Who Is Jahmyr Gibbs Sister, Amy And Linda Gibbs? Brother Siblings

Jahmyr Gibbs Sister

Jahmyr Gibbs sister Amy Gibbs cheers up for her brother when he plays American football. Not just that, his younger sister Linda Gibbs is a big fan of his NFL games.

Jahmyr is a prominent footballer in the sports industry. He currently plays as a running back for the Detroit Lions in the NFL.

Jahmyr began his college football journey at Georgia Tech. Later the champion transferred to Alabama before getting drafted by the Lions in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft.

Gibbs made a significant impact during his time at Alabama. Furthermore, Jahmyr Gibbs earned several accolades.

Gibbs is known for his explosiveness and versatility on the Field. He stood out for his ability to catch passes as a running back ranking second in Crimson Tide History.

Moreover, He received recognition as a second-team All-American by the Associated Press.

Gibbs secured the second team All-SEC honors both as a running back and a purpose player.

Jahmyr had a standout football career displaying his excellence on the Field. His impressive stats and accolades demonstrate his impact on the world of Football.

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Who Is Jahmyr Gibbs Sister?

Jahmyr Gibbs’ sisters, Amy Gibbs and Linda Gibbs are twins. Although Gibbs’ sisters are not publicly known they must have supported their brother throughout his life.

Jahmyr Gibbs is one of the famous NFL Players, so it is quite common for people like Jahmyr to keep their loved ones away from the Public Eye.

Jahmyr Gibbs Sister
Jahmyr Gibbs grew up with his two sisters in Georgia. (Source: Pride Of Detroit)

Jahmyr Gibbs’ sisters must be doing great in their respective lives with the support of their brothers. They grew up together in Georgia.

Jahmyr went to Dalton High School. The athlete ran for 897 yards in his sophomore year and scored ten touchdowns.

Furthermore, the player Jahmyr did even better in his junior year. He ran for 1431 yards and scored 20 touchdowns.

Initially, Gibbs was considered a three-star recruit. He committed to playing college football at Georgia Tech during his Junior year.

Gibbs had offers from other schools like Michigan, Texas A&M, and North Carolina. However, he was later rerated as a four-star prospect during his senior years.

Many schools like Florida, Georgia, and Alabam tried to recruit him. Despite the offers, he decided to stick with his commitment to Georgia Tech.

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Does Jahmyr Gibbs have a Brother?

Jahmyr Gibbs the running back is a player for the Detroit Lions. The star hasn’t revealed anything about having a brother.

Jahmyr’s siblings include his only two sisters. If Gibbs had any brother, then there is no mention of him anywhere. 

Jahmyr’s Parents are Neka Willis and Greg Ross. However, he was mostly raised by his grandmother, Angie.

Jahmyr Gibbs Sister
His Grandmother Angie raised Jahmyr Gibbs in a healthy environment. (Source: ESPN)

Gibbs lovingly calls his grandma “Godmother.” She has been his main source of support and inspiration all his life.

Jahmyr’s relationship with his father, Ross, is also like a foster dad. Despite facing some family challenges, Gibbs grew up and developed a strong passion for American football.

Although his parents weren’t always around him consistently, they were always there to cheer him on especially when he started playing football at a young age.

Gibbs showed his talent even before he reached high school. During high school, he broke records and received many awards for outstanding performance on the football field.

His success in high school led to opportunities to play football at Georgia Tech. And later at the University of Alabama, where he continued to do exceptionally well.

Gibbs was consistently impressed with his play. He has earned various accolades and recognition from the UA coaching staff.

He showed his skills against opponents like Texas, ULM, Vanderbilt, and Texas A&M This has contributed significantly to Alabama’s success.

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