Jim Jefferies Brother Scott Nugent – Age Parents And Net Worth

Jim Jefferies brother Scott Nugent chooses his brother Jim as the best man at his wedding. The brothers share an affectionate bond together.

Jim Jefferies, originally known as Geoff James Nugent, is an Australian actor, writer, and comedian. The comedian was born on 14 February 1977 in Sydney, Australia holds dual citizenship in Australia and America.

Jim created the American FX sitcom Legit(2013-2014) and also starred in the Comedy Central late-night show The Jim Jefferies Show(2017-2019).

Jim began his career as a stand-up comedian after dropping out of University. He slowly climbed the ladder of the Comedy world and slowly became a known face.

Jefferies lives in California. He is an atheist and he was also diagnosed as autistic at the age of 36. His brother Scott fully supported the Jefferies family during their hard times.

Jim Jefferies Brother Scott Nugent

Scot Nugent, the brother of Jim Jefferies, is an investment banker. He is the head of investment at GPT Group in Perth. He took the role back in 2022.

Prior to his current role, he has a decade of experience working in AMP capital. He also met the love of his life, Claire Ridley, there who later became his wife.

The expertise and experience he gained over the years in the Industry have really helped him set new goals for his life. His unchallenged expertise and experience earned him a promotion in AMP to a total of three separate positions.

On top of his investment expertise, he is also a highly talented and experienced real estate specialist with a strong position in the International retail sector.

In addition, he is also an excellent leader who exhibits unparalleled leadership skills with the potential to guide the group toward the goal of the company. His process of conducting, structuring, and leading the team can change the performance of a mediocre team to a specialist level.

Jim Jefferies brother Scott Nugent
Scott Nugent Marries Claire Ridley in Perth on December 1. Jim was the best man(Source: The West Australian )

Scott and his wife Clair met each other at AMP capital and instantly connected. Claire and Scott worked together and Clair’s contribution was very valuable to the company where she worked as General Marketing Manager.

The couple got married on December 1st, 2022. Scott’s brother Jim was the best man at the wedding. Only a few close friends were invited to the wedding in Perth.

Scott Nugent Age & Parents

Scott Nugent is the son of a father who worked as a cabinet maker and maintenance worker and a mother who worked as a substitute teacher. His father was originally from Roma, Queensland but Scott, Jim and their other brother Daniel grew up in Perth.

Scott’s brother Daniel is an inspector in the New South Wales Police Force’s Public Order and Riot Squad. Scott is the eldest of them and pulled the family out of poverty.

Jim-Jefferies-with-his-father (Source: Current Affairs)

Scott’s father and mother made only enough to feed the family. so, Scott has to step up as the eldest son and studied to become a successful banker. Now all three brothers are well off on their own.

Although the exact age of Scott is a mystery, we can assume it’s around 50 as his youngest brother Jim is 45 now.  Scott went to Murdoch University for his Post Grad and MBA.  He got his real state license in 2005, according to his Linkedin.

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Scott Nugent Net worth Explored

Scott Nugent being an investment banker makes enough money for his family. Although the exact net worth of Scott Nugent is not shared by him, we can however estimate his net worth.

According to payscale, the average base salary of an Investment banker in Australia is AU$ 98,288/- per year but as Scott is the head of Investment his salary can range from AU$ 212k-AU$ 248k.

Scott also has a real state license and the average base income of a real state agent in Australia is AU$ 50, 909 but with his expertise, he can make around AU$ 102k every year.

With all these statistics, we can estimate that Jim Jefferies’s brother Scott Nugent can make around AU$ 350k a year.

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