Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia Age: Wife And Net Worth

Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia

Is Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia available? Bryant has caught the attention of netizens with his fantastic musical talents. Let’s take a glance at the musician’s personal life below.

Bryant is a self-made musician from Arkansas. He has gained significant popularity lately for marrying Kristin Chenoweth.

Bryant’s career spans long. Likewise, he is a part of country-rock band Backroad Anthem.

The band is based out of Fayetteville. Similarly, he, with the band, has released songs, including “Small Town Fame,” Feel This Night,” Fishin’ For a Country Girl,” and “Curfew.”

Bryant has achieved a remarkable feat. Also, he is regarded as a notable figure in the music community in the region.

Expanding his ventures, Bryant has identified a potential career opportunity in music. Likewise, he has left an indelible mark on the music community.

Bryant’s musical journey began when he joined the country rock band. Moreover, he was drawn to music from an early age. 

Bryant accomplished an extraordinary milestone and developed his talent throughout the years. Furthermore, he brought personas to life and performed on stages worldwide.

Bryant’s impact goes beyond his performances. Besides music, he now plans to begin a new journey as a family man, marrying his love, Chenoweth.

Bryant’s accomplishment demonstrates his passion. Also, his work highlights his dedication and determination to pursue his goals.

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Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Arkansas-born musician Josh Briant is not a big name in the music sector globally. The man recently came into the spotlight after marrying Wicked star Kristin Chenoweth.

According to the Hello Magazine, the two tied the knot over Labor Day weekend at their private residence with 140 guests in Dallas, Texas. 

Actress and singer Chenoweth engaged with her long-time beau in 2021.  

Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia. Unfortunately, he has no Wikipedia page currently.

Bryant gained significant popularity and has captured attention globally for marrying Kristin.

Even though Briant has not revealed his birthday and year, sources suggest that he is 41 years old as of this writing. Kristen is 55. So, the lovers have a huge age gap of 14 years. 

Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia
Josh Bryant Musician Wikipedia: Kristin Chenoweth’s now-husband is a Backroad Anthem band member. (Source: People)

Regarding Briant and Chenoweth’s age difference, the actress said:

Josh is 14 years younger, and I thought that was ridiculous. I thought I am not going to do that in my life, ever. But Josh made me feel very confident of the age gap.

Briant’s career in music flourished as he became a part of country-rock band Backroad Anthem. Likewise, the band is based out of Fayetteville.

Together, the band has released songs, including “Small Town Fame,” Feel This Night,” Fishin’ For a Country Girl,” and “Curfew.” Similarly, the musician hails from Arkansas.

Eventually, Briant’s music interest grew and became a lifelong commitment. Also, he grabbed several chances and performed at prestigious venues.

Briant’s influence goes beyond his performances. The talented artist could now plan to take a mentorship role as well.

Overall, the self-made musician’s deliberate choice to keep his career blooming is strategic. Briant generates buzz as he prepares to begin his new life with his wife, Kristin Chenoweth. 

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Meet Josh Bryant Wife And Family

Josh Bryant tied the knot with famous actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth. 

Bryant and his wife, Chenoweth, first crossed paths in 2016. Thanks to his band! the two met when Backroad Anthem performed at Kristin’s niece’s wedding.

In 2018, Bryant again connected with Chenoweth at her nephew’s wedding. Also, Josh’s band performed at the event.

Regarding their romantic encounter, Kristen, in an interview, said: 

Me and Bryant had become friends by this time, and that’s when he came on strong. He asked me where I would be playing next, and it was North Carolina. 

Concerning the actress’s family, Chenoweth’s family adopted her when she was five days old. Her family inherits an engineering background.  

Also, Chenoweth’s family is like a colorful tapestry stitched with craftsmanship and imagination.

Bryant’s creative heritage influenced his artistic career. The husband and wife still thrive in several artistic ventures. 

Net Worth Of Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant has marked excellence in the local music community. He and his band earn by performing at various events like weddings. 

Unfortunately, the musician has yet to reveal his net worth. But seeing Bryant’s talent and experience, he might receive a decent work paycheck. 

According to, the average salary of a musician in the US ranges from $38,217 to $56,012 (median $47,147) per year.

Perhaps Bryant’s earnings could increase or decrease based on his skillset and experience.

Josh Bryant and Kristen Chenoweth net worth
Josh Bryant musician Wikipedia: Kristen Chenoweth and the musician engaged after 3 years of dating. (Source: US Weekly)

Bryant maintains a level of privacy and focuses on his passion for artistic skills and mentoring others in need. Similarly, his wife Chenoweth’s net worth is $16 million. 

Bryant’s credibility deserves fame and fortune. Likewise, the musician is passionate about delivering his skills and fitting the standards. 

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