault, racial discrimination, civil rights oppression in the USA.

As a matter of fact, he kneeled for the rest of the NFL 2016 season during the U.S. national anthem.

Moreover, His action received a highly contradictory reaction, with some condemning his protest while others praised him for his bravery.

Likewise, then President Donald Trump utterly stated NFL owners to fire players who kneeled during U.S. Anthem.

After the 2017 season, Kaepernick became a free agent and hasn’t been signed by any NFL team.

As of May 2021, he remains unsigned by any professional football team.

Charity Works & Foundation

Colin Kaepernick has spent the past five years working for different charities and organizations.

Further NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick is the founder of the “Know your Right Camps” charity in 2016.

Colin with his Foundation's T-shirt
Colin with his Foundation’s T-shirt on

This organization aims to work for freedom, education, self-empowerment, and well-being of Black and Brown communities.

Moreover,  this charity donated more than $1.8 million to help Black and brown communities.

Know Your Rights Camp has recently donated $800,000 to the Covid relief campaign and Black Youth Project.

Furthermore, he donated $25,000 for the Black Veterans For Social Justice

Likewise, Kaepernick has been involved in different fundraising events to support black communities.

He has indulged himself in many organizations, including Mothers Against Police Brutality, Black Youth Project, 350 Global Environmental Organization.

Some Interesting fact about Colin Kaepernick

  • Colin Kaepernick was a brilliant student and completed high school with a grade point average of 4.0.
  • There is no doubt Colin Kaepernick is a very skilled football player. However, he is really good at baseball and was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2009.
  • Moreover, Harvard Univesity Awarded Him with W.E.B. Du Bois medal for his contribution to African and African American culture.


What does Colin Kaepernick do for a living?

Colin Kaepernick is a former NFL player who is currently a free agent. Moreover, He is currently working as a Civil Rights Activist.

What happened with Colin Kaepernick?

During a preseason game of San Francisco in 2016, Colin opted to kneel during U.S. national anthem.

Moreover, this action led him to be unsigned by any NFL team as former President Donald Trump condemned him.

Why did Colin Kaepernick kneel during the National Anthem?

Kaepernick decided to kneel during U.S. national anthem as a peaceful protest against ongoing brutal assault by police.

Moreover, it was a protest against racial inequality and the domination of Whites over Black people of America.


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