Joe Budden Net Worth: Charity & Career

Joe Budden is an American R&B hip-hop rapper famous for his track “Pump It Up” has an astounding net worth of $7 million.

Joseph Anthony Budden II, a.k.a. Joe Budden, was supported by the majority after he began his career.

Further, he has become a major star in the rap industry during the 2010s.

Joe Budden
Joseph Anthony Budden II, a.k.a. Joe Budden

Besides, Joe Budden shot to prominence and fortune with the premiere of one of his hit tracks, Pump It Up.

The music captivated many listeners and has already been over half a million copies as of this writing.

As a matter of fact he released this record in collaboration with the hip hop band Slaughterhouse.

Not to mention the rap artist has several songs that topped the Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States.

In addition, Budden is currently involved in media and TV shows more than in the music industry.

Unfortunately, according to several online sources, Joe Budden has retired from the music industry.

Furthermore, he has his own television shows such as State of the Culture and Everyday Struggle.

Meanwhile, Joe Budden is running a podcast called The Joe Budden Podcast that is aired on Patreon and YouTube.

This allowed Budden to land a recording contract with renowned record labels such as EMPIRE, E1, Def Jam, and many more.

Subsequently, former rapper Joe Budden has been a member of famous hip hop groups including Slaughterhouse, AraabMuzik, Fabulous, Just Blaze.

Quick Facts about Joe Budden

Here are some quick facts about the former rap artist and currently a podcast and TV show host Joe Budden

Birth Name Joseph Anthony Budden II
Celebrated/Professional Name
Joe Budden
Nickname Howard Stern
Date of Birth August 31, 1980
Age 43 years old
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name Fay Southerland
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Single
Passed Relationship Cyn Santana (engaged: 2016 to 2019)
Girlfriend None
Children 2 sons (Lexington Budden & Trey Budden)
Race/Ethnicity African American
Birth Place/City Harlem, New York, United States of America
High School
Lincoln High School, New Jersey
Alma Mater
Laurinburg Institute, North Carolina
Profession Podcaster, TV show host, Former Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Net Worth $7 Million
  • Music Career (1999 to 2016)
  • Media Career (2003 to present)
Genre Hip hop, R&B
  • The Joe Budden Podcast
  • State of the Culture
  • Everyday Struggle
Instruments Vocals
Associated acts Slaughterhouse, Fabulous, Araab Muzik, Just Blaze, Styles P
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Hair color Bald
Eye color Dark Brown
Weight 78 kgs (171 lbs)
Shoe Size 11 (US)
Chest Size 41 inches
Waist Size 32 inches
Biceps Size 15 inches
Associated labels
EMPIRE, Def Jam, Mood Muzik, E1, Amalgam Digital, Desert Storm
Website Fetty Wap Official Site
Social Media Twitter, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook
Last Update June, 2024

Net Worth & Income

Joe Budden, The TV show host, former rap artist, songwriter, has an incredible net worth of $7 million.

Moreover, this incredible source of fortune is mostly from Joe Budden’s career as one of the finest rappers.

Aside from his rapper’s career, he is earning handsomely from his TV shows and podcast.

Besides, he also has made a slew of investments, endorsements that further contribute to his net worth.

However, his major generation of wealth is from the sales of his hit tracks, and he has sold over 200 thousand copies of his records.

On June 10, 2003, his debut album Joe Budden was certified as a platinum record by RIAA record labels.

As a matter of fact, The record sales of this album in the US alone were over 429,000 copies.

Furthermore, the former rap artist Budden’s biggest career hit was “Pump It Up,” released in 2003.

Furthermore, this hit song topped the US Billboard Top 40 charts and eventually garnered around $150,000 alone.

However, Joe Budden has left music to establish himself as media personnel.

As a result, he earns half a million per month from his podcast called The Joe Budden Podcast.

In addition, the former rap artist Budden also hosts several TV shows, including State of the Culture and Everyday Struggle.

To sum up, Joe Budden has an estimated income of half a million from his investments and lucrative endorsement deals.

