Karen Carpenter Weight Loss: Shed 120 Pounds Anorexia Illness

Karen Carpenter Weight Loss

Karen Carpenter Weight Loss: The internet is ablaze with the late American singer’s illness as her Anorexia fact-check trend on social media, creating gossip and speculations.

Carpenter was born on March 2, 1950. Sadly, the American singer and drummer died of heart failure due to complications from anorexia nervosa at 32 in 1983.

Carpenter was a well-known singer and drummer. Likewise, the late singer used to perform with her brother Richard performed as the duo the Carpenters.

The Carpenters became one of the biggest-selling American pop back in the 90s.

Moreover, Karen released her solo album after several tours and performances with the group.

Stay with us to find out more on “Karen Carpenter weight loss” and her illness. 

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Karen Carpenter Weight Loss: Shed 120 Pounds

Late singer Karen Carpenter was on a quest to be thin. Likewise, her urge to lose weight began innocently just after high school graduation. At the time, she started the Stillman water diet.

However, Carpenter was never obese. Similarly, she was what most would consider chubby at 17, weighing 10st 5lb and was 5ft 4in tall.

Karen levelled off at 8st 8lb and preserved her weight by eating justly, but the singer did not starve herself at the time.

However, eating while on tour was problematic for the singer, as Karen described in 1973:

When you’re on the road, it’s hard to eat. Moreover, it’s tough to eat well. We don’t like to eat before a show because I can’t stand singing with a full stomach.

Besides, you never get to dinner until, like, midnight, and if you eat heavy, you’re not going to sleep, and you’re going to be a balloon.

Karen lost at least 20 lbs and looked fabulous. Also, the singer weighed 110lb [7st 12lb].

If the singer had been able to stop there, then life would have been longer and simpler.

However, most female celebrities wanted to be Twiggy at the time, and Karen got carried away. Hence, she continued her weight loss journey. stop.

Karen Carpenter Weight Loss
Karen Carpenter Weight Loss: The late American singer and drummer passed away on 4 February 1983. (Source: The Guardian

Karen also witnessed a meticulous counting of calories and planning food intake for every meal.

Also, she planned to down her weight to around 105. 

By the time the singer’s weight dropped to 6st 6lb, Karen looked for ways to disguise the weight loss. Moreover, she disguised herself around those she knew would pester her to eat more.

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Karen Carpenter Illness: Diagnosed With Anorexia?

Late singer Karen Carpenter was plagued by the disease for several years. Sadly, Karen passed away in 1983 at the young age of 32.

Reportedly, Carpenter had heart failure due to complications from anorexia, which was less popular outside celebrity circles at the time.

Moreover, the singer’s death triggered widespread attention. Also, the incident led medical experts to research into eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Besides, Karen was shocked as she saw snaps from the Lake Tahoe concert in August 1973, where an unflattering outfit accentuated her paunch.

Karen also hired a personal trainer. Likewise, her trainer visited her home and recommended a low-calorie diet but high in carbohydrates.

Instead of slimming down as the singer had hoped, she began to put on muscle and bulk up.

Karen remarked that she had put on some extra weight as she watched the Carpenters on a Bob Hope television special.

Besides, the singer was discouraged and vowed to “do something about her weight.”Also, Karen fired her trainer and quickly set out on a mission to shed the unwanted pounds alone.

Furthermore, Karen purchased a hip cycle, which she used every morning on her bed, Because the equipment was portable, she also packed it and took it with her on tour.

Karen Carpenter Net Worth 

Legendary personality Karen Carpenter was known globally as an American singer. Reportedly, Carpenter’s net worth at her death was $6 million, a significant amount back then. 

But Karen only had $2 thousand in her bank account, which her family discovered after her death.

Moreover, the late singer was involved in several music events and tours, where she gained fame and fortune. 

Even though most of Karen’s assets were taken mainly by taxes and final expenses, her fame never faded like her earnings. 

Karen Carpenter Weight Loss and illness
Karen Carpenter Weight Loss: The star performed in London in 1974. (Source: NPR)

People still know her for her album, “Looking for Love” / “I’ll Be Yours,” by Karen CarpenterLovelines, and more with groups. 

After the album Karen Carpenter was released, Rob wrote about the album explaining his love and appreciation for Karen in The New York Times.

Carpenter is still remembered. Sadly, she is not with us, but her music always remains eternal.

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