Juice Wrld Net Worth : Career & Death

The late American hip-hop RNB rapper famous for his song “Lucid Dreams,” Juice WRLD had an incredible net worth of $4 million.

Jarad Anthony Higgins, a.k.a. Juice Wrld, was one of the young talented, and outstanding Hip Hop, Rap artists.

Not to mention, he was a fan of American rapper Tupac Shakur and, as a matter of fact, grabbed the name from Tupac’s featured film Juice.

Besides, Higgins stated that the word Juice means or symbolizes gaining power over the globe.

Further, Juice Wrld had become a Hip Hop icon in the rap industry over a short period of time.

Jarad Anthony Higgins aka Juice Wrld

Moreover, Juice Wrld rose to stardom with the release of his captivating track entitled ‘Lucid Dreams in 2018.

As a matter of fact, this single was at the top of the US R&B and Hip hop chart, second on US Billboard Hot 100, and streamed about one billion times on the online music platform Spotify.

Not to mention, it was certified as a Platinum record by several recording industries, including the Recording Industry Association of America, Music Canada, Recorded Music NZ.

Nevertheless, his other hit tracks include All Girls Are the Same, Lean with Me, Rich and Blind, Legends, Fine China, and many more.

Unfortunately, Jarad Anthony Higgins, a.k.a. Juice Wrld, laid to rest on December 8, 2019, at the age of 21.

Before his sad demise, Juice WRLD had released three studio albums, two mixtapes, thirty-three singles, and nine Extended Plays (EPs)

In fact, Jarad Anthony Higgins has won numerous notable awards, including the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards.

On top of that, Juice WRLD’s studio albums are the biggest hit in the Hip hop industry and have been labeled as platinum various recording industry and have average sales of over a million copies.

Subsequently, his album Legends Never Die is the most successful as it garnered the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100, which was released after Higgins’s death.

To conclude, the legendary musician Jarad Anthony Higgins, well-known by his stage name Juice WRLD, was one of the key figures in the upbringing of emo-rap and SoundCloud rap genres.

Quick Facts about Juice Wrld

Here are some quick facts about the famous American rap, hip hop, R&B artist Juice Wrld

Born Name  Jarad Anthony Higgins
Celebrated Name Juice Wrld
Nickname (s) Juice the Kidd
Date of Birth December 2, 1998
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight 71 kg (156 cm)
Death  December 8, 2019 (at the age of 21)
Resting Place  Homewood Memorial Gardens, Homewood, Illinois, U.S.
Country of Origin United States of America
Birth Place/City Chicago, Illinois, United States
Nationality American
Religion Roman Catholic
Race/Ethnicity African American ancestry
Body Type Slim
Associated Labels Grad A PRoduction, Interscope Records
Profession  Singer, Rapper, songwriter
Genre Hip hop, Trap, R&B, Emo Rap, SoundCloud Rap
Associated Acts  Future, Lil Bibby, The Kid,  Laroi, Nick Mira, Ski Mask,  the Slump God, Trippie Redd, The Weeknd
Years active 2015 to 2019
Net Worth $4 million
Gender Male
Hair color Black & Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
High School  Homewood Flossmoor High School
College N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name Carmella Wallace
Siblings N/A
Relatives N/A
Marital Status N/A
Past Affair Alexia Smith (2018)
Girlfriend  Ally Lotti (2018 to 2019)
Children/Kids Name None
Notable Work Lucid Dream,  Armed and Dangerous, Goodbye & Good Riddance
Official Website Juice Wrld Official
Distinctive Features Nose Ring, Matted Hairstyle
Favorite Artists Future, Gunna, Green Day, Nirvana, Coldplay
Social Media
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update April, 2024

Net Worth and Income

The American rap artist, singer, songwriter Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, had an astonishing net worth of $4 million.

Further, this multi-million source of wealth was made from Juice WRLD’s profession as a musician primarily.

Aside from Juice WRLD’s rap career, he had also made added up his fortune as a face of different companies that had endorsed him.

However, his prime source of wealth is sales of his studio albums, mixtapes, EPs, music videos, tours, and concerts.

On top of that, his posthumous album entitled Legend Never Die, released in 2020, topped almost every music chart, including US Hot 100, ARAI charts, Canadian Album charts, GFK entertainment chart.

However, his other two albums, Goodbye & Good Riddance and Death Race for Love, were not as successful as Legend Never Die; however, these albums were labeled as Gold by the RIAA record industry.

Furthermore, the rapper Juice WRLD’s major career breakthrough is his track “Lucid Dreams,” which was later included in his debut studio album.

