Janae Edmondson Parents Francine And James Edmondson – Car Accident And GoFundMe

Janae Edmondson Parents

Janae Edmondson Parents are in grief over their daughter’s accident. Their distress of mind shows how much they love their daughter.

Janae Edmondson, a 17 years old high school volleyball player, faced a terrible accident. The tragedy changed her life as she lost both her life.

Janae Edmondson is from Smyrna, Tennessee. She attended Smyrna High School. She is still studying and is a 3-sport athlete and honors student at her high school.

It’s been reported that her school is providing her with a full scholarship after her recovery. That way she can continue to keep studying and pay for prosthetics.

She is a multitalented student with expert violin-playing skills. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. She was playing volleyball at the MIDTN Volleyball Club.

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Janae Edmondson Parents

Janea Edmondson is the daughter of James Edmondson and Francine Edmondson. James is a retired military officer. Her mother is a housewife.

James’ military skills saved his daughter’s life. His quick thinking and emergency medical expertise pulled her away from death. He is also an electrical engineer who graduated from Athens Technical College.

Janae Edmondson Parents
Janae Edmondson with her parents (Source: newsunzip)

He also joined as a Quality Representative at Marelli At Calsonic Kansei. He also has three other children; One son and two daughters. 

Janae’s sisters’ names are Akelia and Jaylah. Her brother’s name is not yet updated. Jaylah is the oldest child and goes to Trevecca Nazarene University to study Sports Management Studies. She is also a baseball player.

Janae belongs to a mixed ethnicity African American family. They follow Christianity and Janae’s mother Francine is white. 

Janae Edmondson Parents
Janae Edmondson with her sister Jaylah (Source: newsunzip)

To peep into her romantic life, Janae doesn’t have a boyfriend, and wasn’t in any romantic relationship with anyone before her accident. The accident and her surgery are going to affect her future romantic adventures.

She is going to have to support her life with prosthetics, and we believe that she is going find a partner who will love her as she is and support her. She can make a great comeback and work on building her career, and we are sure that’s what she will do.

Janae Edmondson Car Accident

Janea Edmondson was with her parents returning to her hotel after ending the volleyball tournament at St. Louis, when an Audi hit her on 18th February 2023. Her parents rushed her to the hospital.

She was hit by an unlicensed Audi driver Daniel Riley. The driver is 21 years old and was going at 45mph in a 20 mph zone.

Daniel Riley
Daniel Riley: Unlicensed driver (Source: FoxNews)

Janae was in critical condition after the accident, and she lost both of her legs. Riley, the driver, is currently facing criminal charges as he was previously arrested for a robbery incident.

He was out on bail and disregarded the terms of the GPS monitoring bracelet. He was unlicensed and was arrested on the spot on several counts including a second-degree assault.

Janae Edmondson goFundme 

Mid-TN Volleyball Club has started her GoFundme page to help her with all her medical expenses. Medical bills can be stressful, especially for cases like this.

Janae Edmondson Parents
Janae Edmondson GoFundme fund raising organised by Mid TN Club Director (Source: GoFundme)

It’s a very good gesture from her teammates. According to her GoFundme page, nine thousand people have donated to help her, and more than 590,000 USD has already been collected. The target has been set at 900,000 USD

People are anonymously donating to her, and it’s going to help her. There is a donation of  10,000 UDS from an anonymous helper.

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