Josh Giddey Mugshot: Is He Arrested? Arrest Charges Minor Assault Allegation

Josh Giddey Mugshot

Josh Giddey Mugshot: Is He Arrested? The basketball player has been entangled in a scandalous rumor and has remained silent.

Joshua James Giddey was born on October 10, 2002. He is an Australian basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA.

The Thunder chose Joshua as the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft. He was the youngest player to achieve a triple-double at 19 years.

Additionally, Giddey became the first rookie since the legendary Oscar Roberston in 1961 to secure three consecutive triple-doubles.

During his early years, Josh lived in Yarraville. He attended St Kevin’s College in Melbourne from Years 7 to 10.

James’s journey took a significant turn when he became one of Australia’s promising talents at the NBA Global Academy.

Giddey’s involvement in Basketball Without Borders at NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago earned him recognition as a camp all-star.

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Josh Giddey Mugshot: Is He Arrested?

Josh Giddey Mugshot is not available as of 2023. The player has not been arrested or charged with  Assault.

Josh Giddey Mugshot
Josh Giddey is the NBA basketball player who has been accused of dating a minor. (Source: People)

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh is currently under investigation by the NBA. He was accused of an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl.

The Associated Press reported on it on November 25, 2023. The investigation was initiated in response to a social media post alleging that a girl appeared in photos and videos with Josh.

The anonymous user who made the post has since deactivated their account. NBA spokesperson Mike Bass confirmed the investigation.

When the press questioned Giddey, 21, declined to provide additional comments. He stated,” I understand the question, obviously, but no, there’s no further comment right now.”

The Thunder’s head coach, Mark, addressed inquiries about the potential distraction for the team. He dismissed it as a “personal matter.”

Furthermore, Josh’s coach commented, ” And that will be my comment on anything related.” He emphasized that the matters would be handled personally.

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Josh Giddey Arrest Charges: Minor Assault Allegation

No arrest charges or allegations of assault have been made against the athelet. The situation is evolving, and official updates from the NBA are awaited.

Josh Giddey Mugshot
Josh Giddey was being cozy with a minor girl in the photo. (Source: Youlaif)

The situation intensified after the girl deleted the post and deactivated her account. It potentially suggested an improper relationship of Giddey with an underage girl.

The Champion is focused on his game. The rumors could potentially harm his performance in the game.

The Oklahoma Thunder team appears to be getting back in the game. They want their great player to get his head in the game.

The Pro has significantly contributed to the Thunder’s impressive 11-4 start. He averages 12.3 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 4.5 assists.

Mr Josh, the first-round pick in 2021, earned a spot on the All-rookie second team in his debut season. He showed notable performances in the following season.

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What Happens To Josh Giddey After The Charges?

The charges for dating a minor vary across different countries. Josh being an Australian, engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with a Minor can lead to charges such as Statutory rape.

The charges may apply irrespective of the minor’s consent. Additionally, legal systems may include charges related to child endangering.

Offenses like corruption of a minor or contributing to the delinquency of a minor may be considered. It encompasses activities that are seen as inappropriate.

It is crucial to note that Laws evolve. The specific charges and consequences depend on the jurisdiction in question.

Nevertheless, The Star has been entangled in rumors. He has not been arrested or charged with legal action.

Josh has been one of the greatest NBA players. Rumors like Assault charges or Minor assault allegations can potentially harm his career.

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