Joey De Leon Depression And Suicide Comments: Apology After Rope Comment

Joey De Leon Depression

Joey De Leon depression and lubid (rope) comment has sparked a critical discussion about his responsibilities as a public figure and the broader awareness of mental health issues.

Jose Maria Ramos de Leon Jr., popularly known as ‘Joey de Leon,’ is a renowned Filipino comedian, actor, television host, and songwriter.

He is best known as one of the famous comedy trio TVJ members, along with Tito and Vic.

Together, they hosted the longest-running noontime variety show in the Philippines, “Eat Bulaga!”

Leon is also one of the co-founders of TVJ Productions and currently serves as the primary host of the noontime show “E.A.T.,” which airs on TV5 Network.

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Joey De Leon Depression And Suicide Comments

Joey De Leon, a prominent Filipino entertainer known for his comedic talent and television hosting, has found himself embroiled in controversy due to his comments regarding depression and suicide.

In 2017, he faced widespread backlash for dismissing depression as something “made up” and unworthy of support.

This dismissive attitude towards a severe mental health issue sparked outrage and prompted him to issue a public apology, in which he acknowledged his lack of understanding on the subject.

Joey De Leon Depression
Joey de Leon apologized live on ‘Eat Bulaga’ for his irresponsible statements about depression. (Source: interaksyon)

More recently, De Leon’s comments during an episode of the noontime show “E.A.T.” drew intense scrutiny.

When he casually mentioned the word “lubid” (rope) in response to a contestant’s inability to provide five answers, it was perceived by some viewers as an insensitive reference to suicide.

This incident added to the ongoing debate regarding De Leon’s responsibility as a public figure.

It highlighted his need to exercise caution when addressing sensitive topics, particularly those related to mental health.

Apology After Rope Comment

In the wake of a recent controversy surrounding Joey De Leon’s comments during an episode of the noontime show “E.A.T,” the production team took swift action to address the issue.

The controversy erupted when the actor commented briefly on the word “lubid” (rope) in response to a contestant’s inability to provide five answers.

Some viewers interpreted this comment as an insensitive reference to suicide, sparking outrage and criticism on social media.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the production team of “E.A.T” issued a formal apology to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

Joey De Leon Depression
E.A.T. apologizes to the MTRCB regarding Joey de Leon’s ‘lubid’ comment. (Source: rappler)

In a letter dated September 25, 2023, addressed to MTRCB chairperson Diorella “Lala” Sotto, the production team expressed their regret over the incident.

They clarified that Leon’s comment was a brief and spontaneous remark devoid of intention to insinuate suicide.

Nevertheless, they acknowledged that some viewers found it triggering and offensive.

The production team’s apology demonstrated their commitment to promoting responsible viewing experiences and addressing concerns raised by the audience.

The letter, released to the media by the office of Senator Jinggoy Estrada, reiterated their apologies to those offended and clarified the context of the comment.

Joey De Leon Lubid scandal: Public Reaction

Joey De Leon’s recent comments on the noontime show “E.A.T,” notably the casual mention of the word “lubid” (rope), triggered a strong and immediate reaction from the public.

Social media platforms were ablaze with discussions, criticism, and outrage from viewers who perceived his comment as insensitive to the sensitive issue of suicide and mental health.

Netizens, advocacy groups, and mental health advocates took to various social media platforms to voice their concerns and condemn De Leon’s comments.

Joey De Leon Depression
Netizens criticize Joey de Leon for his comment about depression. (Source: Pinterest)

They highlighted the importance of responsible language, especially on public platforms like television.

They emphasized the potential harm such remarks could cause individuals struggling with mental health issues.

The incident also reignited memories of De Leon’s past comments regarding depression, further fueling the public’s dissatisfaction with his insensitivity towards mental health matters.

As the controversy unfolded, the public’s reaction played a significant role in holding individuals in the public eye accountable for their words and actions.

This, in turn, pushed for greater awareness and understanding of mental health issues in the Philippines and beyond.

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