Net Worth of Joe Budden in Different Currencies

Let’s check out the former rap artist and currently a podcast and TV show host Joe Budden’s net worth in numerous currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Eur € 5,950,964
Pound Sterling £ 5,044,136
Australian Dollar A$ 9,522,513
Canadian Dollar C$ 8,788,255
Indian Rupee ₹ 519,473,500
BitCoin ฿ 156

Lifestyle & Vacation


On August 31, 1980, Joe Budden was born Spanish Harlem in New York City, United States.

However, he was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, as his mother moved alongside Budden’s older brother.

Unfortunately, The former rap artist did not have a happy childhood as his family was abandon by his father when he was around 4 years old.

Similarly, his teenage years were also unpleasant as Budden was addicted to drugs, Phencyclidine in particular.

As a result, he had to spend many years in rehab so that he could get rid of the addiction.

Moreover, Fatty Wap went to Lincoln High School in Hudson County, New Jersey.

Nevertheless, the rapper was poor in academics and dropped out of high school in his final year.

As a consequence, he had nothing to do and spent years homesitting babies of an older woman at her house.

Not to mention, it was a moment when he began to grow strong determination to become a musician.

Fortunately, Budden’s hard works and hardships paid off, which is why he is living a luxurious life with a net worth of $7 as of this writing.

Though the TV show host was into drugs during his teenage day, that ship has sailed as Budden has been free of drugs for years now.

Even though Budden has given up drugs, he seldom drinks and smokes cigars.

To sum up, he gets out of bed early in the morning and runs to the gym nearby his home, and works out for an hour.

In addition, the diet intake by the former rap artist is random and has no scheduled food routine.


A media personality Joe Budden loves outgoing and enjoys spending time & travel with his friends.

In addition, he enjoys swimming and has chill time in his pool in the backyard.

The former rap artist also loves going on a beach trip and enjoy jet skiing.

Budden posing during pool party at his mansion
Budden posing during pool party at his mansion

The Joe Budden Podcast host apparently spent his holidays and breaks mostly with his little son.

Not to mention, the former rap artist is a huge fan of pool parties and occasionally throws a pool party in his mansion.

Joe Budden’s Houses & Cars


With an incredible net worth of $7 million, the TV show host Joe Budden has bought several houses that cost millions.

Edgewater House

Joe Budden owned a two-storeyed house in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Further, this house was bought in 2007 at the price of $1 million, which was eventually sold in 2010 for the price of $2 million.

Not to mention, it had five bedrooms, five bathrooms with a cozy backyard.

Moreover, the house is located in a tranquil, quiet neighborhood.

Mansion in Monteclair

Prior to selling his house at Edgewater, Budden bought a stunning mansion in Montclair, New Jersey.

Furthermore, it was purchase for a price of $2.5 million dollars and had an estimated value of 4.1 million.

Joe Budden's mansion in Montclair
Joe Budden’s mansion in Montclair

Not to add that it has 10 bedrooms and 10 and a half baths with 20,000 square feet.

On top of that, it sits on a 2-acre land, and the property was build in the 1970s.

Moreover, the additional features of this house include leaded glass sidelights and fanlights deep ornate moldings with two rental local units.

To sum up, this mansion incredibly has nine fireplaces, a paneled library, suit baths as well as an elevator.


Joseph Anthony Budden II, a.k.a Joe Budden, has several luxurious cars collection and loves to ride them while going to work.

Besides, the total cost of car insurance that he pays for all of his car per year is around $5,000.

Furthermore, the luxury cars owned by the television show host Joe Budden includes;

Cadillac Escalade Platinum.

First and foremost, Fetty Wap wons a stunning sports car Cadillac Escalade Platinum.

Further, it is the favorite car of the famous celebrity Budden and mostly drives it in the city of NEw JErsy.

Cadillac Escalade Platinum
Cadillac Escalade Platinum

Not to mention the price of this magnificent automobile is around $100,595.