Not to mention, Lucid Dreams is one of the best-selling records as it sold over a million copies around the world within few months of its release on May 4, 2018.

Above all, this album is one of the best singles of all time as it peaked the second spot on Billboard Hot 100 with over 1.5 billion streamers listening to it on Spotify.

Subsequently, the late musician Higgins aka Juice WRLD, had released a couple of mixtapes during his career, including What Is Love? (2015), Wrld on Drugs (2018).

Meanwhile, Juice WRLD has featured artists in numerous hit tracks, such as Yacht Club, Demons and Angels, Blastoff, Buck 50, Can’t Leave Alone.

Not to mention, he released over dozens of smashing hit EPs, for instance, Twilight Zone EP, Heartbroken in Hollywood 9 9 9, JuiceWrld 9 9 9.

Aside from Higgins’s music career, the talented rapper Higgins aka Juice WRLD, used to make about half a million each year from a slew of brand endorsement deals.

Net Worth of Juice Wrld in Different Currencies

Let’s check out the famous American rap, hip hop, R&B artist Jarad Anthony Higgins, a.k.a. Juice Wrld’s net worth in numerous currencies, including BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 3,397,020
Pound Sterling £ 2,910,600
Australian Dollar A$ 5,510,400
Canadian Dollar C$ 5,042,600
Indian Rupee ₹ 296,914,800
BitCoin ฿ 85

Juice Wrld: Lifestyle & Vacations


On December 2, 1998, one of the legendary musicians Juice WRLD, is born by the name Jarad Anthony Higgins.

Further, Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

Prior to naming himself with the stage name Juice WRLD, Jarad Anthony Higgins began his musical journey by the name Juice the Kidd.

Nevertheless, Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, grew up with his older brother; both of them were raised by a single mother as his father abandoned the Higgins family in 2002.

Thereby, Jarad had a hard upbringing and was into drugs due to peer pressure and his mental depression.

Moreover, it was hard for Juice Wrld to listen to hip hop music as her mother had prohibited him to because her mother thought Hip Hop ruins and pushes him towards drugs.

Even though he was under prohibition, Higgins would go to his pals’ houses and listen to famous artists such as Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and many other.

Unfortunately, Juice Wrld was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and smoking since his childhood and teenage days.

Sadly, this eventually became the cause of Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld’s death.

Not to mention, he was a young frivolous guy who used to stay up all night partying, going to clubs, and getting high.

Meanwhile, there was no rigorous routine that Juice Wrld followed whilst he was alive.

However, he used to work out once in a while, but this was because he was bored, not because he was a fitness guy.

In addition, the diet of the late artist was quite consistent and often devoured chicken, steaks, vegetables, and protein shakes.


The American rapper Juice WRLD was a frivolous and gallant young musician artist who loves partying and traveling.

Furthermore, Higgins loved going to the clubs and drinking, smoking in his teenage days.

The late artist Juice WRLD often traveled to Chicago to meet her mother Carmella and his brother.

Not to mention, Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, mostly celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other festive with his family.

Higgins enjoying vacation with Ally Lotti

Besides, he also used to spend his holidays with his girlfriend Ally Lotti back in 2018

To sum up, the then couple often took a romantic getaway to spend some quality time with each other.

Juice Wrld: Houses & Cars

House in Encino

The multi-millionaire rap artist Juice WRLD lived in a gorgeous mansion located in Encino near the neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Further, he lived in this astonishing abode with his gorgeous girlfriend, Ally Lotti.

Not to mention, this abode is purchased by late rapper Juice Wrld for around $1.3 million.

Meanwhile, the current value of this magnificent residence is estimated to be $3.2 million.

Juice Wrld’s house in Encino, L.A.

Nevertheless, this Encino residence has six bedrooms, six baths, including in pair of powder rooms.

As a matter of fact, this residence spreads over an acre area and has a huge rooftop.

Subsequently, it also has a small poo on the side of the house as well as a storage zone.

To sum up, the interior design of this mansion is well finished with shiny marbles, mesmerizing arts, and painting.

House in Chicago

The late artist Juice Wrld was brought up by a single mother and had to work his way up through years of hardships and struggles.

As a result of his mother’s sheer inspiration, Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, had reached the top of the music industry.

Nevertheless, Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, bought a house for her mother Carmella Wallace back in 2018, residing in Chicago, Illinois.

Unfortunately, there are no details regarding this abode; thereby, we will update you about it as soon as it is available.

However, it is reported that late rapper Juice Wrld’s mother Carmella Wallace and his brother live in this residence.


With a net worth of $4 million, Juice Wrld could have bought many cars and flex them often.

