Joanna Jakubas Wikipedia Bio: Edad And Spouse

Joanna Jakubas Wikipedia

Joanna Jakubas Wikipedia: She is a notable soprano artist known for her lyrical roles. Also, she is known for her role as a singer, actress, songwriter, and music producer.

Joanna Jakubas is a versatile Polish artist who is highly talented in her music field. She possesses a lyric soprano voice and has received formal education in music.

Her career highlights include her performances at the “Most Beautiful Carols” concert in Lubin in 2019. The show was televised on the Polish channel TVN.

In the field of acting, Joanna Jakubas has appeared in films such as “A Blind Date”(2009), “Lottery Number” (2011), and “Rampart Stones.”

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Joanna Jakubas Wikipedia Bio: Edad

Joanna Jakubas was born in 1990 in Warsaw, Poland. She is currently at the age of 33. She has been a versatile and dedicated soprano artist.

Joanna Jakubas Wikipedia
Joanna Jakubas is a versatile musician, actress, and songwriter. (Source: YouTube)

She achieved recognition early in her career. She got an award for the Jan Kiepura Festival in krynicaZdroj. 

Joanna performed with the Symphonic Orchestra led by Sawomir Chrzanowski. Her musical journey continued as she graduated from the Manhattan School of Music in New York.

The musician, Joanna, holds a degree on bachelor of music. Later she attained a Master of Music in advanced Vocal performance from the Royal College of Music in London.

In 2008, Joanna returned to the same festival. She showed her talent again with the Symphonic Orchestra under the baton of Mirosaw Jacek Blaszczyk.

Her artistic skills have earned her recognition, including the Theatrical Music Jan Kiepura Award in 2011. She was praised in the singer category as the year’s best Debut. 

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Who Is Joanna Jakubas Spouse?

Joanna Jakubas is just in her early 30s. She is currently focused on her career and future endeavors.

There is no public information regarding Joanna Jakubas Spouse or marital status. She hasn’t discussed her personal relationship details.

Her social media accounts do not provide any insights into her possible partner or marriage. The actress is primarily focused on her career in the entertainment industry.

However, She must have been in a few relationships before. Being in the entertainment field is quite stressful, and meeting someone with the same values as you is entirely understandable.

In 2009, Jakubas recorded two songs,” Take a Chance,” composed by American songwriter Matthew Moore, and “Blind,” a duet with Alexsandra Voute. 

She has worked with British composer Paul Richard. Her tracks were featured on the soundtrack of the Polish Film “Randka wciemo”(Blind Date).

She made her Debut at the Opera Bastille in Paris in 2015. Jakubas played the role of Kate in Giacomo Puccini’s Opera “Madame Butterfly”.

Additionally, Joanna Jakubas has a guest appearance at Ennio Morricone’s Concert at Arena Krakow.

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Joanna Jakuba Parents: Zbigniew Jakubas And Ewa Jakubas

Joanna Jakubas’s father is a renowned businessman named Zbigniew Jakubas. Her mother is Ewa Jakubas. She also had a sister who was an actress.

Joanna Jakubas Wikipedia
Joanna Jakubas is the daughter of the wealthiest man in Poland, Zbigniew Jakubas. (Source: Kozaczek)

Her father, Zbigniew, is the owner of the Multico Capital Group. Furthermore, Mr. Abigniew cofounded the company Ipaco in the 1980s. 

Joanna’s Family is notable in the Warsaw Stock Exchange. They hold shares in diverse companies, including railway ventures like Newag.

Her dad recently became the majority shareholder of Motor Lublin in 2020. Moreover, his achievements include being awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta in 2015.

Joanna’s Mother, Ewa Jakubas, is a loving mother. She has shown her affection and support to Joanna. Her consistent support is the crucial foundation of her success.

Although Joanna belongs to Poland’s wealthiest family, She is down to earth and works hards to sharpen her skills and talent in her craft.

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