Moreover, this luxury car is an eight-seat Premium luxury model with a V12 engine which is powered by 640 hp that can accelerate 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Bentley Continental GT

In addition to the luxury sports car Caddilac, Joe Budden also owns a stunning Bentley Continental GT.

In fact, BMW M6 is one of the most expensive cars owned by Budden.

Subseuqndlty, the price of this Grand tourer (S) class comes at a price range of $200,000 and climbs as per the custom-designed.

Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GT

To sum up, this luxury car has a 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas engine that can reach a top speed of 208mph.

Additionally, it is one of the fastest cars as it can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes Benz

Last but not least, the media personnel Budden owns automobiles from the famous automobile company, Mercedes Benz company.

Furthermore, Joe Budden owns a Mercedes Benz S class coupe worth $131,4000.

Budden with his Mercedes Benz
Budden with his Mercedes Benz

Evidently, it has a 9-Speed Automatic Transmission with a Twin Turbo V8 engine.

Unfortunately, this stunning car was stolen in 2018 from the driveway in New Jersey.

Investment, Endorsement & Book Publications


The famous TV celebrity Joe Budden has few lucrative investments which help further enhance his net worth annually.

Furthermore, he has invested a part of his fortune in establishing his podcast show named The Joe Budden Podcast.

The Joe Budden Podcast
The Joe Budden Podcast

According to several sources, it has been reported that Joe Budden has a remarkable investment in stock markets.

Besides, the former rap artist also owns a recording studio in Montclair, which has published several records.


The Joe Budden podcast host, Joe Budden, has several lucrative endorsements deals with numerous well-renowned brands and companies.

Not to mention his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast, has been endorse by several online platforms such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

Moreover, podcaster Budden also has endorsed an American mobile payment service called Cash App.

Further, he has an endorsement deal with the online men’s fashion apparel line Hype Feet.

In addition, Joe Budden has inked a deal with the creative studio By All Means.

Similarly, the former rapper had endorsed several record labels, including Mood Muzik, Empire, Amalgam Digital, Def Jam, and Fabulous record labels.

Joe Budden with Mood Muzik
Joe Budden with Mood Muzik

To sum up, the estimated earning from Joe Budden’s impressive endorsement deal is worth half a million per year.

Book Publications

This may come as a surprise to some that the former rap artist Joe Burden has written a portion of a book called THEINSANE ASYLUM: Chiggy.

Further, he wrote this book in collaboration with Marshall Matters, widely known as Eminem, who is, in fact, one of the richest and greatest rappers of all time,

In addition, other star rappers, including Wiz Khalifa, Chigozie Ugwueze, have also contributed their foreword in this book.

Besides, his song lyrics of all album records were published by The General Bookstore in 2010.

Click here to read more about book publications of Marshall Matters, aka Eminem

Joe Budden: Charity Works

Joe Budden was raised by a single mother in difficult circumstances.

As a result, as a teenage boy, he had to deal with a variety of issues, including economic hardship, peer influences, and drug abuse.

As a result, the former rap artist recognizes how devastating and dreadful life can be, and that is why he donates to as many charitable organizations as he can.

Furthermore, the former rap artist donated free tickets to a concert and a portion of live performance proceeds to non-profit organizations that assist young people who are addicted to drugs.

Furthermore, Budden is an animal lover, which has led to his ongoing involvement with the Animal Alliance foundation in New Jersey.

As a matter of fact, he has donated around $20,000 in total to this foundation to aid rescue street animals and take care of them.

Moreover, Joe Budden hails from the African American community and has participated in several Black Community charitable groups.

Subsequently, he participated in the rallies and protests organized by the Black Lives Matters organization.

In 2020, the TV show host raised voice for the Black Community and its history in his The Joe Budden Podcast and also to end ongoing racism against black in the United States and all over the world.

During his teenage days, Budden was indulged with drugs and had to face severe depression due to intoxication.

Therefore, he is involved in numerous charities that aids teenagers in overcoming drug addiction and start a new sober life.

Similarly, the former rapper is a constant member of the Drug Abuse Foundation and Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS).

