Has Becky G Dad Passed Away? Family And Siblings

Becky G

“Becky G Dad Passed Away” news is circulating all over the internet, so many are curious whether this news is real or a hoax. This article will also provide further insight into details of her family and siblings. 

One can hardly discuss contemporary American music without mentioning Becky G or Rebecca Marie Gomez, a talented singer and Actress who rose to fame for her captivating online videos covering popular songs.

Thanks to such impressive covers that went viral on social media platforms in 2011, record producer Dr. Luke noticed her talent and offered her a record deal in collaboration with Kemosabe Records under RCA Records.

Becky G worked alongside notable names like Will. i.am, Cody Simpson, and Cher Lloyd as she embarked on an exciting new career chapter.

The success story only began there; she made waves in the industry when she released “Becky from the Block” in 2013, a commercial hit that resonated well among audiences worldwide.

Has Becky G Dad Passed Away?

After conducting an exhaustive search, we could not locate any reliable information indicating that Becky G’s Father had passed at this time.

However, recent reports have highlighted another significant loss, that of her beloved grandfather Miguel, whose departure left an indelible impact on herself and others during these trying times.

Becky G took to social media sharing heartfelt sentiments in Spanish about how much Miguel meant to her throughout her life and career. He was an immigrant who left Jalisco, Mexico, to reach the American Dream for his family.

In doing so, his legacy would continue to live on through his granddaughter’s journey. Becky G expressed gratitude for everything he gave up to improve their lives while acknowledging that he played a crucial role in shaping who she is today through hard work and perseverance.

Her commitment to keeping Miguel’s memory alive was evident as she pledged to honor him by continuing to chase her dreams no matter what.

It should be noted that although Becky G has been vocal about how much her grandparents have influenced her musical journey, there is no evidence indicating that her Father has passed away.

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Becky G Family

Becky G hails from Inglewood, California, and was born into a Mexican American family on March 2nd, 1997.

Rebecca’s parents, Alejandra “Alex” (née Esquivias) and Francisco “Frank” Gomez, were both born in the United States, like most of her relatives. At the same time, both sets of grandparents came from Jalisco, Mexico- making for a fascinating cultural mix.

 Becky G Dad Passed Away
Becky G with her parents Alejandra and Francisco Gomez. (Source: GH Gossip)

Growing up wasn’t easy for Becky G as money was tight, resulting in them moving into what used to be the garage space at Rebecca’s grandparents’ residence located out in Moreno Valley.

Amidst these struggles stood a resilient young girl determined to pursue music professionally even though it wasn’t seen by some as realistic given their circumstances, leading her down an unconventional career path that has ultimately paid off well.

Unfortunately, Becky G experienced firsthand how cruel kids can be when she was bullied at school due to her involvement in the entertainment industry, prompting her to switch to homeschooling as a solution.

Becky G Siblings

Becky G is renowned globally for her music and acting but to her family; she’s just another member of their close-knit unit. This unit comprises three younger siblings and a half-sister from her Father’s side who has only recently come into her life.

Frankie Gomez and Alex Gomez are two of these younger siblings – both born after Becky, while Stephanie Gomez is the youngest child of their parents.

Frankie has carved out his path as an internet sensation with his popularity across various social media platforms; he’s also involved with similarly famous Instagram personality Gigi Vasquez.

Becky G
Becky G with her brothers and sister. (Source: Becky G)

In contrast, Alex remains primarily out of the public eye despite being part of such an illustrious family. As for Stephanie, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Becky but keeps herself relatively hidden from public exposure beyond this fact alone.

Finally, there’s Amber – Becky Gs half-sister from her Father’s side. It wasn’t until Becky turned thirteen that she discovered Amber existed, and even then, it remained a closely guarded secret until they eventually met when Amber turned eighteen.

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