However, the late rapper Juice Wrld was not superfluous and only had a few car collections.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

First and foremost, the late rapper Juice WRLD owned a fantastic SUV, Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Further, the estimated starting price of this SUV is $330,00 and may rise up to $400,000 according to its model and custom build.

In addition, this monstrous SUV has a 6.75-liter V12 engine with a maximum torque of 850Nm at the rate of 1600 rpm.


The late artist Jarad “Juice Wrld” Higgins purchased a luxury sports car Lamborghini worth $275,000

As a matter of fact, Higgins purchased this astonishing car as a gift for his brother.

Not to mention, this magnificent automobile is equipped with a V10 engine and can reach a top speed of 217 mph (350kmph)

Dirt Bikes

Although Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, was not fascinated about care, he was a fanatic of dirt bikes.

As a result, Higgins had over 10 dirt bikes which cost a hefty fortune.

The most notable dirt bike he owned and often seen riding was a KTM 250 EXC.

Juice Wrld on his KTM 250 EXC dirt bike

Not to mention a single-cylinder, two-stroke 250cc engine boost this dirt bike.

To sum up, it has a market starting price of $10,199 and can hit a top speed of 85 mph, i.e., 136.7 kmph

Juice Wrld’s Watches & Jewelry Collections


Juice WRLD is a big fan of the Audemars Piguet brand’s fancy, showy, and elegant timepieces.

Furthermore, He also had a large collection of Audemars Piguet watches.

Juice Wrld with his Audemars Piguet

In addition, he was frequently seen wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch.

Not to mention that this elegant and stylish watch costs around $46,000.

However, he paid more than $55,000 for it because it was custom designed by late rapper Juice Wrld and was encrusted with diamonds.

Collections of Jewelry

When it comes to rap, one thing is certain and most common is jewelry, and like other rappers, Juice Wrld also loved wearing shiny gems.

According to several online sources, the late rap artist Juice Wrld had a huge collection of pieces of jewelry worth half a million.

Juice Wrld wearing his 999 Skull Pendant
Juice Wrld wearing his 999 Skull Pendant

In addition, his immense set of gems collection includes diamond and gold encrusted lockets, smooth and sleek bracelets, and pendants.

To sum up, the most notable pieces of jewelry that Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, possessed were his 999 Skull pendant, 999 Club locket, and classy 999 heart pendant.

Media, Endorsement & Investments


The late American rap artist Juice Wrld ascended to international fame by releasing his hit song “Lucid Dreams” in 2018.

Following this smashing success, Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, was invited as a guest and to perform this track in their shows.

Not to mention, he was invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a guest, where he promoted his upcoming album Goodbye & Good Riddance back in 2018.

On top of that, Juic Wrld also performed his top-notch song entitled Lucid Dreams at the end of the show.

In addition, he had been featured in the Breakfast Club Power show, which aired on American FM station 105.1 MHz.

As a matter of fact, the late rap artist Juice Wrld talked about his experience with mental health, anxiety, breakdowns, and drug addiction.

Conversely, Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, was also featured on the cover of several magazines.

To sum up, he appeared in the cover magazines of XXL magazine in September 2019, Billboard The Real Wrld magazine, Flaunted magazine in May 2019.


The late American rapper Juice Wrld had numerous productive endorsement deals with different brands and companies.

Further, Juice WRLD had penned an endorsement deal with few apparel and shoe brands, including Vans.

Not to mention Vans is one of the leading shoes, clothing & other accessories manufacturing companies.

Besides, Jarad “Juice Wrld” Higgins also had an endorsement deal with a sporting brand called Nike.

Similarly, he had endorsed American sportswear and footwear manufacturers and supplier, Foot Locker Retail.

In fact, he even appeared in the commercial of Foot Locker in 2018 alongside Ben Simmons, Paul George, Meek Mill, Bad Bunny.

In addition to Juice Wrld’s endorsement deal with these brands, he was also endorsed by numerous record labels as well.

As a matter of fact, he signed a whopping $3 million endorsement contract with the Interscope Record Labels in 2018.

To sum up, the late artist Juice Wrld used to have an estimated earning of half a million from his whole slew of productive sponsorships and endorsement deals.


Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, had invested a portion of his fortune in helping low-income families.

Apart from it, he also had made some astute investments, such as establishing an apparel line.

According to several online sources, he owned a clothing store in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, the late rap artist Juice Wrld had also made several thousand investments in different companies’ share and finance markets.

Not to mention, these investments on the stock market were made according to his manager’s advice, who looked after Higgins, aka Juice Wrld’s finance.

Book Publications

The late artist Juice Wrld has not written and published any book or novels.

