Kathy Kelly Family Ethnicity: Parents Siblings And Husband

Kathy Kelly family

People have noticed Kathy Kelly family background, fueling rumors regarding the singer’s upbringing. 

Kathleen Ann Kelly, stage name Kathy Kelly, is a famous singer, songwriter, and producer. Likewise, she hails from Leominster, Massachusetts.

Kelly is the third child of the musical family group The Kelly Family. Similarly, The Kelly Family served as a multi-generational pop group that achieved success in Europe in the 1990s.

In 1999, Kelly opted for her solo career, releasing her first solo album titled The Best Of Kathy Kelly. Besides, her best album contained five new songs.

While still releasing and touring with the group in the 2000s, Kelly recorded her solo projects, resulting in three more LPs up to date and several singles.

A few of the songs included were new versions of the traditional songs globally previously sung by the group; including”Amazing Grace”, “Old Black Joe”, “Motherless child”, and “The Rose of Tralee.”

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Kathy Kelly Family And Ethnicity

The Kelly Family rose to prominence in their early years as a street band. Likewise, Kathy began playing the violin along with her sibling, Paul.

In 1974, Kathy with her siblings, Caroline, Paul, John, and Patricia, formed The Kelly Kids. Similarly, The Kelly Kids played at children’s parties or in the streets.

Hence, the band was later titled The Kelly Family, as their parents, Dan and Barbara, also joined, followed by her siblings.

After her sister, Caroline, left, Kathy began playing the accordion more often. Moreover, Kathy served as the one who arranged many songs.

Furthermore, Kathy was the first of the siblings to write a song. Besides, she is credited as the writer of Lonely, a song released in 1981, featuring lead vocals from the main vocalist at the time: John, and Papa Dan.

Kathy Kelly Family update
Kathy Kelly Family: The singer can play various instruments, including the violin. (Source: YouTube)

In addition, Kathy was one of the main producers. Also, she has recorded most of the albums between the ’80s and the late ’90s.

In 1994, The Kelly Family became a major hit after the band began selling CDs in shops. Reportedly, their album Over the Hump sold 5 million copies. 

Moreover, this success was followed up by Christmas for All, Almost Heaven, From Their Hearts, and Growin’ Up.

Eventually, Kathy’s son, Sean, also participated in performing vocals on “Dance to the Rock ‘n Roll”.

However, Kathy took a leave from the band to pursue a solo career in 2000. Likewise, she completed her last song, By Myself but Not Alone, for the band in 1999 with her brother John.

Nevertheless, Kathy later returned to tour with her family from 2007 to 2008.

The singer also participated in Paddy Kelly’s Stille Nacht Tour, along with her family members, including Paul, Patricia, Joey Kelly, Michael Patrick Kelly, and guest Caroline Kelly in 2011.

Moreover, the Kelly Family reunited with seven members in 2017. Also, she with her family members released an album, We Got Love, and Kathy sang six songs.

Precisely speaking, Kathy contributed to 32 out of 35 of her family’s band’s albums. Also, the singer provided vocals for 106 songs, followed by Paddy and John.

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Meet Kathy Kelly Parents And Siblings

Kathy Kelly was born on 6 March 1963 to Daniel Kelly, Sr. and Joanne. Likewise, she is the third of her parents’ five children.

Kathy’s parents homeschooled her, just like her elder and junior siblings. Besides, Kathy learned ballet and to play the violin.

Kathy taught her younger siblings to play the guitar, accordion, keyboards, and piano.

In 2016, Kathy began a tour titled Celtic Scottish Christmas Tour with her younger brother Paul.

Moreover, during the Kelly Family comeback, Kathy participated in her European Tour in 2017, with one show also including her brother John Kelly.

Kathy Kelly Husband And Married Life Explored

Kathy Kelly enjoys a low-key life away from the media limelight. The singer tied the knot with her husband, Vincent van Hille, in 1990. 

Kathy Kelly Family 
Kathy Kelly Family: The talented singer and her husband separated in 2001. (Source: Gala)

Kelly first met Hille in 1983 when her family moved to France. 

The estranged couple became parents as they welcomed their first and only child together Sean Jerome van Hille in 1992.

However, things did not go well between these two former lovers and they divorced in 2001, after eleven years of marriage. Reportedly, Kelly’s son, Sean, is named after Sean O’Kelley, one of her ancestors.

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