Kenneth Faried Religion – Is He Muslim? Family And Ethnicity

Kenneth Faried religion family and ethnicity

Faried is an American basketball player. Basketball lovers are eager to learn about his family background. Let’s note that the rumors regarding the pro-American basketball player Kenneth Faried Religion are true.

NBA star Kenneth Bernard Faried Lewis, shortly Kenneth Faried, plays for the Denver Nuggets carrying the team’s #35 jersey as a power forward.

Previously, he played for Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets as a power forward and center.

The elite athlete has made a decent net worth of $4.4 million. Faried is expected to sign a 4-year contract deal worth $50 million.

After consulting with NBA, Denver had to re-work a 5-year deal to 4 years, and this time.

He gets $12.5M perchance to be a free agent, as suggested by Bleacher Report. Reportedly, he received a salary of $2.25 million in 2014.

The American professional basketball player played for several teams, including the Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, and Denver Nuggets.

Meanwhile, Faried made a big name in the NBA as the most shout-out sportsman.

The top-notch player has maintained prolific stats and an impressive scoring rate. Mainly, he presents himself as a power forward.

Moreover, Faried played for the Cangrejeros de Santurce of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional. The team is considered the first-tier basketball league in Puerto Rico.

People also recognize him as the “Manimal” for his talent and hustle on the court.

Before his NBA draft in 2011, he played college basketball. He represented Morehead State University for four years.

He was named the Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year two times. Also, the elite player finished his collegiate career, securing an impressive 1,673 rebounds.

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Kenneth Faried Religion – Is He Muslim? 

NBA’s prolific scorer Kenneth Faried received international recognition for his impressive stats as a power forward.

His career thrived after his NBA draft in 2011, as he was picked 22nd overall by the Denver Nuggets.

Being a famous NBA star, people search for Faried’s religion and public sentiments regarding his beliefs. Reportedly, Faried was born to a Muslim family. 

Kenneth Faried religion
Kenneth Faried rarely revealed his religious sentiments. (Source: NBA)

The Denver Nuggets power forward didn’t necessarily connect to the faith during his initial years. It could be possible that he was disobedient regarding his beliefs.

Faried’s family was perhaps not too diverse regarding religious cultures and values.

According to Andscape, Kenneth Faried was born to a Muslim household in Switzerland. His family roots are originally from the Muslim faith in Turkey. The majority population of the area is Muslim.

However, it is unclear if he still practices his faith as he prioritizes more on his career and stays away from unwanted religious controversies. 

Also, he has rarely mentioned his religious sentiment in extensive media interviews. It could be possible that that player respects all faiths equally. 

Moreover, Faried came from a diverse ethnic culture. He broke all the records, landing in the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2012 and the 2011 NCAA rebounding leader. 

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Kenneth Faried Family And Ethnicity

NBA star Kenneth Faried was born to Waudda Faried and Kenneth Lewis on 19 November 1989. His family lived in Newark, New Jersey, United States, and raised him there. 

Kenneth is close to his mom and sees her as his sole inspiration as she guides him to become a professional athlete.

The former Denver Nuggets star made his mother proud to become a professional athlete. 

According to ESPN, Kenneth grew up seeing his parents fond of basketball. His first tale is about his mom, Waudda Faried, and dad, Kenneth Lewis, as it looked like they weren’t a couple as much as they were basketball buddies. 

Kenneth’s Mother was a star basketball player in high school. Waudda met Faried’s father, Kenneth Lewis, as a co-worker in a Newark warehouse. She was working at a warehouse in Newark, N.J.

Kenneth Faried family
Kenneth Faried proudly accepts his two moms. (Source: ESPN)

However, Faried’s parents were never married, but they would together take their young son, Kenneth, to Newark’s inner-city blacktop. Kenneth took his mother’s last name.

But that doesn’t mean the elite basketball player detached himself from his Father and never refused to add his father’s last name as part of his name. He takes both his parents’ last names to respect them both equally. 

His family admitted him to Technology High School, where he started his school basketball journey. Young Kenneth performed brilliantly in college basketball, receiving notable honors.

Eventually, he attended Morehead State University and began his professional college basketball. Also, the elite player finished his collegiate career as the NCAA all-time leading rebounder. 

Kenneth secured the Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year title two times. Hence, his brilliant display helped him to be drafted in the 2011 NBA Draft.

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