Is Rose Namajunas Christian? Religion Family And Ethnicity

Rose Namajunas Christian

Exploring the American mixed martial artist’s religion, family, and ethnicity: Is Rose Namajunas Christian with a Unique Family Background?

Rose Namajunas is a formidable American mixed martial artist competing in the UFC’s strawweight division.

She is a former two-time UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion, having first won the title in 2017.

In 2022, she was ranked #2 in the strawweight division. She has compiled an impressive record across her MMA career, with 12 wins by submission and knockout.

Her well-rounded skill set and toughness in the octagon have cemented her status as one of the top female fighters in the sport today.

With her young talent and determination, Namajunas remains a force to be reckoned with in the UFC women’s divisions.

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Is Rose Namajunas Christian? Religion Revealed

Rose Namajunas is a devout Christian who openly professes her faith. Her religious beliefs have been a consistent part of her public persona, particularly in the lead-up to her fights.

The MMA fighter can often wear a cross around her neck during media events and weigh-ins, symbolizing her Christian faith.

One significant instance of her faith’s influence on her career was evident before her first title bout against Joanna Jdrzejczyk in 2017.

She attributed her confidence to her faith, stating, “My faith has been everything to me.”

Rose Namajunas Christian
Namajunas claims to be Christian and holds anti-communist opinions. (Source: newlifepublishing)

This declaration underscores the importance of Christianity in her life and how it empowers her both inside and outside the octagon.

Furthermore, in the context of her 2021 rematch against Zhang Weili, the fighter delved into the historical context of communist oppression in her ancestral homeland of Lithuania.

She referenced the documentary “The Other Dream Team” as a source of insight into her family’s struggles and their eventual immigration to America.

Namajunas later clarified that her remarks were not meant to attack Zhang personally.

However, her comments illuminated the UFC fighter’s Christian values and outlook on the conflict between communism and freedom, showcasing her deep faith and firm beliefs.

Rose Namajunas Family

Rose Namajunas, the accomplished MMA fighter, was born in 1992 into a family with solid Lithuanian roots.

Her parents, who had recently immigrated to the United States, named her “Rose” in honor of her great-grandmother, Ro Namajnien.

The UFC fighter’s family history is intertwined with Lithuania’s struggle for independence from Soviet occupation.

Her great-grandfather, Juozas Namajnas, played a significant role as a military officer in resisting the Soviet forces.

In her family tree, athleticism and wrestling prowess run deep. Her grandfather, Algimantas Andriukonis, found success as a champion wrestler both in Lithuania and the USSR.

Rose Namajunas
Rose Namajunas is engaged to and trains with former Glory and UFC heavyweight fighter Pat Barry. (Source: cbssports)

The American professional mixed martial artist maintains a solid connection to her Lithuanian heritage by visiting the country frequently and conversing in the native language with her grandparents.

However, her upbringing also had its share of challenges. Her father, Arturas, battled schizophrenia and tragically passed away when she was 16.

On the other hand, her mother is a classically trained pianist, showcasing the diverse talents within her family.

Interestingly, her older brother, Nojus, sparked her interest in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Nojus, also an MMA fighter, previously operated a piano studio, inheriting their mother’s musical abilities.

The fighter began playing the piano at the age of 5, demonstrating the multifaceted talents that characterize her family’s unique background.

Rose Namajunas Ethnicity

Rose Namajunas’ ethnicity is Lithuanian on both her mother’s and father’s sides. Lithuania is a Baltic country located in northern Europe.

She takes immense pride in her Lithuanian heritage. She profoundly understands her family’s history of surviving Soviet communist oppression.

Her great-grandparents were directly impacted by the Soviet takeover of Lithuania before World War II.

Rose Namajunas Christian
Rose Namajunas was born to Lithuanian parents. (Source: calfkicker)

The mixed martial artist’s Lithuanian roots heavily influenced her worldview and motivated her athletic career.

She aims to honor her ancestry through her achievements in MMA.

The athlete embraces her ethnic background, keeping strong ties to Lithuania and the language.

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