Jeric Raval Wikipedia And Age: Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Jeric Raval Wikipedia

Jeric Raval Wikipedia: He is one of the prominent figures in the Philippines film industry. He is well-known for his roles in action movies.

Jeric Raval has made a name for himself in the Philippines film industry. The actor has acted in numerous movies.

Jeric is particularly known for his roles in action movies. His efforts to deliver the best action content in the movies have gained many fans.

One of the notable of Jeric Raval is “Nikilado”. He portrayed the character of Zandro de Dios in 1999, directed by Leonardo Garcia.

Jeric Raval has appeared in a variety of films. He acted in “Manila’s Finest,” “The Firefighters,” and many more.

His dedication and commitment to giving his best in the films is commendable. The newcomers in the Philippines entertainment industry respect him.

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Jeric Raval Wikipedia And Age

Jeric Raval is the stage name of Ricardo Buensuceso. Moreover, he was born on 30th September 1974, in Manilla Philippines.

He is at the age of 48 years old as of 2023. Despite his contribution to the entertainment industry, there is still no dedicated page on Jeric Raval’s Wikipedia.

Jeric Raval completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the US State University. His degree has laid the foundation for his career in the Philippines Film industry.

Jeric Raval Wikipedia
Jeric Raval, the actor is currently at the age of 47. (Source: Instagram)

In the 2000 film “Angel dela Guardia,” Jeric Raval took on the role of Gabriel. Wilmer P. Cruz wrote this movie.

Additionally, Jeric Raval starred in “Manila’s Finest” in 2015. The film portrayed the life of retired Western Police District Colonel Jimmy Tiu.

Despite his age, Jeric Raval still grabs people’s attention with his striking looks. He is an evergreen artist of the Philippines.

Jeric Raval will appear in a series called “Maging Sino Ka Man.” He is a favorite action hero and childhood crush of many admirers.

From being a crush and action hero of many to being an idol to many more, Jeric Raval has come a long way since his debut in the filmography.

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Jeric Raval Family Ethnicity

Jeric Raval hails from San Fernando, Philippine. Jeric’s Family ethnicity is Filipino. He has not talked much about his parents.

It is common for celebrities to keep their close ones away from the public eye. However, The veteran actor’s married life always remains in the spotlight.

Jeric Raval’s family life is quite intriguing. He is married to Holiday Buensuceso, and together they share a loving relationship.

Jeric Raval Wikipedia
Jeric Raval was born in San Fernando, Philippine. (Source: Instagram)

Holiday is the legal wife of Jeric Raval. They have four kids together. Holiday has embraced all of Jeric’s children, including those from other women with love and care.

Alyssa Alvarez is one of the women Jeric Raval had a relationship with, and she is the biological mother of AJ Raval.

Jeric Raval is a father to a total of 18 children with 14 of them born from relationships with other women.

Despite Jeric Raval’s relationships with other women, he and Holiday live happily.

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Jeric Raval Net Worth

Jeric Raval has established himself as a prominent actor in the Philippines entertainment industry, especially in action films.

As of 2023, Raval’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million according to sources. This net value reflects the financial success he has achieved throughout his career.

Over the years, Jeric Raval has gained popularity and earned significant income from his work in the entertainment field.

His net worth growth indicates the financial rewards he has reaped from his profession. Celebrities like Jeric Raval often earn from various sources.

His net worth combines movie salaries, partnerships with several brands, and other ventures.

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