Justin Gaethje Tattoo: How Many Body Inks Does He Have?

Justin Gaethje tattoo

MMA lovers are curious about Justin Gaethje tattoo. Gaethje receives all the attention as the handsome American MMA fighter wows audiences with his charismatic looks and remarkable talent. Today, we will cover if the famous UFC star has inked his body. 

UFC followers might recognize professional MMA fighter, Justin Gaethje. The talented American fighter received fame for competing in the lightweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He was born on 14 November 1988 to Carolina Gaethje and John Ray Gaethje. He is originally from Safford, Arizona, United States, fighting out of Arvada, Colorado.

The professional MMA fighter’s stance is Orthodox. People know him for representing Grudge Training Center since 2011. He now represents Elevation Fight Team. 

Eventually, the American fighter shot to fame after achieving impressive 24-4-0 stats in UFC. People know him as The Highlight. 

Justin Ray Gaethje, 34, is ranked #3 among the lightweight UFC rankings worldwide. He dominated in NCAA wrestling. Likewise, he became the Interim UFC Lightweight Champion. 

His latest match is on Sunday, 30 July 2023. He will compete in The UFC 291 Lightweight Main event against Dustin Poirier. 

The UFC lightweight star has an Instagram account with over 2 million followers as of this writing. The UFC lightweight World Champion is active on the platform, with more than 765 posts, mostly related to his fighting career.

Are you all excited to learn about Justin Gaethje tattoo? Be with us as we reveal the meaning of The Highlight’s tattoo.

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Justin Gaethje Tattoo And Meaning: How Many Body Inks Does He Have?

A few then-and-now snips of the famous lightweight UFC fighter stirred attention about whether Justin Gaethje has altered his appearance, inking his body.

Gaethje’s attractive tattoo has left his fans amazed if he has undergone further inking and tattoo enhancement procedure.

The professional MMA fighter’s flawless tattoo seems to attract viewers as followers gaze their eyes upon his arm and waist tattoo.

Gaethje has maintained his skin and body so well that his fitness regime seems child’s play.

Gaethje has an eye-catching tattoo on his forearm. Also, he has a notable body tattoo representing the Bad Boy logo. The bad boy quote showcases “American lifestyle and sportswear brand.”

Moreover, the fighter’s right abdomen tattoo represents a “Death Before Dishonour.” The tattoo also shows two samurai fighting. It could be possible that Justin Gaethje tattoo portrays his fighting code and loyalty to his loved ones.

Justin Gaethje Tattoo and meaning
Justin Gaethje tattoo: The UFC star has several tattoos on his body, on his right abdomen, below chest, arm and back. (Source: MMA Junkies

The lightweight UfC star’s before and after snips confuse people if their favorite fighter has further inked his body. Gaethje is in his early thirties.

His fans never forget to ask, “Where can I get the same tattoo?” However, Gaethje, 34, has not revealed the tattoo artist. 

The viral UFC star now looks more polished in recent pictures, so many netizens on the Internet hinted if he had highlighted his tattoo.  

With Gaethje’s increasing craze in the audience, the Highlight could have seen possibilities to look more appealing.

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Justin Gaethje Height, Weight, And Age

People search for Justin Gaethje as he is a famous UFC star from Arizona, United States.

Sports fans want to know more about pro-fighter Gaethje’s height and weight, including his weight division.  is from Kyiv, now based in the U.S.

According to ESPN, professional mixed martial artist Gaethje is 5’11” tall and weighs 155 lbs.

Justin Gaethje fight
Justin Gaethje’s all six UFC fights ended in knockouts. (Source: YouTube)

The talented American MMA fighter is #3 in the UFC lightweight rankings as of 9 May 2022.

Moreover, Justin Gaethje, 34, has impressive W-L-D 24-4-0 stats, meaning he has 24 wins and 4 losses. Similarly, his (T)KO is 19-2, and SUB is 1-2. 

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