Karen Fukuhara Husband: Is She Married To Keith Tio? Dating History

Karen Fukuhara Husband

Who is Karen Fukuhara husband? She has been one of the well-known personalities in cinema, giving her absolute best in each of her projects.

Karen Fukuhara’s birthdate is February 10, 1992. She is an American actress known for her roles in movies and TV shows.

Karen portrayed a famous role as Katana in the superhero film “Suicide Squad.” Also, she played the role of Kimiko Miyashiroi in “The Female in The Boys.”

Moreover, Fukuhara is a voice actor. She has lent her voice to characters like Glimmer in She-Ra and the Princess of Power and Kipo in “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.”

Karen’s journey in teh entertainment world began in middle school. She became a host for Movie Surfers, a show on the Disney Channel.

Before she started acting, Fukuhara worked different part-time jobs. She translated and edited subtitles and worked as a waitress at a sushi restaurant.

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Who Is Karen Fukuhara Husband?

Karen Fukuhara is single and doesn’t have a husband as of now. She is not married or previously engaged to anyone as of 2023.

Karen Fukuhara Husband
Karen Fukuhara is in a happy and healthy relationship with Keith Tio. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, The actress has been in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Keith Tio. The couple has been together for many years.

The details of where they first met and started dating are not publicly known. The star keeps her love life private and rarely shares on social media.

Sources suggest the couple shared special moments despite the pair’s low profile. They have traveled to various places together.

Fukhara posted a Valentine’s Day photo on her Instagram with Keith. She expressed gratitude for keeping her warm during the winter.

Similarly, Mr Keith shared a photo of Fukhara on his Instagram account. Although the duo does not post frequently, it is evident that they share a strong and loving bond.

The lovebirds have been together for over eight years. They have maintained a private and robust relationship.

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Is Karen Fukuhara Married To Keith Tio?

As of 2023, The star is not married to her long-time boyfriend, Keith Tion. They might get married soon in the future.

Karen Fukuhara Husband
Karen Fukuhara’s partner, Keith, is a photographer and an optometrist. (Source: Instagram)

Karen’s partner, Keith, is doing well in his career as an optometrist. He has worked at the Harbor-UCLA Department of Surgery for over four years.

Also, Mr Tio has worked as an associate optometrist at Dr. Gerry Gee Optometry for over five years.

Apart from his work in optometry, the TV star’s boyfriend is a photographer. He has collaborated with DSPTH from 2014 to 2018.

People can find his photography on his Instagram account, @keithtio. Keith hails from Biloxi, MS. He was raised by his parents, David and Marie Tio.

In addition to Keith’s career, Fukuhara is involved in the clothing business. They have been supportive of each other’s careers.

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Karen Fukuhara Dating History

Karen, best known for her roles in Suicide Squad, has kept her dating history entirely private. 

While there were rumors about the TV actress dating her co-star Tomer Capone due to their great on-screen chemistry, there is no evidence to confirm their romantic involvement.

Before the celeb’s relationship with Keith, there is limited information about her past dating life. Some sources suggest that she and Keith have been together since 2014.

Nevertheless, This information has not been confirmed by either Keith or Karen. The Celebrity is known for maintaining a low profile.

In the entertainment world, where personal lives often become public fodder, Karen has successfully kept her dating history under wraps.

As a private individual, Fukuhara seems to prioritize keeping her personal life away from teh spotlight. It allows her work to speak for itself.

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