However, there have been several books that have been published in tribute to Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, including Juice WRLD 999

Not to mention it was published and authored by the ANS Creator in December 2019

To sum up, the 999 Juice Wrld book is available for purchase on Amazon online website.

Juice WRLD: Career

Beginnings of musical Career

Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, was into music since his high school days.

Further, he always sang during the events and won several accolades during his days at Homewood Flossmoor High School.

In addition, Higgins used to post clips of him singing on the online music platform Sound Cloud.

As a matter of fact, he dropped his first-ever recorded track, Forever, in 2015. At that time, he used the name Juice the Kidd.

Later in his sophomore year, Higgins changed his stage name from Juice the Kidd to Juice Wrld.

After a while, Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, focused on making his music from interest to passion.

Subsequently, American producer Nick Warren Mira saw Juice Wrld’s tracks on Sound Cloud and was so fascinated that she ranged the young guy.

Moreover, Mira produced the first-ever track entitled Too Much Cash of the Higgins, aka Juice Wrld.

Nonetheless, Too many Cash songs captivated the eye of many record producers, amongst whom Danny Lee Snodgrass, aka Internet Money, was most moved by it.

As a result, Juice Wrld recorded and released his first-ever EP called 9 9 9 Unitl It’s Over in collaboration with Internet Money in June 2017.

Juice Wrld's EP 999 Until It's Over
Juice Wrld’s EP cover of 999 Until It’s Over

Besides, the young artist Higgins imposed his immense talent in the music industry after the release of this EP that help him sign a deal with Grade A Productions.

To conclude, Juice Wrld’s life changed forever after signing a contract with Grade A Productions record label owned by Lil Bibby,

Ascend to Fame

The American singer Juice Wrld dropped his second EP, Nothing Different, that included All Girls Are the Same, in December 2017.

Not to mention, this track garnered further attention following the launch of its music video in association with director Cole Bennett.

Soon after, Juice Wrld signed a deal worth $3 million with one of the prominent record labels, Interscope Records, in March 2018.

Subsequently, he released a track titled Lucid Dreams, which was a hallmark in the emo and hip hop music genre.

In fact, it was this song “Lucid Dream” that propelled Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, to the international spotlight.


On top of that, it was sold over million copies and heard over 1.6 billion times in the Sound cloud.

As a matter of fact, this track topped several song charts worldwide as its debut on 94 spots in US Billboard Hot 100.

Following his success with the song Lucid Dream, Juice Wrld released his debut studio album, Goodbye & Good Riddance.

Furthermore, Goodbye & Good Riddance was released on May 23, 2018, topped numerous rap charts, including Billboard 200

Moving on, he lost his one of the close friend, fellow rap artist Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy renowned by the stage name XXX Tentacion on June 18, 2018.

As a result, Juice Wrld released an EP called Too Soon, a tribute to his late friend XXX Tentacion.

In fact, the cover of this EP Too Soon is the last ever conversation Higgins had with Onfroy, aka XXX Tentacion, on social media Instagram.

WRLD Domination Tour and Death Race for Love

The late artist Juice Wrld’s first-ever tour Wrld Domination Tour was a huge success which began on July 20, 2018

Furthermore, Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, announced the release date of his second studio album called Death Race for Love during this tour.

Following his return from WRLD Domination Tour, he featured in several fellow musicians’ albums, including Astroworld, by Travis Scott.

Similarly, Juice Wrld and fellow musician Seezyn released a song called High for the soundtrack in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie.

Subsequently, Higgins dropped his second studio album called Death Race for Love on March 8, 2019.

Juice Wrld's cover of studio album Death Race For Love
Juice Wrld’s cover of studio album Death Race For Love

Further, this album was released in collaboration with Interscope Records and earned Gold certification from the RIAA and BPI.

In addition, it topped the US billboard 200 chart as well as the Canadian album chart.

Later in 2019, Juice Wrld’s track “Bandit” with NBA YoungBoy peaked at the tenth spot on the Billboard 100.

Unfortunately, this track turned out to be the last ever song released or sang before the death of the legendary singer, songwriter Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD.

Death & Posthumous Releases

The American artist Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, traveled to Chicago from Los Angeles in a private Gulfstream jet on December 8, 2019.

Further, Juice Wrld had loads of drugs and marijuana in his bags whilst making this travel.

Moreover, several federal agents informed Law enforcement officers about it, and when the jet landed in Midway International Airport in Chicago, officers scouted Higgins to a room.

Subsequently, Officers started checking his luggage, and whilst they were checking it, Higgins swallowed multiple Oxycodone pills to avoid being caught.

Sadly, these multiple pills of Oxycodone cost Higgins his life as he collapsed on the spot.

