Freelandia Owner: Kenneth Moss Obituary Death Cause And Family

Kenneth Moss Obituary

Kenneth Moss obituary has been trending on the internet after his sudden death. Kenneth was the owner and founder of Freelandia. To know more, read the article below.

Kenneth Moss founded Freelandia at the beginning of 1974. Freelandia was a low-cost counter-culture airline company.

Moreover, Moss used his own money to start Freelandia, and on August 7, 1973, it was officially certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Initially, the company was established as a non-profit with a philanthropic goal. However, the company was shut down a year after its operations.

Kenneth was later charged with fraud and false advertisement by the State of California.

The businessman’s life has been filled with controversy and scandal, which many will remember.

Freelandia Owner: Kenneth Moss Obituary

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about Kenneth Moss’s obituary. It also remains unknown how and at what age he passed away.

However, the Freelandia owner is known for his controversial life. Kenneth faced several lawsuits, one of which was related to Freelandia.

Specifically, he was charged by the State of California for creating false advertising and fraud regarding the operation of Freelandia.

Kenneth Moss Obituary
Picture of the Freelandia airplane. (Source: Pinterest)

Despite being a low-cost airline, Freelandia did not make high sales. As a result, the company had to stop its overseas flights.

In addition to problems with overseas flights, the company was not able to fulfill its domestic flights due to various issues.

Furthermore, Moss used Freelandia to operate his other business ventures. He had made millions of dollars through these ventures, according to DBpedia.

Not to forget, he was also charged with the murder of Robbie McIntosh, drummer of the Average White Band.

Later, the Freelandia owner pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and four years’ probation.

Moss’s life was certainly filled with controversy and legal troubles.

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Kenneth Moss Death Cause

Alas, the cause of Moss’s death still remains a mystery. His family has yet to disclose the truth about his death.

The absence of details surrounding his death has made many people curious. But for now, his death cause remains a mystery.

Kenneth Moss Obituary
Kenneth Moss was rather known for his legal troubles. (Source: The Guardian)

Moss’s family may have wanted to mourn privately without the interference of outsiders.

Ultimately, until further information is shared, his departure circumstances will remain a secret.

We offer our condolences to Moss’s family and friends. We hope he rests in peace.

Kenneth Moss Family Details

There is not much information available about Moss’s family at the moment. It seems that they have intentionally kept their private lives out of the public eye.

Moreover, most of the information about Kenneth focuses on his business and legal issues rather than his family life.

So, information regarding the Freelandia owner remains unknown, leaving little known about his wife, parents, or children.

However, we will update you about Moss’ family as soon as there is information available from credible sources.

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