Janet Protasiewicz Husband And Family – Age And Wikipedia Bio Explored

Janet Protasiewicz

Janet Protasiewicz is an American attorney and jurist who has served as a Wisconsin circuit court judge. People are curious to know about Janet Protasiewicz Husband. Please read the article below to learn more about her personal and professional life. 

Jannet Claire Protasiewicz, better known as Janet Protasiewicz, is an American attorney and jurist who has served as a Wisconsin circuit court judge in Milwaukee County since 2014.

In 2022, she announced her candidacy for Wisconsin Supreme Court in the 2023 election and advanced to the general election after winning the February nonpartisan primary.

Protasiewicz has been candid during her Campaign about her philosophy and values on issues such as abortion, gerrymandering, LGBTQ rights, and environmental protections. She supports abortion rights and opposes the state’s Republican-drawn legislative maps.

She is currently running for Wisconsin Supreme Court in the 2023 election, with a platform that supports abortion rights and environmental protections.

Janet Protasiewicz Husband And Family

Janet Protasiewicz is married to Greg Sell, a tax attorney, and they reside in Franklin, Wisconsin. The couple’s marriage seems both content and secure, and they have not been embroiled in any public disputes or scandals.

Although Protasiewicz has mentioned being raised in a Catholic family by her mother and stepfather, she has not divulged many details about her personal life or family.

Janet Protasiewicz
Janet Protasiewicz and her late husband Madden. (source: wisconsinrightnow)

In addition to her husband, Protasiewicz was previously married to Patrick Madden, a Wisconsin circuit judge in his 70s and had three adult children when they married.

The marriage did not last long, and Madden passed away in 2018. One of Madden’s children recently claimed that Protasiewicz had previously represented herself as Republican and pro-life, but Protasiewicz disputes these claims.

Protasiewicz seems to value her privacy and has not disclosed much about her family or personal life beyond these details.

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Janet Protasiewicz Age

Schiff was brought into the world on December 1962; as of 2024, she is 62.
Janet Protasiewicz’s age has not stopped her from pursuing her career and running for public office. Her experience and wisdom from years of working in the legal system have given her a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.
At 60, she is still considered relatively young in the world of judges and legal professionals. Many judges continue to work well into their seventies or beyond as long as they are in good health and can perform their duties.
Protasiewicz’s age has also given her the benefit of perspective and a more nuanced understanding of the legal system and the issues faced by those who come before her in court.
Janet Protasiewicz’s age is a testament to her dedication to her career and commitment to serving Wisconsin’s people.
Janet Protasiewicz Wikipedia Bio Explored

Janet first gained recognition for her participation in the protests against Wisconsin Act 10, which curtailed collective bargaining rights for unions in the state.

Protasiewicz made her first run for public office in 2013, running for a Milwaukee County circuit judge position against incumbent Rebecca Bradley. Although Bradley won the election, Protasiewicz received a respectable 47% vote.

Janet Protasiewicz Husband
Janet Protasiewicz is a candidate on the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court race(source: pbswisconsin)

In 2014, another Milwaukee County judge announced his retirement, and Protasiewicz ran for the open seat. She won the election without opposition and was re-elected to the circuit court bench without opposition in 2020.

As a circuit judge, Protasiewicz has presided over various cases related to domestic violence, drug offenses, and felonies.

Furthermore, she is currently assigned to family court, where she has earned a reputation for her compassionate and fair approach to cases involving child custody, divorce, and child support.

Protasiewicz is also a member of the Wisconsin State Bar and the Milwaukee Bar Association and is known for her professionalism and dedication to public service.

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