Jessica Lazo Accident Carlos Lazo Daughter Died, Age And Bio

Jessica Lazo

Jessica Lazo Accident news was first announced by her Father, Carlos Lazo. Lazo’s family and her loved ones are devastated by her death.

Jessica Lazo, the eldest daughter of Carlos Lazo, brought joy to her family, friends, and everyone around her. She died in a tragic car accident on Sunday morning.

From a young age, Jessica was passionate about social justice and helping others. She graduated from college and was accepted into the Fire department.

Her death has been unfortunate for her family and friends, who are grieving the loss of a daughter, sister, and friend who brought them so much happiness and joy.

Jessica Lazo Accident Carlos Lazo Daughter Died

In a tragic turn of events, Jessica Lazo, the eldest daughter of Cuban-American professor and activist Carlos Lazo, died in a car accident on May 7, 2023.

Her Father announced the news on his Facebook handle. He has not provided any further details about the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Over 30,000 people have left messages of support and grief for the Lazo family on social media in response to the news of Jessica’s death.

Jessica Lazo Accident
Jessica Lazo Accident: Daughter of Carlos Lazo died in a car accident (Source: Facebook)

The Cuban Mission in the United States, including Ambassador Lyanis Torres and Johana Tablada, have also expressed their condolences for the loss of Jessica.

The tragic accident has undoubtedly significantly impacted the family, friends, and the wider community.

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Jessica Lazo Age

Jessica was the daughter of Carlos Lazo, a Cuban-American professor, and coordinator of the “Puentes de Amor” (Bridges of Love) project.

There is no information about Jessica’s age, but as per her personality and appearance, she might be in her 20s. She was very young at the time of her death. The people of Cuba are mourning the passing of Jessica Lazo.

Carlos Lazo is known for his activism in support of the Cuban government and his opposition to the U.S. embargo on the country.

Jessica Lazo
Jessica Lazo is the eldest daughter of activist Carlos Lazo (Source: Facebook)

He regularly travels to Cuba with donations for hospitals and the sick and has maintained relations with the island’s authorities.

Jessica Lazo Bio

Jessica was an extraordinary human being who lived a life dedicated to helping others. She pursued this passion by becoming a combat medic and a veteran, saving many lives and bringing joy to many others.

Her dedication to service did not end there, as she had recently graduated from college and been accepted into the Fire department.

Jessica’s passion for war stories and her admiration for the courageous acts of combat medics were deeply ingrained in her from a young age.

As she grew older, her fascination with these stories only intensified, leading her to follow in her family’s footsteps and become a Soldier and Combat Medic herself.

Despite the inherent danger and fear of being a Combat Medic, Jessica fearlessly served our nation with distinction, saving countless lives and rescuing the fallen.

Her commitment and dedication to her duty earned her the title of the youngest veteran in her family.

As a Combat Medic, Jessica provided medical care to her fellow soldiers and extended her services to assist the civilian population in war-torn regions.

Throughout her service, Jessica demonstrated the traits of a true hero: courage, selflessness, and a deep sense of duty.

Her Father reflects on his daughter’s legacy, saying, “Death is not true when the work of life has been done well.” Though her time on earth was short, Jessica’s impact on the world will continue to be felt by those whose lives she touched.

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