As a result, he was rushed to the Advocate Christ Medical Center, where Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, took his last breath.

After two days of Higgins’s death, Medical Examiner announced the death of cause was from the drug overdose and from an excessive level of Oxycodone.

The fans listened with heavy heart and tears to the track Godzilla by Eminem released in January 2020, which had been recorded with the Juice Wrld prior to his demise.

Subsequently, he was featured in G Herbo’s fourth studio album, PTSD, which premiered on February 28, 2020.

Likewise, Juice Wrld’s voice was heard on the song Suicidal which was recorded with the rapper YNW Melly.

On top of that, the posthumous album of the legendary singer, songwriter Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, entitled Legends Never Die, was released.

Album cover of Legends Never Die
Album cover of Legends Never Die

Not to mention, this album was released on July 10, 2010, in collaborative association with Grade A and Interscope Record labels.

To sum up, this posthumous album topped numerous charts worldwide, including US Hot 100, ARAI charts, Canadian Album charts, GFK entertainment charts.

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Top 10 Songs of American Rapper Juice Wrld

  1. Lucid Dreams
  2. All Girls Are The Same
  3. Righteous
  4. Robbery
  5. Wishing Well
  6. Come & Go
  7. Hate The Other Side
  8. Bandit
  9. Armed and Dangerous
  10. Lean With Me

Major Awards and Achievements

  • American Music Awards for the category Favorite Male Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop in 2020
  • Billboard Music Awards for the Top New Artist in 2019
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards for the Best Hip-Hop Album “Death Race for LOve” in 2020
  • MTV Video Music Awards nomination, Song of Summer award for song Lucid Dreams in 2018

Charity works of Juice Wrld

The late American singer, songwriter MTV Video Music Awards was one of the kindest and purest souls to ever lived in this world.

Despite having a multimillionaire and being a drug addict, Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice WRLD, was involved with several charitable foundations.

Further, even with the fame and fortune Higgins had, he was down to earth guy who never hesitates to come to aid the needy individual.

In addition, he had committed his life to help the youths and teenagers who were indeed into addiction as him.

Even though Higgins himself was fighting anxiety and depression always tried to alleviate the pain of other depressed people.

Furthermore, he had always fought for racial equality and raised his voice against racism in the United States.

Subsequently, Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, indulged in numerous Black Community charitable foundations, including Equal Justice Initiative and Race Forward.

Following Jarad Higgins, aka Juice Wrld’s sad passing away on December 8, 2019, his mother Carmela Wallance established a charitable foundation.

Not to mention, this charitable foundation is named Live Free 999, established in 2020.

Logo of Live Free 999 Foundation
Logo of Live Free 999 Foundation

Meanwhile, the name of this organization has been called so as a result of the jean jacket which was painted with Live Free by late singer Juice Wrld.

Similarly, the number 999 in the name means or symbolizes never giving up no matter what the hell, bad situation you’re in, or how difficult life gets; just keep hustling forwards.

As a matter of fact, it has been helping the drug-addicted youths to rehabilitate and live their lives sober and straight edge.

Apart from rehabilitating teenagers, Live Free 999 also aids children with their academics by providing financial grants.

Nevertheless, this charity collaborates and supports other non-profit organizations working to help individuals battling mental depression and anxiety.

Besides, Carmella Wallance, mother of late singer Higgins, commenced this foundation with the mission to continue the legacy built by Juice Wrld, who influenced people in many ways.

Additionally, she also established it with the mission that no other parents have to lose their children due to addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Recently, this charity donated musical instruments to the Deer Creek Christian School for their robust musical classes and education.

To sum of, Live Free 999 also organized numerous events and fundraising events.

Some Interesting Facts about Juice Wrld

The late rap artist Juice Wrld had severe anxiety and depression since his childhood due to his father abandoning Juice Wrld’s mother and brother, which led him into drug addiction which eventually became the cause of his death.

Prior to being famous as the Juice Wrld, he had named himself Juice the Kidd; not to mention his real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins.

Aside from being a prolific singer, the late rap artist Juice Wrld is also fantastic at playing piano, guitars, trumpet, and drums and is a huge fan of rock music as well.

FAQs about Juice Wrld

At what age did Juice Wrld die?

The American rap, hip hop star Jarad Higgins well known by the name Juice Wrld passed away on December 8, 2019, at the age of just 21.

Who was Juice Wrld married to?

Juice Wrld was in a serious relationship with a gorgeous lady named Ally Lotti; however, they were neither married nor engaged at that moment.

What are the major awards won by Juice Wrld?

The late artist Jarad Anthony Higgins aka Juice Wrld has won several major accolades in his lifetime; that includes the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards.


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