John Heilemann Illness – Is He Sick? Wife Ethnicity And Instagram

John Heilemann Illness

American journalist John Heilemann has been in the news industry for over a decade. However, his well-wishers have raised a concern regarding John Heilemann Illness.

John Arthur Heilemann is US based analyst currently for NBC News and MSNBC.  He is also the co-author of “Game Change” (2010) and “Double Down” (2013) with Mark Halperin. These books are about presidential campaigning.

Former staff writer for New York, Wired, and The Economist, John is currently rumored to be sick. However, the reporter has not addressed his illness anywhere.

After completing his BA from Northwestern University and MPP from Harvard University, he did not have a tough time entering the news industry.

In his early days, he hosted a four-part documentary series for Discovery Channel, “Download: The True Story of the Internet,” about the rise of the World Wide Web, which first aired in 2008.

John Heilemann Illness – Is He Sick?

John Heilemann has not talked about anything regarding his illness. His illness is just a rumor that turns out to be false. 

According to his social media whereabouts, he seems completely fine, with no sign of any sickness whatsoever.

His well-wishers supposed John to be a victim of cancer when they discovered his physical transformation.  Nonetheless,  the massively lost weight turned out to be his workout routine and his healthy diet.

John nearly lost about 50 pounds in 6 months. However, he has not said anything about his weight loss. John recently celebrated his 57th birthday on January 23rd. 

However, he linked it with his wife’s plague a few years ago. She had been told she had breast cancer slowly growing within her. The sickness was soon removed, and the author’s wife is fit and fine now.

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John Heilemann Wife – Who Is Diana R.Rhoten?

John married his long-term partner, Diana R. Rhoten, in 2006.  Both of them are in Manhattan and are completely fine to this date.
Diana Rhoten is a consultant, advisor, and Board Member at IDEO Alum. For her education, she went to Standford University. She was born in New York.
John Heilemann
John Heilemann and his wife Diana R Rhoten attended “The Loudest Voice” premiere at the Paris theatre in New York. (Source: Alamy)

She holds American citizenship and belongs to the White ethnicity. She is a Christian.

The couple had two dogs, Dggo Zig Zag Zig Allah) and his dearly departed older brother Phife Dog. Diana even got tattoos of the dogs on her chest.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Heilemann are private in terms of their relationship. It is normal for people in the news and media industry to keep closed once far from their social media.

John Heilemann Instagram

John Heilemann is an active Instagram user with the username @jheilemann. With almost 79,000 followers, the analyst is already a verified user on Instagram.

John Heilemann Illness
John Heilemann Instagram handle. (Source: Instagram)

The author seems to love his work and enjoys giving his followers a peek at his daily work and workstation.

His latest post is with Tim Miller on a flight with the caption, “On the next episode of @sho_thecircus: WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!! Ok, we’re flying to Orlando to check out Ron DeSantis’s book launch and his visit to The Villages … aka, the unofficial kickoff of his presidential campaign.

But if @timodcpics gets his way, we’ll also ride the teacups and consort with Tinkerbell.”
 Seems like John has a lot of fake accounts creating problems. The fake accounts seem to impersonate John and even try to contact his closer ones

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