Angus Essenhigh Salary As Royal Navy Captain, Wikipedia Bio And Age Revealed

Angus Essenhigh Salary

Angus N. P. Essenhigh, Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group (UKCSG) returns home after North Sea Exercise.

Angus Essenhigh has been provided with excellent opportunities as of Operation Achillean to exercise the complex array of power that make up the UK Carrier Strike Group.

Commander Essenhigh is pleased with his people and Carrier Strick Group (CSG) for its achievements in such a short period of time and the unforgiving weather during the North Sea Exercise. The Navy Commander and his staff command the aircraft carrier. In recent operations, F-35B Lightning jets from the 617 Squadron carried out flying operations. Helicopters from 815, 820, 825, and 845 Naval Air Squadrons undertook sorties from a bustling flight deck.

In January 2020, Angus Essenhigh was appointed as the commanding officer of Britain’s largest warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth in just eight months.

Angus Essenhigh Salary
Commodore Steve Moorhouse welcomes the new Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth, Captain Angus Essenhigh. (Source: Facebook)

Angus Essenhigh was promoted from Captain to Commander on March 2022. Before that, he served in Warfare and also received an OBE decoration on Jun 15, 2015. He recently got promoted to Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group on 21st January 2022.

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Angus Essenhigh Salary As Royal Navy Captain

Angus Essenhigh has been in the Royal Navy for more than 2 decades. He is well respected by his subordinates and people above him such as Admirals in the Navy.

While his current salary is unknown to the world, we’ve got a rough estimation of his paycheck throughout the years he’s served for the Royal Navy.

Before he became Commander, Angus served in warfare. During his time in warfare, Angus Essenhigh salary ranged between £65,222 – £74,047 per year. After he got promoted temporarily from Captain to Commodore, Angus Essenhigh salary might have touched the £100,000 mark or more.

Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group, Angus Essenhigh salary is about £87,000 per year.

Angus Essenhigh Wikipedia Bio And Age Revealed

Angus N.P. Essenhigh is a 49-year-old married man. His wife’s name is Lesley Essenhigh and the couple has two children, a daughter, and a son.

Lesley Essenhigh is a Respiratory Consultant and a Divisional Director at Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust. Angus and Lesley met each other back in America.

Angus served on exchange with the US Navy as a navigator of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill back in America.

Essenhigh’s mother’s name is Susie Essenhigh, she is the sponsor of the frigate HMS St Albans. Angus’s father Admiral Sir Nigel Richard Essenhigh GCB, DL was a former Navy hero who served as First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff a tenure that included signing up for the Joint Strike Fighter program back in 2001 and 2002.

Nigel Essenhigh was born in Newcastle upon Tyne. He joined the Royal Navy in 1963 and has fought many battles for his generation in order to achieve peace and freedom for the world. He then got advanced to Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath in the 2002 Birthday Honours

Nigel retired on 3 December 2002 with many memorable and honorable achievements on his back.

Elspeth Essenhigh, daughter of Angus Essenhigh is the oldest and the young one is his son Artemis Essenhigh. Currently, Elspeth is 16 years old and Artemis is 14 years old.

Angus Essenhigh with his children Elspeth and Artemis Essenhigh. (Source: Google)

As one of the most important figures in the Navy, Angus is required to be present during his servings. He doesn’t get holidays or weekends as we do, so the only family time he gets is on Christmas Day in Southsea, Portsmouth.

“The day starts with church then opening presents, having a large festive lunch, and going for a long walk,” he said. Angus’s Christmas message to his family “I am looking forward to spending Christmas with you in Singapore – see you in a week!”

21 years ago Angus was in command of some smallest boats of the Royal Navy and now he’s the Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group (UKCSG). The Royal Navy is fortunate to have Angus as a Commander.

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