Meanwhile, he has contributed worth $35,000 to different Covid relief charities in New Jersey state, working to aid victims of the global pandemic Covid19.

Joe Budden Career

Music Career

Joe Budden debuted in the music industry in 2002 with his debut single Focus.

Further, this title got an impressive spot of 43 in the US Billboard Hot R&B Hip-Hop Songs chart.

With the successful debut single, Budden released his second solo single entitled Pump It Up in 2003.

Not to mention, this track helped the newbie rapper to ascend to international fame.

On top of that, it achieves tremendous success as Pump It Up helped achieve Joe Budden his first-ever Grammy Award nomination.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t win the award for the Best Male Rap Solo Performance at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards.

However, this hit track secured 16th position in US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs as well as 10th in the Hot Rap Songs chart in 2003.

Afterward, the rap artist released his debut studio album, which was self-titled “Joe Budden.

As a matter of fact, this album debuted in the 8th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Meanwhile, the album sold over 420,000 copies alone in the United States and garnered around 100,000 copies in the first week of its release.

Budden went on tour for few years over the United States, thereby releasing his second studio album after five years.

In fact, he released his third album Halfway House in the same year (2008).

Nevertheless, the American rapper also released two more albums entitled Escape Route and Padded Room in 2009

Both albums were successful; however, The latter one being more successful as it peaked 2nd spot on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Then, Budden produced his sixth studio album in 2013 entitled No Love Lust and its sequel album All Love Lust in 2015.

Nonetheless, this album was entitled Rage & The Machine, which sadly turned out to be Joe Budden’s last album to be released in 2016.

During the course of his musical journey, Joe Budden was a member of several hip hop groups, including Slaughterhouse, from 2009 to 2014

To sum up, the legendary rapper Joe Budden was signed by numerous record labels such as Mood Muzik, EMPIRE, E1.

Career as Broadcaster

After announcing retirement from the music industry in 2016, Joe Budden began his broadcasting career.

Above all, Joe Budden announced the premiere of his own podcast called The Joe Budden Podcast on February 18, 2015.

Further, he joined a TV show called Everyday Struggle and began co-hosting the show in April 2017.

Unfortunately for Joe Budden, the media career did not start well as he walked off the show whilst interviewing the hip hop trio band Migos.

In addition, things got heated up when Budden’s co-host of the show DJ Akademiks and Migos, mocked Budden about his transition from music to media.

As a matter of fact, Joe Budden never returned to the show again after that incident.

Luckily, Budden took a job offer from the media company Revolt in May 2018.

Furthermore, he began co-hosting the show called State of the culture alongside fellow rapper Reminisce Mackie, aka Reny Ma.

Not to mention, his talk show State of the Culture went on side by side with his podcast.

Evidently, his podcast was getting popular as a result, and it was signed by the audio streaming and media service provider Spotify in 2018.

After a couple of years, he terminated his contract with Spotify and announced a partnership with Patreon.

To sum up, The Joe Budden Podcast is still airing twice a week on his Youtube channel, Joe Budden TV.

Some Interesting facts about Joe Budden

Despite being a successful rapper, Joe Budden announced his retirement from music in 2018. In his statement, he admitted that rap was a difficult thing to do.

Without a doubt, Joe Budden is a multitalented individual; however, he had to work hard to persuade his business partner, who believed that Budden would end up losing everything he had gained through music.

Joe Budden adores his sons the most because he understands the importance of fathers in the lives of children, having been abandoned by his father at a young age.

FAQs about Joe Budden

Is Joe Budden in a relationship?

Unfortunately, as of this writing, TV show host, Joe Budden is single. He was, however, engaged to Cyn Santana, a well-known actress, before the couple split up in May 2019.

Who is Joe Budden?

Joe Budden is a well-known TV show host and podcaster of Pateron’s The Joe Budden Podcast; however, he was a hip hop artist with the most well-known song of the year 2003, Pump It Up.

What is the net worth of Joe Budden?

Joe Budden, an American R&B hip-hop rapper best known for his hit “Pump It Up,” has staggering $7 million net worth.



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