Carla Abellana Parents Rey And Aurea, Siblings And Net Worth 2023

Carla Abellana Parents

Filipino actress and model Carla Abellana is becoming a hot topic of discussion recently. Fans are also searching for Carla Abellana Parents and her siblings.

Carla Angeline Reyes Abellana is a renowned Filipino actress famous for her role in the Philippine version of the popular Mexican telenovela Rosalinda.

She is also recognized for her film roles, including Shake Rattle and Roll 12, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, and Basahang Ginto.

In 2018, she ventured into her first anti-heroine role in the television series, Pamilya Roces, followed by her involvement in the family-oriented drama Love of My Life in 2020.

Furthermore, she is also a YouTuber, commercial actor, and animal welfare advocate.

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Meet Carla Abellana Parents – Rey And Aurea

Carla Abellana was born in Manila, Philippines, on June 12, 1986. She hails from a notable showbiz family.

She is the daughter of actor Rey PJ Abellana and Rea Reyes, while her maternal grandmother is the esteemed actress Delia Razon.

Carla Abellana Parents
Carla Abellana with her mother and sister. (Source: Instagram)

The commercial model is closer to her mother than her father.

Her father, Rey, is also a Filipino actor known for his roles in notable television productions. He was part of the 1978 TV newscast Newsday on 13 and the 1980 TV series Anna Liza.

Her grandmother, Delia, was a known actress of Filipina, born to a German father and a Filipino-Spanish mother.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Carla graduated cum laude from De La Salle University.

Subsequently, her ethnic background is recognized as multiracial, as her parents and grandparents come from diverse ethnicities. She has German and Spanish ancestry, reflecting her mixed heritage.

Hence, Abellana’s parents and family have shaped her personality and career.

Carla Abellana Siblings

As to the number of siblings that is not available, we know that Carla has an elder sister named Erica Abellana-Espiritu. The actress shares a profound bond with her sister.

Her sister, Erica, is quite proud of her accomplishments. She congratulated Carla on her new home, posting a picture of her, captioning, “Proud of this smart, strong and independent woman. Here’s to your future dream home, seester, abu!”

Carla Abellana Parents
Carla Abellana and her sister Erica Abellana-Espiritu. (Source: Instagram)

Erica is married to her long-time lover and a mother of 3 kids. She also loves baking and runs a small bakery business.

Following her mother’s footprints, Erica’s eldest daughter, Ava, owns her own clothing business, Sava Clothing.

Moreover, Erica often shares pictures of her children alongside her sister, Carla and her mother on her social media.

Other than the above, only a little information about her siblings has been provided.

Carla Abellana Net Worth 2023

Abellana is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and has gained considerable recognition in both social media and traditional media platforms.

She is widely celebrated and acknowledged as one of the wealthiest actresses in the industry.

The Filipino actor has achieved financial success through her professional career, accumulating a substantial income by the age of 36, enabling her to lead a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

 As of 2023, Carla Abellana’s net worth is estimated at around $17.7 million.

Carla Abellana
Carla Abellana is one of the wealthiest actresses in the industry. (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, Carla has achieved substantial earnings throughout her successful professional career.

By age 35, she has accumulated a considerable income that allows her to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Additionally, the actor does several brand endorsements and advertisements on her Instagram handle, which is a huge source of her income.

The stunning model also has a YouTube channel where she is very active and has nearly 1 million subscribers. YouTube is also her active source of income.

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